NGOs Embarks on Tree Planting and Awareness Creation, to Mark World Environment Day, 2022

In furtherance of his commitment to environmental sustainability, Chief, Dr. Newton Jibunoh, popularly known as” Desert Warrior”, having crossed the Desert several times, and the founder of Fight Against Desert Encroachment (FADE), led other NGOs, on Monday June 6, in tree planting, clean-up exercise and awareness creation in Asaba, Delta State to celebrate the 2022 World Environment Day (WED).

And because June 5, 2022 fell on a Sunday, the tree planting and awareness creation was held on Monday June 6. The event which was flagged off with a short remark by, Dr. Newton Jibunoh witnessed the symbolic planting of trees by the Desert Warrior himself, and the representatives of other NGOs, including Asaba, Garnet Lions International Club among others.

Thereafter, participants moved from Interbau Roundabout through Nnebisi Road whilst planting trees, picking up trash and sensitising residents along the way to the Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Roundabout Garden with more trees planted at the garden.

The World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated annually on June 5 in over 100 countries. And the theme of this year’s celebration “Only One Earth” emphasises that the universe has billions of galaxies and in our galaxy are billions of planets. But there is Only One Earth; so, we all need to take good care of it.

Dr. Newton Jibunoh, in his remarks call for collective action from everyone including community-based organisations, business community, civil society groups, humanitarian service organisations, opinion leaders and Governments among others with regards to environmental sustainability.

He said that trees are vital part of the ecosystem, because trees help to filter the air of contaminants and provide clean air, shade, food for all. It also prevents desertification, protect coastal areas and stabilize sand dunes among other benefits to life and survival on earth.

The other NGOs that participated in the tree planting, clean-up exercise and awareness creation includes LIONS INTERNATIONAL CLUBS in ASABA, Delta State, ROTARY CLUB, YOUTH CORPS members and other environmental culture enthusiasts.

Asaba Garnet Lions Club executives led by Lion Leo Ubuane, Lion Princess Gwenda Miller, Lion Ramsy Osadebe and Lion Godfrey C. Osakwe at this year’s WED celebration reaffirmed the club’s commitment to environmental sustainability projects in the coming Lionistic year, with a promise for more collaboration with Nelson Mandela Garden and FADE towards the creation and restoration of natural ecosystems in Delta State.

And as part of its environmental sustainability projects, Asaba Garnet Lions Club had earlier initiated the establishment of Coconut Grove at the Nelson Mandela Garden, Asaba, and the grove has continued to flourish to the delight of tourists and lovers of nature.

June 5, was designated World Environment Day by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972. The day, serves as one of the principal vehicles through which the UN stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and enhances political attention and action.

It is a UN agenda to give a human face to environmental issues; empower people to become active agents of sustainable and equitable development; promote an understanding that communities are pivotal to changing attitudes towards environmental issues; and advocate partnership which will ensure all nations and peoples enjoy a safer and more prosperous future.

Report by: Godfrey C. Osakwe

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