***ABOLGA Accord Chapter Vows To Be First To Give Party Victory In 2023 Governorship Election In Rivers State

The Accord party in Rivers State yesterday, 9th July, 2022 in Abua Odual Local Government Area commissioned a brand new Secretariat, promise to set a new pace in Rivers State that others will follow.

HRH Leonard Adoki welcomed the State leadership of the Accord party and the Governorship candidate of the Accord party, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs to Abua Odual. The HRH extalled the Great servant leadership and Philanthropic gestures of the Father of Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, High Chief O.B. Lulu-Briggs, stating that his was an extraordinary style of Philanthropism, such that himself has also enjoyed that kindness in his days of active service in the judiciary as well as the people of Abua Odual. He assured the Governorship candidate that he has their support, and that as his father didn’t forget the Abua Odual people, he should also not forget them when he becomes the governor of the State.

While giving his speech, the leader of the party at the Abua Odual LGA level, Comrade Idawari Dickson appreciated the incoming Governor of Rivers State, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs and the State party leadership for visiting the LGA irrespective of their tight schedules, promising them that come 2023, Abua Odual LGA will be the first to deliver the party to victory, he said

Commissioning the Secretariat, the Leader and Governorship candidate of the party, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs said, this commissioning is the beginning of a new era in Rivers State that kick-started in Abua Odual Local Government Area. According to him, “I am happy because I see “the WE agenda, putting PEOPLE first” Initiative that WE birthed has begun to sink right into the minds of the people and gradually becoming their lifestyle”. He added that, his reason for seeing it so is because the party Secretariat being commissioned was donated to the party by the people without any financial cost from the party’s Leadership but a sacrifice from the people of Abua Odual showing commitment to the reality that the lives of Rivers PEOPLE should matter first.

He went further to say that though their visit is to commission the Party’s Secretariat, but the reception accorded them was unexpectedly awesome. This act he described to be a true reflection of paradigm shift, where the people have received the salvation of the the message that, they must matter first and the hunger for change has become a necessity for them.

The Accord Gubernatorial candidate, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs seized the opportunity to reiterate to the people of Abua Odual that, there has never been a time that he stepped aside in this race for any reason, as it has been peddled by some persons of mischief that knows his emergence has always been for the purpose of good intentions for the people. Rather, those that doesn’t mean well for the people have always attempted to use all channels of biased tendencies to stop his good intentions for the people of Rivers State. Yet, that’s where it ends, “attempt to”, because no one can stop good from coming to pass, and this time, God willing, our good intentions will come to pass in Rivers State for the good of Rivers PEOPLE, he reassured.

He thanked the good people of Abua Odual; the Royal fathers, Chiefs, Elders Women and youths that came out in their multitude to welcome them with such show of love and acceptance. Specifically that, they consciously sacrificed a day as important as a market day like this, which is set aside as a day they ought to go out there in search of profitable livelihood. To this he assured them, he will never forget but will always be remembered. He rounded up by assuring the HRH and the people of Abua that, they should be in the know that, as a Lion cannot give birth to a lizard, so has his father given birth to a son in him that will never forget them. That he is here to continue in the great legacy of his father and do Better in it, all for the betterment of mankind.

Also speaking, the deputy State chairman of the party Pastor Amabere Jamabo encouraged the Abua Odual Accord party leadership to run an all inclusive party affairs, and make certain that the Secretariat unites the party at the LGA level. He said this as he unbehalf of the State party chairman, received and welcomed into the Accord fold defectors from the APC and PDP. According to him, the LGA party leadership should treat them equally without sentiments or bias, that they should reflect the initiative of the Leader of the party, which is to “put people first”, and the mantra of the party, “Oneness and Progress”.

The spokespersons of the defectors from both parties, APC and PDP, appreciated the State party leadership and the Guber candidate, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs for receiving them wholeheartedly. Stressing that, they have come to believe that the change they have always craved for truly reflects in the character of the Gubernatorial candidate, and emphatically state here that this is their last bustiop which they have come to see the one true glorious light.

The State Publicity Secretary, Mr Iyene Douglas declared thus, as a Party, WE reassure the people of Rivers State that, Rivers State will be great again, no one should have any doubt about this truth. That the Accord party in Rivers State as at today is the only party that has the capacity to restore that greatness in Rivers State, and will therefore win the next election. We are confident of this because we have the best candidates in the party, not just the best in their diverse field of endeavours and expertise, but that we remain the only party with candidates of good intentions. In Accord, we don’t have candidates with deceptive tongues, but those that truly mean well, that mean what they say and live by what they say.

As it has been rightly known and widely accepted that Rivers State has a problem and in dire need of solution, so it has been rightly known and widely accepted that only Accord party can be that solution that will bring the needed solace and succor worthy of her anticipated joy.

Accord! Oneness and Progress! Oneness and Progress! In One Accord!

Iyene Douglas
State Publicity Secretary,
Rivers Accord.

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