The Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs free vocational training (skills acquisition) programme in Rivers State, has commenced in the state, with the submission of already purchased application forms by over one thousand potential participants, who returned their filled forms to the organizers, at the Rumuigbo Civic Centre, on Thursday, 18th August, 2022.

The vocational training/skills acquisition programme, which is wholly sponsored by Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, the Rivers Governorship Candidate of Accord for the 2023 general elections, in fulfillment of his vow of “Putting People First” with the “We Agenda” advocacy, will be kick-started from Obio/Akpor Local Government Area, but this is just the beginning of it, as the programme will also be carried out in other LGAs in the state.

Receiving the forms from the enthusiastic participants, who converged at the Rumuigbo Civic Centre, the convener of the program, Hon. Chimenem Worlu, stated that the essence of the program, which is targeted at the most vulnerable in society, including the unemployed and those still living within the poverty line, is to give lives a true meaning and add value to their existence.

According to him, it is the belief of Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs that every life is a destiny, and in every destiny there are destinies, and as an individual it’s his wish to see that destinies are lifted to become what God has purposed them to be.

Thus, it has become necessary for him to take out as many lives as he could from the streets, so that they too can be restored of every hope they may have lost in the process of life’s struggles and also own their voices as every other favoured life should. “The targetv Hon. Chimenem Worlu informed the participants.

Polity watchers and commentators in the state will recall that the Rivers State chapter of Accord has unrepentantly and unapologetically boasted that, of all the parties contesting in the 2023 elections here in Rivers State, it has the best candidates contesting for all elective positions.

It’s further known that Accord is not such political party that says what it cannot do, but does the great and right things it says it will do and has continued saying what it will continue to do rightly.

In fact, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, the Governorship candidate of the party, is one candidate that has made it his lifestyle to bear the burdens of people, a truism that has known him to be the extraordinary Philanthropist of our time and the father of many nations.

Little wonder therefore, that his mission statement is: “the We agenda, putting PEOPLE first” in One Accord. That ab initio, Rivers people matters to him, such that from his hard earned resources, he has been in the business of giving lives a true meaning.

The ultimate objective is that if every life of capable age in Rivers State is equipped with a fruitful skill, then no life in Rivers State will be taken for granted, save that we shall all have a Rivers State of useful knowledge that will bring an abundance of wealth capable of catapulting the State to greater height.

Dumo Lulu-Briggs, always putting PEOPLE first in One Accord.

Iyene Douglas
State Publicity Secretary,
Rivers Accord.


  1. Dump Lulu Briggs is the solution to Rivers state indigins and Non- Indigins. That’s why we the members of United Rivers Collations have fully Endorse him and are out in full swing to support him and ensure that he is sworn in as the Governor of Rivers state, come May 2023. Amen.
    Long Liv Accord Party !
    Long live The We Agenda !
    DLB ! Solution !


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