“Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established”. Prv. 16:3.

We have said it time without number that Rivers Accord is the solution that Rivers State and her people awaits, that through her the State will be restored of her Glory and bring the long expected joy upon Rivers people.

This has been found to be true, though many will be wondering why so, in the thought that what has been working before now is the lofty political sagacity of mere mortals. Little did they know that Rivers Accord didn’t emerge in the thoughts of mere mortals, but that its leaders actually inquired of God whether to pursue, and will overtake. Meaning, the party committed its plans to God.

For this reason, all that the party has done, all decisions she has taken, are all directed by God. Rivers Accord has not done anything on its own, save that God has established its thoughts, and the resultant effect of every decision taken has been directed towards recovering all for Rivers State and her people.

So, on Monday, September 19th, 2022, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs was in the gathering of Kings and Regents in the Council of Monarchs in the Kalabari Ethnic Nationality, where he officially informed his kinsmen of his ambition to run for the office of the Governor come 2023, the Ancient Town of Okpo, Asalga.

The gathering which was hosted by HRH King Diamond Tobin-West, Amanyanabo of Okpo kingdom, had several kings and Regents in attendance, indeed it was the gathering of Royalties, greatness, seriousness, readiness and preparedness. It was above all, a gathering which practically manifested a great paradigm shift from the Kalabari kingdom.

The Governorship flag bearer of Accord Rivers State, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs was highly welcomed by the Host and assemblage of Royalties.

Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs started by thanking them for granting him audience, with emphasis that the meeting isn’t a luxury but a necessity that he takes seriously, for in it lies great destinies. According to him, the Kalabari people are so Intelligent that at some point in Rivers they were revered and envied by many. He said, even at the center, the Kalabaris are known as problem solvers, to the extent any decision that is expected to create or make a positive impact in the affairs of the Nation, must come through the thoughts of the Kalabari man or woman. This statement he did put differently, meaning it to be that, the success story of the Nation, particularly Rivers State is built on the foundation of the sagacty of the Kalabari people.

Sadly, he noted, the situation today is different, as we no more seem to have Glorious relevance, for we have allowed external distractions to crack our walls of unity, love and single mindedness, he said.

Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs however stated, “though we face these challenges of gross retrogression, yet, as God will have it, we are still unique in our ways, and that stands us out, such that is capable of catapulting the State to greater heights, and to bring to the fore the very beauty and Greatness of our country, Nigeria”

He made them to understand that, that Grace is abound doesn’t mean that we should continue allowing our walls of unity to remain cracked, but that we must resolve to seal those cracked walls by deciding to enthrone a Kalabari leadership. Not because it’s a Kalabari leadership, but that when a Kalabari man leads, there will be Fruitfulness in all nooks and crannies of Rivers State, not just in a particular LGA, But in all nooks and Crannies of Rivers State..

He took them back to memory lane, reminding them of the dangers of repeated mistakes. He said, there exists two sad examples that will perhaps propel us to have a reason to see the forthcoming elections as need to win rather than a want to win.

In 1983, still in a political season as we are right now, at the time, former Governor Melford Okilo was the Governor of the State. It was a time when the Kalabaris were no more comfortable with the Leadership of the then Governor, and then decided to take over Governance. Though 12 candidates from the Kalabari ethic group emerged, yet, they resolved and brought a single candidate. That candidate happens to be my father of blessed memory, Late High Chief O.B. Lulu-Briggs. That emergence brought unspeakable joy to the Kalabari people, with its party chairman, NPN, Mr Longjohn lifting his hand as affirmation for such singlemindness.

That joy didn’t last, as the then
Governor, Governor Okilo, in his bid to distabiilze the Kalabari house, bought cars (Beetle car) for all chairmen of the party, save for Longjohn of DEGEMA LGA. When he discovered that his wasn’t bought, he inquired and was told that it was because he lifted the hands of a Kalabari son for governor. He then responded, when I lifted up the hands, didn’t I also bring down the hand? Unfortunately, that was how we lost that chance.

Again, in 1999, at the emergence of Chief Ebenezer Isokatiari, even though other tribes tremendously gave us the support, the Kalabaris are the ones that again, sold out, and we once more, missed that Chance.

Therefore, he said, “we must dare to pray if we must, fast if we must, to make certain that this time, we do things differently to achieve different result of staying as one united family”.

He concluded by saying, “I at this point, humbly make it known to you that, I, Dumo Owukori Ogariye Olu Benson Lulu-Briggs is running for the office of the Governor, under Accord, and that I will need your blessing and endorsement to go on this mission for the Kalabari people, knowing that the Victory is for the success and Good of Rivers PEOPLE”.

HRH, A.L. Apadigieri Horsfall, Omekwe-Apadigieri, the IV, Amayanabo of Omekwe Ama was the first to respond. He said, this time we shall speak in one voice, and send our best foot to the battle field, and then become victorious. He opined that, that they are Kings and Regents doesn’t stop them from setting the pace for others to follow. That in this case, their PVCs remains the weapon by which victory can be sure, for the battle ahead isn’t about the use of canons, but the use of PVCs, he cautioned.

HRH King Apadigieri added that, yes, we shall be needing the support of other LGAs and tribes as we cannot do it on our own, yet, we must first convince others on how we have been able to and ready toç give our son the needed support, before they can be convinced to support us.

On the part of Chief Omubo Harry, the National Chairman of South South, Chiefs, Elders and opinion leaders of Nigeria, he has this to say. He said, “when our son, our very own and Chief, spoke, he spoke so naturally, Intellectually, traditionally sound and applied sagacity as a true Kalabari son. In all that he spoke, there was no time he missed words in the speaking tribal language, not even the shortest of words like “Is”. This simply means that, he is a true son of the land who knows his people, loves his people and we his people surely know him. Proving that our heavenly Father and indeed our forefathers have approved of his endorsement and victory.

He declared, “this time, the hand of Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs that we have lifted, we shall not bring down, but will be part of those that will again lift his hands after the 2023 election victory, that will usher him into the Brick House. I say this on the capacity of the South South, Chiefs, Elders and opinion leaders of Nigeria, Kalabari wing, that has already endorsed him as their choice of Governor.

The Governorship candidate of Accord, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs was then traditionally equipped for the battle ahead, and a date was was fixed for him to again appear before the entire people of Kalabari kingdom; Kings, Regents, Chiefs, Elders, Youths and women.

Proudly we reiterate that, Rivers Accord has the best candidates with her, and come 2023, the party remains the solution that Rivers State awaits.

Rivers Accord 2023 Guber Candidate, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, captured this very auspicious traditional event on his verified social media handles viz:

Yesterday was a fulfilled day for me, as I had the privilege to interact with the Kings and Regents in the Council of Monarchs in the Kalabari Ethnic Nationality, in the ancient town of Okpo, Asalga. 

I began by reminding them the truth that we the Kalabaris are one Intelligent people that many revered and envied. The great legendary we are known for is such that we are part of the excellence of Nigeria, that whatever excellence and glory Nigeria has ever experienced or known for, the Kalabari people will always be mentioned to be part of it. No doubt, we are the best that has ever happened to Rivers State. None can take that away from us. 

I told them that, looking at today from where we came from, indeed it has seemed otherwise of what we were, because we have allowed external distractions to crack our walls of unity, love and single mindedness.

But to God be the Glory, irrespective of the challenges we have faced thus far, that Glory of yesteryears still stands us out as those that are capable of catapulting the State to greater heights, and to bring to the fore the very beauty and Greatness of our country, Nigeria. 

In making this possible, I told them that, looking back at history, an enthronement of a Kalabari leadership will manifest such sincerity of purpose that will make Rivers State great again. 

It was on that note that I officially made it known to them that I, Dumo Owukori Ogariye Olu Benson Lulu-Briggs is running for the office of the Governor, under Accord, and that I will need their blessing and endorsedment to go on this mission for the Kalabari people, knowing that the Victory is for the success and Good of Rivers PEOPLE. I told them that, I have the head and the heart, and that because I have been with the people long enough to feel their pains, walked miles in same shoes with them, and come to  know what it entails to lead the State to a  progressive success, I cannot disappoint the people of Rivers State. 

All I need, I told them, is their support, blessing and endorsedment to lead from the Kalabari house, in the race. That in such Unity and single-mindedness, nothing will stop the victory and success of Rivers State. 

I thanked them for the privilege given me, and that I await for a date to also appear before the entire Kings, Chiefs and Elders of Kalabari kingdom, to make same appeal, even as they take my message to them.


Accord! Oneness and Progress!

Oneness and Progress! In One Accord!

Iyene Douglas
State Publicity Secretary,
Rivers Accord.

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