– By Patrick Ochei

The State Pastor of the Living Faith Church a.k.a Winners Chapel in Oshogbo, Pastor Michael Olusola has described the immediate past NYSC Delta State Coordinator, Deaconess (Mrs) Olutayo Olufunke Samuel as a woman of productivity and service.

The description was made when the man of God who claimed to have known Samuel for over 25 years was delivering his benediction at the 60th birth anniversary of the dynamic and amiable retired NYSC official.

Olusola said the days of a man in life are measured by Duration and by Donation.

To buttress, he said man is destined to live 70 years and above, maintaining that the highest years to live on earth is 120; however, one can desire more and still have it.

Inferring to the Diamond Anniversary of the celebrant, the servant of God defined 60 as meaning support, perfection and rest; confirming that Olutayo Samuel had come to the level where she would operate from the platform of rest without struggle.

He said while we desire to live more years on earth, we should define our purpose so that our case would not be like that of Methuselah who lived 969 years on earth with nothing mentioned about him except having children.

Talking about Donation in life, Pastor Olusola affirmed that Olutayo Samuel was someone that had donated her life to the service of God and humanity.

He gave a good account of her, especially as it pertains to the Gospel of Christ, describing her as a dangerous soul winner.

The man of God gave a testimony of how Deaconess Samuel followed up a Muslim woman who gave her life to God in sickness. He stated that against all odds, she nurtured the woman in faith, sponsored her treatment and kept her in faith.

In conclusion of the testimony, the servant of God said as a pastor, he would never wish to lose such a member, which was why in spite of his very tight schedules, he still didn’t miss the occasion.

Daddy Olusola noted that knowing Mrs. Samuel was more than joy and pride to him, testifying that in spite of all the trials and tribulations she had been through, she kept to her faith in working hard responsibly and serving God and humanity in the most honest way.

According to Pa Olusola, one of the things I knew Deaconess Samuel about, is her always rejoicing, celebrating and dancing in thanksgiving before the Lord.

“For 25 years that I have known her through my wife, she has not changed but remained faithful in the service of God and humanity. God kept her for a purpose and that is what she is doing in her service to God and humanity. She is a woman of productivity and service”, said Pastor Olusola.

In praying for the amiable celebrant, Pastor Olusola declared that she would never get discouraged but continue in the service of God until the last day of her life.

He described Deaconess Samuel as a living epistle of Psalm 23, maintaining that in the natural life, man depreciates by age while in the kingdom of God, the more one ages the more productive one gets. He therefore, proclaimed that God would keep her strong and healthy as she ages in fulfillment of her divine purpose on earth and the word of God in Psalm 23.

In a nutshell, the celebrant who was glittering and full of life, told her story and appreciated God for how He kept her strong, chaste and preserved from trials, evils and unrighteousness.

She pledged never to abandon God, because He never abandoned her when she desperately needed His interventions in all the trials she faced.

The occasion which held at the Peacock Hall, Providence Hotel and Event Centre, along MKO Abiola Way, Abeokuta, was fun filled with classic activities in honour of the celebrant.

High profile dignitaries from across the country, including Hon. Fred Martins of the Delta State House of Assembly, Comrade Patrick Ochei of the Delta State Council of NUJ, a veteran broadcaster Mr. Yemi Shodimu and a lot others were present.

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