Thursday, August 25, 2022, was a colorful and richly rewarding day for the Students of the Department of Theatre Arts, Rivers State University (RSU), as the 2023 Rivers Governorship candidate of Accord, an extraordinary Philanthropist like no other, the vessel unto honor whose joy is complete only when the satisfaction of another is guaranteed, fulfilled the M5,000,000.00 (Five million naira only) himself and associates promised the Theatre Arts Department of Rivers State. University.

The occasion for this extra ordinary show of unparalleled generosity and philanthropy, was the formal induction of the Level 1 (100 Level) students into the Rivers University’s Department of Theater Arts; an event which, in the last few years, has beautifully transformed into a grand, scintillating panoply, which captures the imagination with it’s robust verve, breathtakingly colourful cultural representations and often weirdly strange, otherworldly choreography, in a phantasmagoric blend of rhythmic dance, intense mimetic drama, eerie dilating lights and the intense musical combo of drumbeats, flutes, gongs, cymbals and other traditional instruments and choruses, all throbbing towards an ultimate, eclectic crescendo of thematic resolution.

But most importantly, these annually recalibrated induction ceremonies of the Theatre Arts Dept. of Rivers State University, have become a measured tapestry through which the creative talents, impulses and imaginative frontiers of both the Department and the students have been critically tested, assessed and displayed and it seems, with each new session, that the performance bar has continued to be raised, as the marvelous creativity template of the younger generation continues to thrill, excite, unfold and overwhelm purists, partakers and patrons, with the sheer realization and acceptance of it’s limitless possibilities.

This was exactly the scenario which played out, on Sunday, 31st July, 2022, when the Accord Governorship candidate, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs had an interactive session with “The WE agenda Student Community”; an event put together as a means for communication between the Governorship candidate and the Students, with the aim of getting the students to understand the “the message behind the We agenda”, and initiating a paradigm shift that will enable them fathom the critical importance attached with the next election.

The objective was to encourage and convince them to realize that the consequences of their actions or inactions is entirely theirs to bear, knowing that they must dare to matter in everyday of their lives and not just after every 4 years of an administrative tenure.

The event had a fruitful result, as the students embraced a life changing truth which was revealed to them and eventually took back home a life impacting knowledge which encompassed all in one positive values.

In the course of the event however, a troupe of the Theatre Arts Department, Rivers State University, performed a brilliant and dazzling dance drama, that was presented with great skill, talent and character.

The dance drama which summarized the state of the nation and the way out of its painful dilemma, gave the candidate Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs the reason to believe that the students have in them, a multigenerational intelligence that is in wait to do great exploits, but needed tools to fulfill that dream.

Moved by this conviction, the Accord Guber candidate, then reached out to some like-minded associates of his, and together made a promise of gifting the department the sum of N5,000,000.00 (five million Naira only), to enable the Theatre Arts Department bring the aspiration of this great team to fruition, with the right tools.

Now, because Accord and its candidates doesn’t make promises that cannot be fulfilled, but fulfil without fail, yesterday went ahead to fulfill that promise by presenting the cheque of N5,000,000.00) five million Naira only) to the theatre arts department of the school, through its Head Of Department, Dr Illoma Richard, at the occasion of the department’s level 1 students induction, held at the School’s Amphitheater.

Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs who was engaged with other assignments and couldn’t make it to the event, was however heavily represented, with Chief Ibubeye Briggs, his SA on Chieftaincy affairs and Nia’bari Fakae, Media Director, Dumo Lulu-Briggs Campaign Organization, taking up the tasks on his behalf and leading a mass of “We Agenda, putting the People First”, disciples to the occasion.

While presenting the cheque, Mr Nia’bari Fakae said, “My principal would have loved to be here to present the cheque himself, but other assignments that needed the hour has caused his unavoidable absence. Yet, today he is presenting this cheque in fulfilment of his promise that he will have no greater responsibility than to educate the next generation, which happens to be them. That they will always remain dear to his heart, and he will always be present in their time of need”, Nia’bari Fakae promised on behalf of his boss.

On the other hand, the students on their part also presented a surprise gift of an *Award of Excellence” to the Governorship candidate, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, which was gladly recieved by Chief Ibubeye Briggs.

The President of the Faculty of Humanities, Comrade Origbenba Godprince Victor, while presenting the award said, “this award is presented in appreciation of Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs’s kind gestures to the Student community. His Excellency has been a father to the students, he has never said No to all our needs, but has joyfully attended to them and in the process lifted many destinies. This is our own way of saying, thank you”, he said.

Chief Ibubeye Briggs who received the award on behalf of Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, thanked the students for acknowledging kindness, and that this has shown so much humility and wisdom in them. He added that, they have proved their worth, and just as it’s said, “an appreciation for one is an application for more”, surely he will take the message to his principal, and he believes that his principal will Do More for the student community.

The event was spiced up with dance drama and other activities which showcased brilliant talents, talents that the world cannot ignore its light but beckon on it to shine brighter.

Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, the Accord Governorship candidate in Rivers State has continued to give lives the True meaning of life in the everyday of life’s existence. He has always maintained that, he has no greater responsibility than to educate the next generation. As such, we believe that the promise as fulfilled will reflect a tool handed over to the school’s Theatre Arts Department, that they may through it realize their aspirations.

Posting on his verified and dedicated social media handles, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, the Accord Rivers State 2023 Governorship Candidate, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, reacted to the event thus:

We will recall that, on Sunday, 31st July, 2022, I had an interactive session with “The WE agenda Student Community”. That event gave us an opportunity to have a heart to heart discussion, and we both learnt a lot from each other. It was no doubt a fruitful session, one that benefitted us all, as I further understood more of their needs.

The theatre arts department of Rivers State University got my attention during their dance drama presentation at the event. I saw in them a conglomerate of talents that have coordinated themselves to become a team of skilled intelligence that is ready to shine, and then in that shining better the Nigerian Society. Before the end of the event, I had to speak to some like-minded associates of mine, and together we agreed and promised to gift the department the sum of N5,000,000.00 (five million Naira only), to enable the Theatre Arts Department bring the aspiration of this great team to fruition, with the right tools.

As God will have it, today, Thursday, 25th August, 2022, We(as I was heavily represented) fulfilled that promise by presenting the cheque of N5,000,000.00 (five million Naira only) to the theatre arts department of the school, through its Head Of Department, Dr Illoma Richard, at the occasion of the department’s level 1 students induction, held at the School’s Amphitheater. It’s our believe that this bit we have done will add value to the lives of these young ones, as it will become a vehicle through which they can realize their aspirations.

It gladdened my heart that the students found me worthy to be awarded with an award of goodwill, and I accept the award with all humility. It shows that indeed they know the importance of sacrifice; that in every successful human endeavour, sacrifice is key!


Accord! Oneness and Progress! Oneness and progress! In One Accord!

Iyene Douglas
State Publicity Secretary,
Rivers Accord.

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