2023: Rivers Accord Receives More Groups Into Its Fold; Vows To Take Over Leadership In 2023

It’s said that, the breaking of a Man’s day is his morning.

Recall that Rivers Accord, in this season of Political preparation, has maintained that the political atmosphere of Rivers State as at the moment, is experiencing a great revival in thoughts and the will for total Deliverance and Liberation in anticipation of a Blessed Rivers State, and Rivers Accord is the only party God has prepared to carry out that mandate; a mandate geared at birthing joy to the Rivers society. Indeed, it is the breaking of a new day in Rivers State, and her morning has come.

In confirmation of the above, yesterday, Monday, 9th May, 2022, a youth group known as, Rivers Youths for Good Governance and Advocacy, paid an unscheduled visit to the leadership of the Party in the State, at the State’s party Secretariat.

According to the Youth group, though the visit is unscheduled, yet intentional because they actually needed to confirm if truly what they have been hearing about the party is true; if it’s true that the party is PEOPLE oriented, accommodating, listening and ready to consider Rivers PEOPLE first in all they do.

They also confessed that they came because as youths, they are worried about the affairs of the State, forcing them to rise up to the occasion and make certain things are done differently this time, that 2023 will come out with a better result that will enable a change worthy of a greater Rivers State that they will be proud of.

While speaking, the leader of the group, Comrade Tonwe Nelson, lamented how backward the State has become in all ramification of developmental walk and nosediving into a bottomless pit that may take our once revered Rivers State out of existence, if something different is not done!

According to him, “If it is said that the youths are the leaders of tomorrow and today, here in Rivers State, there is no glaring enabling environment created for the youths to be instilled with such leadership character traits and styles, then it becomes a worry and worthy of doubt, if truly the Youths can be the Leaders of tomorrow here in the State.

“And if they will ever be, then we are forced to ask the question, ‘What kind or/ calibre of leaders can become of Rivers Youths, a Leadership of Disaster or that of Crises?’ It is for this reason we have come to affiliate with you, the Rivers Accord, for we are tired, disappointed and can no more trust the other parties here in the State.

“We have tried them severally, and severally they have failed us; a family that cannot put its house in order definitely cannot do so with a State as big as a Rivers State that houses millions of Families, such that is with diverse tribes and tongues. So, we are here to join hands with the Accord family to do things differently, that we may in the process achieve the desired result that will eradicate the doubt,

“If the Youths can truly be the leaders of tomorrow, it has to be with such quality that our unborn generation will be proud of”, he said, adding that “we cannot afford to stay and continue to do nothing when we can actually stand up to do something that will birth a difference, as true advocates for democracy and better Rivers State, and by extension Nigeria.

“And one way to do something is to join your party, the Rivers Accord that we have come to know for its sincerity of a purposeful Rivers State, to bring the change that we expect to see.”

Still speaking, Comrade Nelson opined that true democracy is the involvement of the people in the affairs of Governance, and where that isn’t found, then such cannot be said to be true democracy.

“Our nomenclature is centered on ‘Good governance’ and we cannot affiliate ourselves with where what we stand for is absent, but will so do with where it’s found. Truth be told, we didn’t arrive here without findings, we but arrived here after a thorough research, and then we resolved, Rivers Accord is the vehicle with the perfect mission, and we have come to board her that we may together, arrive at our desired destination”, he declared.

Responding on behalf of the Party, the State Deputy Chairman of the party, Pastor Amabere Jamabo, thanked the Youths, first for their concern for a better Rivers State to be born. He further appreciated them for the sacrifice made in visiting them, even as he hailed them for finding the party worthy of such trust; ready to work with the party.

Pastor Jamabo, who expressed his elation at the decision of the Rivers Youths for Good Governance and Advocacy group to join hands with Rivers Accord, said: “To know that we still have yet, such sacred, well cultured think tanks and well focused youths here in Rivers State is a thing of pride and believe that the possibility of a Rivers State of our dream is possible indeed.

“You came unscheduled, yet as you can see, no protocols barred you from reaching us or having our attention. Here in Accord, the PEOPLE matters first, irrespective of class, religion, tribe, age, etc. Our slogan, “Oneness and Progress” is our determinant factor, it’s what we eat, sleep with and drink. It has become the lifestyle of the party. We are one, and we can only make Progress as One PEOPLE.

“So, welcome onboard as we thrive to takeover over the leadership of the State come 2023. It will interest you to know that in Rivers Accord we share ideas because we all own the vision of “Rivers of great possibilities” together.

“Therefore, go carve out your ideas that you think can add value to our march towards the taking over of the Rivers brick house and bring to us, let’s share it to make this dream a reality”, he charged.

Accord! Oneness and Progress!
Oneness and Progress! In One Accord!

Iyene Douglas
State Publicity Secretary,
Rivers Accord

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