Doyen of post-modern Journalism in Nigeria and presidential aspirant in the May 28 PDP presidential Primaries, Chief Dele Momodu, has written to Governor Nyesom Wike and strongly advised the Rivers State Governor to “kill his excessive and perpetual anger” against the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), saying that it is “getting out hand”.

Chief Momodu, who is seen by many as Governor Wike’s close professional ally, especially before he declared his presidential ambition and became a direct contender to the PDP ticket with the Rivers Governor, personally signed the letter, which was released to the press and made public on several verified social media handles and platforms, on Thursday, August 10, 2022.

According to the letter, Aâré Momodu advised Governor Wike to channel his anger properly rather than use it to destroy the PDP – the party he claims to love, even as he appealed to the Rivers Governor to give his thoughts a rethink “before it is too late”

This letter, by one of Nigeria’s most respected Journalists and public figures, is coming against the backdrop of exacerbated vitriols between Governor Wike and his camp on one side and the twin camps of both the PDP Presidential Candidate, Atiku Abubakar and National Chairman Iyorchia Ayu, months after the Party’s presidential primary and the process that determined the selection of the PDP Vice Presidential Candidate.

The rapid escalation of brickbats between the camps, regarding token peace overtures, allegations of neglect and disrespect, including references to some television interviews, as well as the unflinching demands by Governor Wike, that the PDP National Chairman from the North, must quit, in keeping with the promises he purportedly made when he was elected, if the presidential candidate also emerged from the same North, compelled the PDP Board of Trustees (BOT) to set up a reconciliatory committee to meet with Governor Wike. But reported exchanges from the meeting suggested that reconciliation was far from being achieved.

And Goveenor Wike seemed to have stoked the fire of conflict further during the recent spate of projects Commissioning in Rivers State, by invited national Political leaders, with his famous taunting campaign chorus: “as e dey sweet us, e go dey pain them” which is said to be directed at the other camp as well as, his snide declaration that he would commence real politics after rounding off this phase of projects inauguration in the state, prompting some party leaders to speak out against what seems like a plan by the Rivers Governor, to work against the party come 2023.

The recent allegations that loyalists of the PDP Presidential Candidate, Atiku Abubakar in the party have closed ranks to ensure they deliver Rivers state during the presidential election, against Governor Wike’s purported agenda to work for another party’s candidate, coupled with the sudden dissolution by the Rivers Governor, of the Boards of some parastatals, headed by some of these Atiku loyalists, have further worsened the situation.

The matter took a more sinister dimension with the recent interview granted by Senator Lee Maeba, a staunch Atiku loyalist, alleging that Governor Wike wants to muscle and even eliminate those who plan to work for the PDP Presidential candidate in 2023 and it has even recently been revealed that Governor Wike has commenced legal proceedings agaist PDP, Atiku and Govenor Aminu Tambuwal of Sokoto State, challenging alleged discrepancies during the PDP presidential Primaries and seeking to be declared winner of the exercise.

It is against this prevailing dire situation in the PDP, that Chief Dele Momodu, a PDP member himself, has written to Governor Wike, expressing his concern and reservations over the actions and agenda of the Rivers Governor, ahead of the 2023 general elections.

It will be recalled that Chief Momodu, after conducting a comprehensive online Instagram interview with Governor Wike, which was a revealing exposé on the Governor’s running battle with the PDP leadership at that time, headed by his anointed chairman, Prince Uche Secondus, had enjoyed a close relationship with the Rivers Governor, who had specially invited the media guru, in his professional capacity, to Rivers State and into his inner caucus at his country home in Rumueprikom, for a period in 2021.

Chief Momodu had not only been invited to Rivers State to cover the projects Commissioning phase at that time, as Governor Wike had promised during the online interview, but was also given the freedom of the state, by embarking on an on the spot, fact finding facility assessment tour of the Rivers Governor’s projects across the state.

He was also accorded special journalistic status, to visit Oyigbo LGA, after the IPOB mayhem in that axis and conduct an independent investigation on what actually transpired.

Beyond the regular reports that emanated from these assignments, Chief Momodu was to capture the collective activities and essence of his Rivers tour, in a widely published essay titled: “My close encounters with Governor Nyesom Wike, By Dele Momodu”, in June, 2021.

From the foregoing therefore, Aâré Dele Momodu has certainly earned the right and privilege to write to Governor Nyesom Wike on a sensitive matter like the potentially damaging crisis that has presently engulfed the PDP

The full letter is published below:


My dear Brother, good evening. I have watched you in recent months with trepidation. I’m scared about your inability to comprehend the country called Nigeria. You must have underrated how the owners of Nigeria operate.

I studied the biography of Chief Obafemi Awolowo. I was an insider in the June 12, 1993, crisis, and a veritable witness to the tribulations of my great mentor, Chief M.K.O Abiola.

Closer home, you must have seen how your predecessor, Dr Peter Odili, was stopped in his tracks in 2007.

You’re certainly one of Nigeria’s best-performing Governors, if not the best. Personally, I’m very proud of your uncommon achievements. I know you are very angry. It is your right to be. But I’m begging you in the name of God not to take decisions based on anger.

Nigeria has been very kind to you. Rivers State has been extremely generous to you. GOD has blessed you beyond imagination. You have such a beautiful family.

Your people love you stupendously for the services delivered to them. PDP has been your solid platform. You should never destroy a bridge after crossing the river.

Even if you no longer need the bridge, what of your friends and family? I pray you kill this excessive and perpetual anger. It is getting out of hand.

Most people around you will keep quiet for fear of losing your patronage. Many politicians survive only on power. My Brother, I love you.

But someone must be able to tell you the truth.

No General fights on too many fronts.

Please, apply the brakes, before it is too late.


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