It will be recalled that the Rivers State chapter of Accord has consistently declared and maintained that, in as much as the 2023 election in the State is concerned, she remains the only party that has the sincerity of a purpose to deliver the Rivers State of our dreams.

So, on Tuesday, 23rd August, 2022, the commissioning train of the party arrived at Ahoada-West to commission the Accord Secretariat of Ahoada-West, in continuation of the dedicated agenda to ensure that the presence of the Party is registered and felt in every Local Government Area of the Rivers State.

As usual, the team made it’s first port of call at the palace of Evang. HRH, Mark A. Roman, (Adide-Inyenimure the 18th, of Akinima).

Indeed, those who have followed the spree of party Secretariats commissioning activities of Accord, will confirm that in the course of opening these secretariats, the party, aside having the best candidates, as it has become known to all, has also enjoyed great acceptability, love, honor, belief and trust from every LGA they have visited.

Therefore, the exceedingly warm, cordial and enthusiastic reception, which the Accord delegation was accorded at Ahoada-West was not a surprise, starting from the Royal palace which also planted its seeds (acceptance, love, honor, believe and trust) in the party.

Addressing the Royal council, the Rivers Governorship candidate of Accord, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs thanked the paramount ruler for receiving the team in such an overwhelming manner and promised to host the Choral voices in Akinima during the yuletide season, because of the high level of Praises rendered to God in the palace.

Still speaking, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, having been touched by their level of love for God in the palace was move to remind the Royal council that, Rivers State before now was a society where everybody was a family. Everybody cared for one another, and every parent was a parent to every child. This was our reality, he said, adding that: “God willing, that spirit that once binded us together as a family with a united voice, shall be rekindled and bring us back together as one indivisible family”.

According to him, Rivers State was once a loving State, a peaceful State, a Successful State, a State other States runs to as home away from home, is now a shadow of itself. He however prophesied that, God willing, “the We agenda, putting the PEOPLE first” vision will bring on board such leadership that will conduct herself in a manner that in Rivers State, it will be anathema for anyone who cannot love his neighbor the way he loves himself or herself, he professed.

He reminded that, they are not here to campaign, but to commission the Accord secretariat that a well meaning individual here in Ahoada-West donated to to the party for the betterment of the party and the people of Ahoada-West, and humbly ask for their to commission the Secretariat.

While responding, on behalf the Royal council, Dr David Chigemerem, Eze Emene Echi Ubie, Secretary General, Ekpeye Council of Traditional Rulers and Chiefs, Head of Administration Ubie Council of Traditional Rulers and Chiefs, thanked the visiting team for finding them worthy. He took Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs back to memory lane on how he has severally represented his former boss who has journied on, late Robinson O. Robinson in projects that were nurtured by his father, High Chief O B. Lulu-Briggs, and was commissioned, for the good of mankind. As such, when he heard that Dumo Lulu-Briggs who is running for the first office of Rivers State is visiting, he knew that this name is a household name, coupled with the fact that the son has also stepped into the father’s philanthropy shoes, deserves every support that he needs to continue in his Righteous deeds.

According to him, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs is the King David of this time, and the man whose hour has come to right the wrongs of Rivers State and then bring her to the greatness that she rightly deserves, he declared. Taking a lesson from the Bible, he described Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs as the King David that has defeated his ten thousand for onward taking over of the throne, against any contrary voice by in form of a king Saul that can only defeat just a thousand, he declared again.

The Paramount Ruler gave his blessings, and prayed that Rivers State shall be taken over by a leader that has been putting people first, and not a deceit.

The team then proceeded to the venue where the reception for the commissioning was actively alive and in earnest wait to show how much the Governorship candidate is loved, accepted, trusted and believed.

The Ahoada-West LGA Accord chairman thanked the State leadership of the party, the Governorship candidate and his deputy, and other members of the team for coming, and assured that Ahoada-West is 100% DLBfied, and promised that Ahoada-West shall not fail in delivering the LGA to that man who has been there for them, and whose heart knows no limit in well doing.

Dr Nnanna Onyekwere, the State party chairman alongside the Governorship candidate commissioned the secretariat to the Glory of God and for the excellence of Ahoada-West.

The Party’s State Pulicity Secretary, Mr Iyene Douglas, after the commissioning of her Ahoada-West Local Government Area party secretariat, said, the Party has all the best candidates with her, especially in the area of positive values. According to him, as at today, politicians have barraged the political atmosphere with such insincerity that even the child in its mother’s womb will doubt their words, he said.

In correcting this wrong narrative and bringing about the real change, this time, Rivers people have resolved to prioritize character over party. It’s for this reason that well meaning individuals in Rivers State, seeing Accord as the only sincere party because of its caliber of members and candidates, have resolved to make their own sacrifices by donating beautiful structures as party secretariats to the party.

It is in appreciation of these kind gestures and reassurance of the seriousness and sincerity of purpose to deliver a government that will provide the pragmatic leadership to ensure a conducive environment for the achievement of the Rivers State of our dreams, that the party has been to several LGAs commissioning her party secretariats.

Writing on his verified and dedicated social media handles, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, the Rivers State Governorship candidate of Accord, for the 2023 general elections, captured the Commissioning of Ahoada West LGA Party Secretariat thus:

Yesterday, The commissioning train of Accord Secretariats arrived at Ahoada-West Local Government Area. 

In our usual way of always doing the needful of first knocking on the doors of the owners of the land, we visited the palace of the Paramount Ruler of Akinima Kingdom, Evangelist HRH Mark A. Romans, (Adide-Inyenimure the 18th of Akinima). The Royal council gave us an overdose, as what we were still savoring from Emohua visit was replicated today at the palace. Again, I was overwhelmed with joy and honor. For we were accepted, loved, believed and trusted.

I thanked them for their kind gesture towards us, especially when the paramount ruler revealed to us that he was to be in a very crucial meeting, but stayed back to personally recieve us, because of the good we have done for the community in the past. Yet again, a unique part of them moved me to promise hosting a Choral voice concert in Akinima during the yuletide season. For the palace in my observation has made its life a citadel of Praises to God. We then stated our mission to them, the commissioning of Accord Secretariat in their land. 

The love shown to us was a reminder of the old Rivers State of love, where everybody was a family to everybody, everybody cared for one another and every parent was a parent to every child. 

The commissioning was done to the Glory of God and for the progressive beginning of Ahoada-West LGA.

Iyene Douglas
State Publicity Secretary,
Rivers Accord.

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