The historic event of Commissioning it’s party Secretariats in every Local Government Area of Rivers State, thereby taking democracy to the grassroots by giving the people in rural areas the direct opportunity and platforms to participate fully in the democratic process in the 2023 general elections, continued, as the commissioning train of Accord arrived at Emohua Local Government Area of the State..

It will be recalled that the Rivers State chapter of Accord had, from the onset, made a bold statement of it’s plan to take over the leadership of the State come 2023, when it fulfilled this claim with the very emergence of the visionary Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, as it’s Governorship Candidate and the revelationally empowered by God, “The WE agenda, putting PEOPLE first” advocacy, as espoused and driven by the dynamic Accord guber Candidate,

Since then, the Party has vigorously embarked on its frontline Strategy; “commissioning of party secretariats in all 23 LGAs of the State”, and has been carrying out this agenda successfully with great acceptance across the LGAs and in addendum, giving support like trusted pillars to a building structure.

In was in line with the above therefore, that the commissioning train of Accord arrived at Emohua Local Government Area on Monday, August 22, 2022 to Commission it’s party Secretariat in the LGA.

The train which had the Governorship and deputy Governorship candidates, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs and Princess Mrs Tambari Hilda Dedam respectively, the State leadership of the party with the DG of the Dumo campaign Organization, Rt Hon Iyk Oji, the Director of Media (Dumo Lulu-Briggs organization), Nia’bari Fakae amongst others, as well as, some Candidates of the party from Emuohua and other LGAs, in its entourage, first visited the palace of HRH Ohna Christian Okachineke Elechi (The paramount Ruler/Nenwe-Eli Rumuji Clan, the XIV), to introduce themselves and their mission in the land and receive Royal blessings from the traditional Institution.

Those who have followed the unfolding activities in connection with the forthcoming 2023 general elections, especially here in Rivers State, will confirm that there is no party, amongst the about 18 registered Political parties competing in the general elections, which has received true and genuine acceptance like Accord.

The reason for this has been that Accord is the only sincere party which has shown and proved capacity in doing what it says and saying what it does. It is for this sincerity of purpose found in the Party, that when the train visited the Royal palace, it was given an unforgettable welcome, well accepted and displayed in a show of encouraging trust and confidence in the party.

Addressing the traditional leadership, the Governorship candidate of the Party, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, who happens to be part of the Emohua people, as his grandmother hails from Elibrada, was humbled at magnitude of love accorded him by the Royal council, said: “We are here to seek permission to commission the structure a son of this land donated to the party, for us to use as a Secretariat; a secretariat we shall use for the benefit of not only the party, but for the greater good of Emohua people”, he said.

Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, the leader with the heart of a burden bearer and servant leader, added, “the next election will not be as usual with snatching of ballot boxes and getting away with them, but will definitely be about popularity, acceptance, what good has been done for Rivers people and the level of love shown to everybody”.

He informed that the visit wasn’t that of campaign, but that when that time for campaign comes, Accord will run an effective campaign that will take the “WE agenda, putting PEOPLE first” campaign to every nooks and crannies of Rivers State, and may even spend nights in some LGAs, so that “the people’s touch we shall feel as they will feel ours too, because it’s what they need that we shall satisfy them with”, he stated.

In his response, the chairman in council, on behalf of the Paramount Ruler, thanked the team for finding Rumuji community worthy of setting up the party’s Secretariat and, to this, he expressed great Joy.

The chairman unequivocally stated that he is happy, that Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs is a man of the people, whom the sons and daughters of Rivers State are proud of and that for this reason, he wishes him the best. He went further to promise that, so far Accord will respect the paramount ruler and the Rumuji community, whatever the maximum support the party needs from this community shall be accorded them.

The team then proceeded to the commissioning venue and into the waiting presence of the excited people of Emohua, where he told them that they must be aware that the next election is about them. That because it’s about them, they must elect a leader that has the head to do the right things that will take Rivers State from where she is today to our place of great destiny.

Thereafter, the Accord Secretariat was commissioned by the party leadership for the greater good of the people of Emohua and the people of Rivers State.

Iyene Douglas
State Publicity Secretary,
Rivers Accord.

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