“As e dey sweet us e go dey sweet dem, as e dey sweet dem e go dey sweet us”. This is now the official song of Rivers Accord, declared Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, the 2023 Governorship candidate of Accord, Rivers State.

On Wednesday, 14th September, 2022, the Rivers State chapter of Accord made yet another historic outing, as it commissioned the party secretariat in Degema LGA.

As at today in politics and the runnings of the affairs of Nigeria, only those that are spiritually blind and without discernment will still think that it is the lofty political sagacity of mere mortals that will decide the next leadership reign; this thought is a display of crass ignorance, because, the One who rules in the affairs of men has taken over the process, and has decided to do things differently.

No wonder like never before, the Church that has in the past, distanced itself from the politics of Nigeria, now see an opportunity to salvage the people of God, knowing that the hour has come for the people to have their freedom.

Just as Moses was sent to rescue the Israelites from the captivity of the Egyptians, in this era, God is about repeating the same event.

Moses was the least expected to go on that Rescue mission, talk more of succeeding. David was the least expected to be chosen, talk more of being anointed and crowned to be King, yet all these happened because God was involved, and protocols were all broken, and the unexpected happened.

In like manner, as the 2023 elections draws closer, the unexpected is happening; a proof that God is involved. The very reason a Party like Accord has by the backing of God, broken all of the lofty political sagacity of those Pharaohs that have held us hostage for long, and become the solution that Rivers State yearns for.

It’s for this reason that wherever the party goes it she is overwhelmingly accepted, loved, trusted and believed that she is the vehicle that conveys the aspirations of Rivers PEOPLE, and ready to Deliver same to every law abiding resident.

So it was that on Wednesday, 14th September, the commissioning train arrived DEGEMA LGA for the commissioning of its party secretariat.

As usual of the team, the honourable first stop was humbly made at the palace of H.E. King Amos Peika VII, the Onu-Oyan-Ekim of Udekama (Degema) Kingdom, where the welcome was extraordinarily great and the acceptance was like that of a father and trusted/truest Children.

The Royal father, H.E. King R.Z. Amos Peika VII, said to the candidate of Accord, “You’re on a mission to go and develop Rivers State, Rivers people must surely need a feedback from you, and this should be a positive one”, he said.

He also added that, there is a need for negotiations, if one must succeed in leadership, without which there will be no positive results. According to him, as at today, the reason for Governance should be for the future of our Youths, and if we don’t develop the society to the extent they enjoy it to be the fullest, then we must have failed them.

The Royal father advised, “When you get there (the Brick House), remember there are people that have asked you to get there, allow for an open communication/feedbacks, between you and the people, he advised.

While speaking, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs the incoming Governor of Rivers State, thanked the King for having them and welcoming them is such manner of trust and believe.

We will remember that all the LGAs the train has gone to, one thing has been constant, so constant that it has become a norm, and that is, there is no LGA that Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs has visited that we haven’t been told that he’s not a stranger in that LGA, but that he is known, his name is known and has affected lives positively.

DEGEMA wasn’t different, as he is an in-law to the King; through his late Uncle, Frank Briggs. In addition, he has also touched lives in DEGEMA.

He also agreed with the King that, in leadership, there is a need to understand that a leadership that is absent of followership is merely taking a walk. Therefore, if one must lead successfully, that one must as a matter of reality be ready to constitute great and fruitful followership.

Chef Dumo Lulu-Briggs who presently clads the dual capacity of Moses and David, and even more, that is seated at the wheel of the rescue mission vehicle, unequivocally stated that, by the special Grace of God, the next Government must be a talking Government that will sacrificially reach out to every nooks and crannies of Rivers State.

He added that, the essence of governance especially in a democratic setting like ours, is to hear the people, listen keenly to them and then look at and do things that will benefit them. After all, they are the reason for governance and why a government is in place, he said.

According to Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, the level of poverty as now littered all over the State is so glaring that it has become sacrosanct for us to hunger for prosperity, not just hunger for it, but see it as nonnegotiable.

He said, in the course of these commissionings, he has seen poverty firsthand, and that the revenue of Rivers State is trapped in the underdevelopment of ANDONI LGA and in butressing his point home, he noted that ANDONI has Elephants in that LGA, which should have given any fruitful thinking leadership the idea that Andoni LGA is fit for a tourist centre.

He thanked the King for his Great wisdom that he has been applying to lead the kingdom for over 40 years and still counting, and that he will be visiting the Royal Majesty a lot more, seeing that the magnitude of wisdom he is housing, if well tapped, has the capacity to move the State forward.

The team then proceeded to the reception venue where the people embraced and gave them an extraordinary welcome, such that is garnished with so much trust and believe. At the venue, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs assured, “one thing that is certain is that the wind of change is blowing”, he said.

He declared, “the party that has the capacity to make small things big is here with us, and has come to stay undistracted, knowing that it has the backing of God”, he declarred. According to him, prosperity has come, that DEGEMA LGA is definitely set for a brand new transformation. He went through memory lane, said, “when we had only Nine (9) LGAs in the whole of Rivers State, including Bayelsa, DEGEMA was one of the Nine (9). Today, Bayelsa State has been created, and Rivers State has 23 LGAs in her, yet, DEGEMA LGA the father of several LGAs has remained almost underdeveloped. The incoming Governor at this point assured, “DEGEMA! if you’re hearing me, hear me loud and clear, that time has gone!”, he assured.

The climax of the event was the pont where the Governorship candidate of the Party, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs officially declared “As e dey sweet us e go dey sweet dem, as e dey sweet dem e go dey sweet us” the official song of Rivers Accord. According to him, in Accord, we don’t joy over the pains of others, but that we share in the pains of every Rivers man and woman, and also willing to share joy to all and with all.

Rivers Accord and Dumo Lulu-Briggs, always putting PEOPLE first.

The commissioning of the Party secretariat was then done by the State party chairman, in One Accord with the Governorship candidate, to the Glory of God and for the victory of the Party, come 2023 and beyond.

Writing on his verified social media handles, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs the Accord Rivers Guber Candidate captured the Commissioning it’s Degema LGA Party secretariat thus:

In continuation of the Commissioning of our Secretariats at the LGA levels, the commissioning train of Accord arrived DEGEMA, yesterday. 

On arrival, we went straight to the palace of H.E. King (DR) R.Z. Amos Peika VII, the Onu-Oyan-Ekim of Udekama (Degema) Kingdom, to humbly present ourselves as those at his service, to seek that needed permission for such use as our secretariat in his great Kingdom. 

I wasn’t surprised at the great welcome and acceptance, for God has always gone ahead of us, knowing that we aren’t in this race for ourselves, but for His children, His people, to serve them and bring to fruition that life He has ordained them for, even before they were conceived in the wombs of their mothers. 

The Royal father expressed his wisdom in that same line and thought of our party, which is, “the We Agenda, putting PEOPLE first”. For he said, there must be need for Unity amongst all, as well as constant negotiation between the people and the leadership for success and growth to be realised. I was very excited, filled with joy at this, because it simply proves that we are indeed led by God. 

I told the King, we are aware that, anyone who is leading without anyone following him or her is only taking a walk. It simply means, there must be proper communication and dialogue for a society to achieve success. Therefore, by the grace of God, the next Government must be a talking Government, a government that will take it upon themselves to reach out to every nooks and crannies of Rivers State. 

Having seen the high level of wisdom expressed by the Royal father, I promised him that I will see him a lot more, for in him rests such wisdom that has the capacity to take the State to Greater heights. 

We then proceeded to the reception venue where the people of Degema expressed a high level of acceptance and believe, assuring us that, in DEGEMA party isn’t a priority, but the thought of the candidate for the people is what matters to them. Again, here I feel the leading of God Himself, as even the people keep hinging on our “we agenda, putting PEOPLE first” initiative. It was for this reason and more, that I, in the midst of the unspeakable joy as expressed in music declared that, “as e dey sweet dem e go dey sweet us, as e dey sweet us e go dey sweet dem” becomes our official song. 

The commissioning was then done, to the glory of God and for the victory and success of the party.


Accord! Oneness and Progress! Oneness and Progress! In One Accord.

Iyene Douglas
State Publicity Secretary,
Rivers Accord.

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