2023: Rivers Accord Commissions Ikwerre LGA Party Secretariat, Visits HRH Eze, Prof. S.N. Wekhe, JP, Nyenwe-Ali Igwuruta; As Dumo Lulu-Briggs Makes Important Pledge

Rivers State Chapter of the Accord Political party, in keeping with it’s promise to Rivers people of putting the people first, which is the very basis and totality of politics and the essence of service to the people, on Thursday, 28/7/2022, took another bold step in fulfilling this mandate, when the the State leadership of the party, alongside its Governorship candidate, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, stormed Ikwerre Local Government Area, to commission the brand new party secretariat, willingly donated to the party by the people, having believed and accepted the gospel according to the Accord party, through its Governorship candidate.

The Commissioning of Accord party secretariats is fast becoming a growing trend across all the LGAs in the state, as Rivers people, determined to ensure the emergence of a government that will put the people first, as espoused by Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs through the “We Agenda” advocacy, have made it their duty to joyfully donate beffiting structures to the party at the LGA levels, as their own way of telling the world that they have identified with the intiative and commitment of the party leadership to strengthen and consolidate the presence and activities of the party across all the LGAs in the state, but most importantly, to send out a clear message that Accord was fully ready and prepared to sweep the polls and coast home to resounding victory in Ikwerre LGA and others, in the forthcoming 2023 general elections.

Prior to the Commissioning proper however, the distinguished Accord Leadership delegation, on arrival at Ikwerre LGA, and as tradition demands, had made a respectful stopover at the palace of the Nyenwe-Ali Igwuruta, to pay Royal homage to the revered monarch,
HRH Eze Prof. S.N. Wekhe, JP, and his council of Chiefs, to properly announce their presence and mission in his domain and receive Royal blessings from the paramount ruler of the kingdom.

The visitors were warmly recieved by the Royal council with great joy and a great sense of hospitality, which underscored the fact that the people, having been fully enlightened and sensitized to the “We Agenda, putting the people first” Gospel, by the numerous “We Agenda” advocacy volunteers and Political office seekers under the Accord party platform, had been waiting with great excitement for the anticipated arrival of Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, which woukd provide them the golden opportunity to pledge their support and assure him of their readiness to deliver Ikwerre LGA to Accord party, in the 2023 elections.

Addressing the traditional council, the Accord Governorship candidate Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, expressed a heartfelt gratitude to the Royal father and his council of Chiefs for having them, and promised to always place utmost priority on the success and progress of the people, noting that his leadership walk shall always dwell on using the best amongst the people to work for the rest of the people.

The Unstoppable moving train then proceeded to the ancient Ikwerre Town of Igwuruta for the onward commissioning of its party’s secretariat in the LGA.

On arrival, the team was embraced with a rousing welcome from a multitude of party faithfuls and others including, Chiefs, Elders, Women, Youths and Children, who all came out to be part of the event. The joy in the people was so obvious that you can almost touch it with your bare hands. The women sang with a joyful heart, rendering songs of hope and faith at the same time, in an outpouring of unshakable conviction that they have recognized and accepted Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs as the divine solution they have been yearning for, to the leadership challenge in Rivers State

The LGA party leadership specially welcomed the Governorship candidate of the Party, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs and the State leadership of the party. According to them, the team’s visit to the LGA is a thing of joy and promised that come 2023, the LGA will not compromise a single vote, but give all votes to the victory of the party and for the progress of the LGA. That, the Secretariat as will be commissioned today will be used for the advancement of the party in the LGA, and shall leave no stone unturned in achieving the formidability of the party in strength, vigour and enthusiasm to regain back the glory of the LGA and by extension the State.

In his response, the Governorship candidate and leader of the party, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs thanked the people for the great welcome given them.

He started by assuring them that, “In Accord we have no godfather except God the Father in Heaven”, as such, the WE agenda, putting PEOPLE first Gospel that has become our song and way of life stands firm. Because, we have none we shall be loyalty to or put first except you people, and we owe nobody any apology for putting you first, he said.

He went down memory lane to bring to bear, a genealogy of himself, which turns out to be that he is an Ikwerre son, and even more Ikwerre than many that pride themselves of being Ikwerre. That by the Grace of God, a WE agenda, putting PEOPLE first government is what shall be administered come 2023, and they the people will always be put first in all things.

On the ongoing voters registration, he advised them to go get registered and get their PVCs handy, for in it lies their voice and power. That they should take advantage of the remaining days of the exercise to get registered and get their PVCs, especially those that are of voting age that are yet to be registered.

He said, the recent statistics of new registrations has Rivers State as one State that is doing great. He added that, the WE agenda Gospel has today become contagious to all, so much so that it has propelled a great hunger for a better Rivers State. Hence, he believes that these new registrations are so done for one purpose, “to vote for the cause of the”WE agenda”, he said.


In the history of Nigerian politics vis-a-vis in such buildup of a change in government, no political office interest has dared declaring that he or she aspiring for any political office will gift his or her salary to the people, for the entire tenure of stay in office. For the first time in History, today, at the event of the commissioning of Ikwerre LGA Accord party Secretariat, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, the Accord party governohip candidate for the 2023 election here in Rivers State, declared that, as the initiator of the “We agenda, putting PEOPLE first, in every month of the entire tenure of his stay in office, he shall gift his salary to Rivers women turn by turn for every LGA, monthly”, he promised.

He concluded by drawing their attention to the importance associated with the registering and collection of their PVCs; if they don’t register and get their PVCs to vote, politicians will continue to see their importance only after every 4 years, instead of in every second of every 60 minutes of every day of their lives. He said.

He then joined the State Deputy Chairman of the party, Pastor Amabere Jamabo, to cut the tape for the official commissioning of the party Secretariat to the Glory of God and for the success and progress of the Accord party, Ikwerre LGA.

Going by such historic declaration, call it promise, one may be forced to ask, what other conviction do we seek? seeing that we have seen what we have been searching for, a man that is sacrificially ready, prepared, serious and geared at giving his all for the sake of love for Rivers people! Indeed, WE behold a divine gift, the best Governorship candidate in the entire Nation.

Iyene Douglas
State Publicity Secretary,
Rivers Accord.

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