Rivers Accord Commissions Party Office In ONELGA, Receives Royal Blessing From HRH Okechukwu Darlington, Alordu Eze Ihiukwu

We have said it over and over again, that, the 2023 elections will be one that will give Nigerians and Nigeria rest on everyside. Those that have continued to see the election “as Business as usual” must have lost their sense of proper assimilation and obviously their “sense of spiritual discernment”. For us in Accord, Rivers State chapter, it’s not just a defining moment, but the hour that signifies our morning; it’s the breaking of a new day for Rivers State and her people.

We will recall that Accord has been identified by the people of Rivers State as the only party that stands as the solution to the predicaments of Rivers State, the Party that puts people first and ready to bring back her lost Glory. So, as the people continue to look up to her, the party has on its own also resolved to be diligent with the trust put in her hands by the people of Rivers State.

It’s on this premise that the party having strategized on a means of reaching out to the people, been commissioning her party secretariats in all the LGAs of the State. Noteworthy is that, the structures used for these secretariats are structures donated by well meaning individuals in each of the LGAs that have come to believe in the party’s ideologies and those that are change driven.

So, yesterday, Tuesday, September 6, 2022, the commissioning train of the Party arrived at ONELGA. As usual of the Party’s procedure, the train made its first stop at the Palace of the Royal father of the Land, HRH King Okechukwu Darlington, Alordu Eze Ihiukwu, 1st Ka Ali Ogba of Ogbaland, ONELGA.

Recall we have confidently and boldly stated without carefulness to thought, that, the Rivers State chapter of Accord has the best candidates with her and of course the only party that has candidates that have the people’s interest at heart. For this reason, all the LGAs we have gone to, we have been wholeheartedly accepted by the people. In fact, each LGA the Governorship candidate go to, he has always been told that he’s not a stranger in that land, because in the past, he has unknowingly left a mark of unforgettable fruitful touch in that land through the lives he has touched with his Philanthropic hands or a life he has come across.

It’s on this note that on arrival at the palace, the team was accepted with yet another remarkable love, trust and believe. It was an acceptance that made the entire team led by the Governorship candidate to as usual of others he has gone to feel at home.

While speaking, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, the Governorship candidate of the party said, though the team isn’t here for campaigns, but have come to commission the party’s secretariat that was donated to her by well meaning individuals of this land that believes in what she’s bringing to the table for Rivers State, yet, with the magnitude of acceptance, love, trust and believe that has been reposed in the party right here in this palace, i am confident that I, and the deputy Governorship candidate here will become the next Governor and Deputy Governor of Rivers State.

According to him, aside the unprecedented acceptance shown here that has propelled the confidence, another reason for the confidence is that they surely believe they will have the blessing of this kingdom. He went further to say that the Kingdom has been one significant kingdom that God has blessed to produce Governors of Rivers State, and there is no one person that has become the Governor of the State that wasn’t blessed by this land.

The Governorship candidate Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs thanked the Royal father for finding them worthy of such Royal welcome and acceptance. He promised that they will not be a disappointment, but will continue to be an appointment that God will use to make the great kingdom even Greater.

The party’s Governorship candidate noted that Rivers State was a great and blessed State with God fearing leaders, so much so that even the Royal father here who is also an Old Port Harcourt boy had all the quality education he had in public schools, not private schools. The great King he has become today is founded by the opportunity the Rivers society of before gave to us all. We were taught in school by whites, foreigners of the best quality knowledge standard, where the son of the rich and that of the poor shared same seat of classroom and school of learning. There was no gap between the rich and the poor, in fact, there was no reason for such difference, save that we were all law abiding residents of Rivers State.

Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs stated that, the reason they are in this race is for that greatness that gave himself and the Royal father, their King, to return back to the State for the people to also feel that sense of joy they once felt. He added that, until we become tired of living in this bondage, those putting us in this bondage will continue to have a field day. Because, the oppressor can never let the oppressed go until the oppressed decides to be free from the hands of his oppressor. It’s for this reason our mantra is, “Putting the people first”, we must dare to liberate the people of Rivers State, he said. with the kind of passion we have in our duty to Deliver, Liberate and be a Blessing to Rivers State and her people, by the time we are done with what we have in our kitty, Rivers people will be having the good trouble of asking themselves where best they will like to spend the next holiday, between Dubai and Rivers State, for Rivers State after a “We agenda, putting the PEOPLE first” watch, will best the present state of Dubai, the Accord Guber candidate boasted.

According to him, with the kind of passion we have in our duty to Deliver, Liberate and be a Blessing to Rivers State and her people, by the time we are done with what we have in our kitty, Rivers people will be having the good trouble of asking themselves where best they will like to spend the next holiday, between Dubai and Rivers State, for Rivers State after a “We agenda, putting the PEOPLE first” watch, will best the present state of Dubai, the Accord Guber candidate boasted.

He told the people of ONELGA that, giving Rivers lives a true meaning is what they are called to do; to give the people of Rivers State solace and succor. Such that the people will have absolutely nothing to do with poverty, hunger and retrogression, ever again. He said, Rivers State has so much endowed resources that if properly harnessed, it should have no business with poverty and mediocrity, save that the State should be filled with Millionaires, Billionaires and Trillionares, and that by the Grace of God, he believes that this will be the reality of every resident of Rivers State.

He however noted that, all these cannot become a reality if they fail to do their part, for we all have a duty to perform, and in this case, their duty is to come out and strongly give their support to that man or woman that will help them bring these dreams to reality. They should give their support to that vehicle in which they will realize their aspirations. According to him, even the promises made to you by God cannot come on a platter of gold, save that you must work diligently for it to come to pass, he counseled.

The Royal father in response thanked the Governorship candidate and his team for coming, and for finding his kingdom worthy to site the party’s party secretariat. According to him, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs is indeed a fellow old Port Harcourt boy, and that they have come a long way. He said, he knows the candidate very well, for they all grew up together under a Rivers society that enabled them the privilege of having such quality education that he has trust in the knowledge capacity of the Accord Governorship candidate and believes in what he can do. He said, in Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, Rivers State surely has a chance to become great again.

HRH stated that Rivers State needs a Change, and that the State cannot continue to pretend that all is well, when all isn’t well. The State must move forward and begin to make practical progress that will benefit all Sons and Daughters of the State, where our people must have access to quality education, quality health care, good jobs and a life filled with unspeakable joy, he said. As such, we need a leader that has the interest of the people at heart, and as a King of this land, I have come to believe and see in Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs that he can take us to that promised land that we have always dreamt of.

The Royal father who then gave his blessings to the Governorship candidate and his deputy, and in confidence of faith pronounced them, the incoming Governor and Deputy Governor of Rivers State, come 2023, in addition, as directed by God, handed over the mantle of leadership to the candidate and adorned him with such a traditional attire that is befitting of a Governor and a Royalty. Further wished them well and prayed for their protection, divine wisdom, direction and knowledge to continue until victory is achieved.

The commissioning train then proceeded to the reception venue where the people in their multitude and in unism with the Royal authority gave the team an uncommon and uncompromising acceptance. The Chairman of Accord, ONELGA chapter thanked the Governorship candidate and the team for coming, and assured the party’s victory. He said, “His Excellency the incoming Governor of Rivers State, here in ONELGA, we boldly say, at this point in time the cause is no more yours to renege from, neither is it yours to decide on, but it’s now our battle to fight, and we shall battle on until victory is achieved”, he assured.

The National Union of Rivers State Students (NURSS), Federal College of Education (Technical) Omoku chapter, the opportunity to appreciate the Philanthropic gestures of Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs on the students, by presenting to him, “A Humanitarian Award of Excellence”. According to the president of the body, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs has always been there for them as a father, a friend, a burden bearer and a leader, and has never said No to any of their complaint in as much as it’s genuine. He said most of them are in school today because of the Governorship candidate of Accord, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs. That they can also beat their chest to have a voice as every other son and daughter of the rich and wealthy, because today Dumo Lulu-Briggs has helped them to also attain quality education. On behalf of the students, he thanked him for always been there for them, and assured him of their support. He said, he has been their for them, it’s now their turn to be there for him when 2023 comes.

Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs thanked the people for their kind gesture, for the acceptance and for the trust now reposed in them. He said, the onus is however on them the people of ONELGA to also go do their job by telling people the truth that, they must not allow themselves to be important to politicians only after 4 years of an administration, But in everyday of their lives. That they should dare to be diligent in their watch, and find that man or woman that they believe can give them the platform to realize their aspirations. He also thanked the students for the award, and promised to always be there for them in and out of the season of the time, just as he has always done. Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs counselled them to always see ahead and dream bigger than whatever dream they must have dreamt in the past, because they cannot become what they haven’t dreamt of or become bigger than their dream. Yet, whatever the mind conceives, it can achieve with the putting of great effort and diligence.

The commissioning was then done to the Glory of God and for the success and Victory of the party, by the State leadership of the party led by its Chairman, Dr Nnanna Onyekwere.

Capturing the grand occasion on his verified social media handles, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, the Accord Rivers Guber Candidate wrote:

The truth is that the Hour has come for Rivers State to move forward, and Accord has been chosen to move the State forward. 

It’s in the light of the above that wherever we go, we have continued to experience great acceptance, believe and trust. Surprisingly, it has come to prove that we have unknowingly touched lives in all 23 LGAs of Rivers State, through the great things of well doing done in our daily activities before now, and Loved by those we once knew. This was again proved today as we took our commissioning train to ONELGA. 

On arrival at the palace of HRH Okechukwu Darlington, Alordu Eze Ihiukwu, 1st Ke Ali Ogba of Ogbaland, ONELGA, we were received with so much love, joy and honor. In fact, today’s acceptance gave me that usual feeling that I am right in my home. 

Interestingly, His Majesty the King is a fellow old Port Harcourt boy who also experienced, enjoyed and practically part of the quality education the Rivers Society gave to us that made us the great men we are today. Unfortunately, it is not the same as seen today. So, the anger of where we are today judging from where we came from was also shown in the Royal father. No doubt, the tiredness of the prolonged suffering and the passion to move forward is the need of the present time. 

In his willingness for a better tomorrow for Rivers State and her people, the Royal father without mincing words gave his Royal blessings to us and declared that Rivers State needs a true change, a change that will bring back the Glory of that yesterday that gave us the platforms to realize our aspirations. Indeed, I count myself divinely favoured for the Royal father to see us as the incoming Governor and Deputy Governor of Rivers State come 2023. This can only be God, as our trust is only in God. I was also gifted Royal apparels and mantle by His Majesty for onward success and progress in the task ahead. 

We were given a great reception and extraordinary acceptance by the ONELGA people, and the commissioning was done to the Glory of God and for the victory of Accord ONELGA and by extension Rivers State.


Iyene Douglas
Publicity Secretary,
Rivers Accord.

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