As we gradually walk towards the 2023 elections, it’s becoming more clearer that scales of complacency to uncomfortable and undesirable situations are falling off from the eyes of Nigerians with accelerated speed. This is so because today, unlike before, the complaint of being tired of deceitful leadership has become a daily breaking news. The complaint of being tired of parties has become an exchange of pleasantries, even the churches (religious bodies) that used to distance themselves from politics are the once spearheading this campaign of being tired, and now admonishing and sensitising members on the need to go get their PVCs to vote in a sincere change that will restore lost hopes.

In particular of this paradigm shift that has become a general infected syndrome (GIS), Rivers State is taking the lead, particularly because of the initiative of a man whose lifestyle has become a burden bearer, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, the Governorship candidate of Accord party.

His initiative “The WE agenda, putting the PEOPLE first” has become a gospel of salvation ministered to the PEOPLE of Rivers State, and now seen as the only channel through which the needed sincere change for Rivers people will come.

The Accord party Guber candidate through this initiative has continued to engage with Rivers people, ministering to them the WE agenda gospel that they might through it be assured and reassured that all hopes aren’t lost, only if they believe that a Rivers State of greater possibility is possible.

So, yesterday, a group known as the “23 G-connect Youths of Rivers State” under the WE agenda putting the PEOPLE first initiative, ably led by the Accord youth leader Comrade Nelson Tomwe had an interactive session with Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, the Governorship candidate of Accord in Rivers State.

The Accord youth leader who is also the leader of the group, didn’t mince words but straightly dropped their resolve before their host:

That having seen that the youths who are the supposed leaders of tomorrow and who society expects much from, have obviously become a shadow of themselves and now seem to be a disappointment to that expectation, “the leaders of tomorrow”, they have no choice but to take their destinies by their own hands. The Youths knowing that the only way to make a difference is to Rise up and act, have decided to take advantage of the forthcoming 2023 elections here in Rivers State, by giving their support to a man who has shown capacity in youth friendliness, who has as an individual taken many youths of Rivers State out of the Streets without having to knowing them first, save that he knows that they have a burning desire to become a societal pride, that man is Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, the Governorship candidate of the Accord party.

The group stated that they have been here long enough to know whose heart is with the people and whose is not. They said, they have witnessed how every other party that has before now ruled the State did so in crass selfishness, and brought them to constant failures, an act of wickedness committed without conscience, but consistently decieved them to the extent Rivers youths that used to be the envy of Society cut across the entire country now stands as the country’s worse sin.

In this they resolved that, enough is enough, the Hour of the 2023 Rivers elections is a time whose opportunity they must grab to take their chance in making the difference that will bring that change worthy of catapulting them to greater heights and to bring back that enviable Glory to the youths of the State.

The group spoke passionately that the 2023 election is a window for Rivers Youths to breathe afresh and give the State a brand new opportunity for a brand new Party and brand new character that will lead them to their expected joy. A character that has evidently put his foot in same shoes with them and walked miles with them in it, enough to know where it pinches and will take away the pain. That character Is Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, the Governorship candidate of the Accord party.

The 23 G-connect vowed to takeover the State for Accord party, noting that it’s no more a hidden truth that the people are tired of the deceits perpetrated by the past leaders, a truth so glaring even the child in it’s mother’s womb can feel the excruciating pains and disappointment thereof.

The youths stated, “it’s our duty to let Rivers people know that their lost hope can be restored only through the Accord party and it’s Governorship candidate, come 2023, but that they have a sacrifice to commit to, the sacrifice of getting registered, getting their voters card and ready to vote out these societal deceits and vote in the sincerity of purpose that will take them to their desired destination.

“A leadership that will create an enabling environment for them; quality education, good health care system, strong institutions that will better their lives and those yet unborn, a government that will make such policies that will protect their interest.

The youth group confessed that finally, after years of wandering in the wilderness of deceitful leadership, they have finally found and seen light in the Accord party, the only hope Rivers people now have, Nelson Tomwe said. The leadership of the WE agenda putting the PEOPLE first initiative took the opportunity to duly inaugurate the 23Gconnect structure of the youth wing of “the WE agenda” which has 24 coordinators from the 23 LGA’S in Rivers State and 319 coordinators of the 319 wards, which will inturn connect to all the units of every ward.

In response, the Governorship candidate of the Accord party, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs thanked the youths for believing in “the WE agenda” initiative, for their conviction and for owning the vision that a greater Rivers State of greater possibility is possible. According to him, they are the reason he is in this race, promised to continue taking them seriously as he has always done in his individual capacity.

The publicity Secretary of the party Mr Iyene Douglas reiterated that Accord party here in Rivers State has the best candidates, candidates that are with sincere minds, minds that are ready to serve the PEOPLE and not for the people to serve them. That going by the Tsunami of paradigm shift in the political atmosphere of Nigeria, the only party that can give the needed fresh air in Rivers State is the Accord party. He emphasized that it’s a new day for Rivers people, and come 2023, Accord party will win all elective positions and take over the leadership of the State, the Publicity Secretary declared.

Iyene Douglas
State Publicity Secretary,
Rivers Accord.

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