Now more than before, it keeps getting obvious that the 2023 general elections will not be Business as usual. By that we mean that the the 2023 political atmosphere in Nigeria will totally be different from that of others before now. This is because of the level of paradigm shift that is presently making waves, even the blind can see it. The awareness we mean here is that of the Truth that, Nigerians are not ready to be complacent to suffering anymore or accept to the pathological lie that, “Half bread is better than none”, when it is possible to own an entire bakery. Furthermore that, Nigerians are tired of being taken for granted; no more ready to be remembered only after 4 years when in reality it’s possible for them to matter in everyday of their lives.

So, as the 2023 general elections continue to draw nigh, especially the Governorship election in Rivers State, Rivers people have resolved to now begin to seek solution to their problems, especially seeking these solutions from those they are certain can sincerely give these solutions without finding it difficult to do so.

It’s in the light of the above that diverse groups In Rivers State have been painstakingly having quality engagements with the Governorship candidate of the Accord party in Rivers State, who is also the initiator of the “WE agenda, putting the PEOPLE first in One Accord” initiative, His Excellency Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, having come to see him as the only solution to their predicaments.

Interestingly, the reason behind the hunger for these engagements with the Accord Governorship candidate is that, Rivers people are tired of the consistent systemic failures that have brought unimaginable retrogression to them. That Rivers people have suffered enough, decieved enough and pained enough by corrupt, selfish and evil leaders that have never had the people’s interest at heart save for themselves. So, these Rivers people that bears the pain have decided to see the 2023 elections, especially here in the State as the Hour that has come for all persons of goodwill to stand up and take a hold of their great destinies that have in the past suffered catastrophic setbacks and be bold enough to get them restored for a better Rivers State and by extension a greater Nigeria.

In sighting this hour that has come which has propelled these engagements and necessitated the finding of the man that fits the hour; a honest, hardworking, God fearing, sincere, servant leading Nigerian that has ab initio shown conspicuous capacity for fruitful governance, transparency, self led, one who knows the people’s pains and have been here with them long enough to have put his foot in the same shoes that pinches them, irrespective of the party he is coming from, and support him with evey fibre in them to lead them to their desired destination. Without surprise, that man that fits the hour is Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs.

Yesterday, this man who has become the reason for these engagements also had an interactive session with a women’s group known as the “Rivers Daughters forum” (RDF).

At that interactive session yesterday, the women took turns to air their views, their challenges and how the present setbacks as suffered by the State dealt them more excruciatingly painful blows than the men. They exprrssely explained to him that, going by his antecedents in sincerity of purpose wherein as an individual he has shown more capacity of leadership that has taken away several families out of poverty than those that have come to rule us using our collective resources, he is deserved to be given the opportunity to continue in such path by leading them as the next Governor of the State.

In his response, the Governorship candidate of the Accord party in the 2023 Governorship election here in Rivers State, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, the man whom the hour has chosen, thanked the women for such a honor and trust reposed in him. According to him, he has always seen the women as those whose prayers God answers more, faster and prioritize attention to. He described them as the completeness of the men, that there is no way the man can succeed in anything without the involment of the woman.

Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs who briefly shared his background history growing up, in deep connection with his mother, confessed to the women that, 100% of the man that he has become is the doing of his mother, and therefore always taken the affairs of the women more seriously. He however encouraged them thus, “nobody can take women for granted, so I want to appeal to you women not to take yourselves for granted”. He admonished them to take the opportunity the 2023 general elections offers and run with it to the realization of their heart desires, pointing to them that they are the ones that will bring about the change they deserve, remiinding them that those that will emerge will be responsible for the assignment they have given them, just as they have reeled out to him.
In the trust reposed in him by the women, the candidate of the Accord party, the party with the only hope for Rivers people, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs simply put it this way, “There are two most important days of a man; the day you were born and the day you realize what you were born to do. I have since realized that I was born to serve, and I am available to serve you fruitfully, and i promise to fill every second in every 60 minutes with productivity for Rivers PEOPLE”, he assured the women. He said to them, the implication of the WE agenda, putting the PEOPLE first initiative is that, WE will not just provide education for your children, but that WE shall provide such quality education that will equip your children to be prepared for the competitiveness of the present time. But that, to make all these lofty dreams a reality, there must be sacrifice to pay, and that sacrifice begins with getting your PVCs and telling people to go get theirs, he said.

Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs rounded up by saying they should be bold enough to tell those that will come to lure them that, they have decided not to be important only after every four years but on every day of their lives, and therefore cannot be lured! He also used the opportunity to reveal to them that his Deputy shall be a woman and that woman shall come from the Ogoni extraction.

The WE agenda, putting the PEOPLE first in One Accord!

WE move!



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