As the political atmosphere of Rivers State keeps building on the new found paradigm shift, and in line with the engagement promise of the Governohip candidate with Rivers people, yesterday, Monday, 11th July, 2023, representatives of Igbo trade union/professionals association, had an interactive session with the Accord Governorship candidate, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs at his residence.

No doubt, when sincerity is put to a purpose, fruitfulness will have no choice but to manifest thereof. Just like the Children of the Israelites cried out for freedom and God from Heaven heard them loud and clear, and then sent them a Messiah to deliver them from bondage, so has Rivers people for long cried out to Heaven for freedom, and in this electioneering season, God has also heard our cry and sent our own Messiah, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs of the Accord party to deliver us from this bondage of almost perpetual retrogression.

It’s this Messiah of the Accord party that the people keep seeking daily for that interaction, that they will hear the voice of the man whose hour has come.

So, yesterday, the representatives of Igbo trade union/professionals association here in Rivers State who sort to hear the gospel of the WE agenda, putting PEOPLE first initiative had their chance.

In his usual manner of absolute humility, the solution of Rivers State come 2023 and the Governorship candidate of the Accord party, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs immensely thanked the leaders for coming to see him. According to him, he cannot quantify how thankful he is, knowing that, they are one set of people that doesn’t take their livelihood (business) for a joke, not at all. Yet, they found hm worthy of abandoning all that for this interaction. He said, he has always placed premium value in them and seen them as a people who contribute to the economic growth of the State. He added, “if not for your activities, life no doubt would have been a lot difficult”.

He stressed that, these interactions are necessary for there to be a synergy so that the understanding thereafter will foster such cooperation that will bring about societal progress. That the WE agenda, putting PEOPLE first initiative is aimed that bringing people together to be single minded in achieving such success that will attract the rest of the world to Rivers State. He added, “for me, my politics is without bitterness, and this is the reason we must grow the economy of the State to be able to accommodate all of us. Knowing that without the economy, there’s absolutely nothing we can do to alleviate the sufferings of our people. Alliaviting the sufferings of people has been my passion, and over the years become my lifestyle. So, when we say WE are putting PEOPLE first, WE meant that without prioritizing the people, then we have no business having this ambition, he said.

Still speaking, the solution of Rivers State Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs recalled to the Leaders how Rivers State used to be a home of comfort for all, a City and State where visitors see as a home away from their homes, but today, same can’t be said of it, he said in sadness. That it’s for this reason it has become our ultimate desire to get the State back to where it’s supposed to be.

He opined that, the success story of Lagos State today has the hand of the Igbos in it, as such nobody can take away their importance from them. He took the listening audience back to memory lane on former Governor Ahmed Tinubu’s administration that had an Igbo man as commissioner for Urban development for 8 years, and 4 years of former Governor Fasola, making a total of 12 years, that gave the State the beauty we see today in Lagos State.

According to him, H.E. Ahmed Tinubu knew that there is a great potential in the said Igbo man, and because he was more interested in result delivery, he never minded the tribe, but only went for the best hands. So, for me, if the best hand will be an Igbo man, then an Igbo man we must engage to have the best given to us. Just like i have always said,. “we will get the best to work for the rest of us”.

Still speaking Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs declared that, it’s his desire to replicate what has positively become of Lagos State, in Rivers State, using the best of us to work for the rest of us. We can also have commissioners from Igbo here in Rivers State, he assured. But that in achieving the success standard of Lagos State, there is a need for sacrifices to be made, and that sacrifice is to go get registered and get your PVCs to speak the success we desire for us.

Based on the nature of the meeting which was an interactive session, the visitors asked salient questions which answers reassured them that indeed they have a Messiah in the Accord Governorship candidate. The leader of the Ikoku spare parts dealers association, Sir Godwin Chiboka who confessed to the extraordinary humility of the Governorship candidate promised their undiluted support. According to his statement, they have come to be in synergy with him, so that together they can succeed. The leader lamented that they have suffered a lot of setbacks and only hope that they will recover and get back on their feet after the 2023 elections.

On PVC registration, he complained of how challenging it has become for them to get registered. He pleaded with the Governorship candidate to see how he can synergize with INEC to help them place registration units in strategic points around their business locations.

He concluded by thanking their host for according them the privilege for the session, nothing that he has all the Leadership qualities they seek, and therefore stands convinced that they have found him whose worth is deserved of their support.

Iyene Douglas
State Publicity Secretary,
Rivers Accord.

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