As part of its strategy to continue strengthening the party at all levels, in readiness and preparedness to takeover the leadership of the State come 2023, the State Party Leadership kick-started a State wide familiarisation tour to the leadership of the various LGAs in the State.

Yesterday, wednesday 13th July, 2022, the State visited the leadership of Khana and Gokana LGAs respectively.

The State leadership, led by the Party’s Deputy Chairman, Pastor Amabere Jamabo, made their first stop in Khana Local Government Area, where the LGA party leadership gave them a rousing welcome.

In Khana, before the arrival of the state team, the LGA chairman, as well as all 19 ward chairmen, their executives, the LGA women leader, candidates and other party stakeholders were already seated.

The passion for takeover was practically expressed, you can feel the vibes in them, as well as you can touch it. The leadership of the LGA didn’t just express their joy, but they went ahead to assure the State leadership that the LGA is fully prepared and ready for the forthcoming elections, and that victory is sure at the polls come 2023.

In his speech, the LGA chairman, Amb. Fidency Torwe didn’t mince words, when he said “the WE agenda, putting PEOPLE first” Gospel as initiated by the leader, the party’s Governorship candidate, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, has so far become so contagious in the LGA that its impact of infection has caused a great paradigm shift in the people.

According to him, the hunger for fresh air in Khana is a confirmation that indeed the people are truly tired of; the deceits, sufferings, stagnation, retrogression, hunger, starvation and the obvious acceleration of mediocrity in the Rivers society. He added that, all that the people keep saying is, “this time, prioritize character Not party, enough is enough”.

He boasted thus, “here in Khana we have the best candidates, candidates that do have the right character, characters that are known for great developmental ideologies, such that can take the LGA to greater heights.

The candidates also added their voices, saying, in Khana, there is only one party that is genuinely going in for the next election, because the need of Khana people is a party and candidates that will be willing and ready to think the people first, as well as put the people first. That party is the Accord party, and we have with us candidates that are armed with the solution Rivers State needs to arrive at her desired destination, they said.

In his response, the State Deputy Chairman thanked the LGA for proving that “Accord Khana” is the solution Khana LGA needs to manifest the much anticipated breakthrough, and not that Accord is a third force”.

He advised them to keep up with the good work, and also take advantage of the contagious gospel, “the WE agenda, putting PEOPLE first”, and continue to preach it until the entire LGA is infected with it. He also reminded them that, having known that the Governorship candidate of the party is of Khana LGA, they should register it in them that their job has multiplied; to whom much is given, much is expected. He said.

The next stop which was Gokana LGA also had all 17 ward chairmen and their executives, the LGA women leader, candidates and stakeholders well seated before the arrival of the team.

Mr Bona John Simene, the LGA chairman welcomed the team and expressed his joy on their visit to the LGA. According to him, the visit was timely and has added greater confidence in members of other parties that are aggrieved and preparing to join the Accord party, he said.

Still speaking, the chairman told the State leadership that, the Governorship candidate is already a household name here in Gokana. He said, his kindheartedness as it bothers on his Philanthropic blessing has moved the people of Gokana to yearn for him to occupy the brick house come 2023, he said. That surely, victory is sure, and Gokana will deliver without sweat. He then highlighted some challenges the party at the LGA level is going through and pleaded with the leadership to attend to them as soon as possible.

The State Deputy Chairman thanked the leadership, and assured them that the challenges will be duly addressed accordingly. He admonished them to always give their best and give no room for negative options, for there is no other option aside triumph. He assured them that come 2023, Accord party will takeover the leadership of the State.

The State Publicity Secretary, Mr Iyene Douglas, on his part advised those assuming from their comfort zones that Rivers Accord doesn’t have structures to continue in that assumption until Accord takes over the leadership of the State. He said, it’s obvious that those sleepwalking in that dream of assumption aren’t aware of the change in the political atmosphere of Rivers State, where every Rivers resident is the structure of Rivers Accord, because every Rivers resident is in dire need of fresh air.

Iyene Douglas
State Publicity Secretary,
Rivers Accord.

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