The Rivers State chapter of Accord held her LGA congresses on Saturday, 7th May, 2023 in all 23 LGAs, and it had an unprecedented success, vows to change the change in the State.

Recall that on Thursday, 5th May, 2022, the party held her ward congresses, which also manifested a huge success that elected its five (5) delegates par ward.

The party again made tremendous success in the LGA Congresses held on Saturday, May 7, that elected one (1) delegate per LGA, in all the 23 LGAs in the State.

The Rivers Accord reiterates that the 2023 elections will be an election like never before, as it will be one that is set to Deliver, Liberate and bring Blessing to the State and her PEOPLE.

It will be a set time for the revival of Rivers minds, such that will bring a paradigm shift. Rivers State needs a transformation, and this transformation will come by the leadership reign of Rivers Accord, come 2023.

This optimism came alive seeing that Rivers PEOPLE and Accord party faithfuls in particular are tired of the consistent deceits portrayed by people who seek for elective positions that doesn’t prioritise the PEOPLE, Rivers PEOPLE, in the affairs of Governance in every administration, save that they costume promises that only excels in themselves and not in the lives of Rivers PEOPLE. This time around, it will not be business as usual, as the Rivers ACCORD is set to bring that difference that will avail Rivers PEOPLE the privilege to dare ask candidates that will emerge from all parties this salient question, “Why do you want to Lead Rivers PEOPLE?”

Speaking after the successful LGA Congresses, the Legal adviser of the party, Barr Prefaa Macs while speaking to the elected delegates and other party faithfuls, said that, the set time has come, to bring an end to the wander in the wilderness, enough is enough!

According to him, the politics of prioritizing party has come to an end in our Dear State, it’s now time to prioritise the character of the person a party is sending forth. Put differently, the womb a child emerges from doesn’t matter as much as the character that emerges from the womb.

“We are not here to condemn any, but we should be here to chart a path for a successful, progressive and growth accelerated multi generational future for ourselves. Therefore, compromise to set standard should not be an option, we must be firm to our believe and conviction that a Rivers State of possible greatness is overwhelmingly possible, and Rivers Accord has the decency, uncompromising integrity, intelligence, resilience and sincerity of purpose to make that possibility come to reality”.

He congratulated the elected delegates and those of the wards, urging them to see it as a need to go out there and minister to all and sundry that there is a new wave of revival in the State under the unction of Rivers Accord, such that will deliberately focus on the PEOPLE of Rivers State.

That the party welcome them into her fold, to join hands in bringing the party to victory come 2023 in the State. “Entertain no fear, entertain no doubt, only hold firm to your convictions and let’s all march to Glory”, Barr Prefaa Macs said.

Responding on behalf of the elected delegates, Mr Dumo George of Asari Toru Local Government Area assured thus, “It’s glaring to all in the State that the State is in need of such Deliverance and Liberation that will manifest the needed Blessing that will bring back a Higher than before Glory to the State.

“And so, WE the PEOPLE of Rivers State and indeed members of Rivers Accord, the only party that has the capacity to beat in 2023 and beyond, doesn’t need to be advised before being propelled into the motion/action of Righting the wrongs in 2023.

“WE have been deceived enough to be wise enough to get it Right this time. So, this is our task, and God willing, we shall deliver as expected of us”, he thundered.

Iyene Douglas
State Publicity Secretary,
Rivers Accord.

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