Truly! It’s the breaking of a New Day for Rivers State and her people, says Rivers Accord.

As the 2023 elections keep getting nigh, the Rivers State chapter of Accord continue to have a strong believe that, indeed it’s a brand new day for Rivers State and her people. This understanding has become obvious in the solution eyes of Rivers Accord as the party on daily basis keep getting more acceptance from the people of Rivers State.

We will recall that the commissioning train of Rivers Accord has been journeying through the different Local Government Areas of Rivers State, and in each LGA, the party has been getting great acceptance, a proof that Rivers people are tired of the excruciating pains that have kept her in its present the State of crass retrogression.

So, yesterday, the solution train that has now become the Deliverance train in the eyes and desire of Rivers PEOPLE, arrived Okrika LGA to as usual commission her party secretariat for the onward preparation and victory of the party at the LGA level.

On arrival, the team made its first stop at the Palace of HRH King E.T. Ibiagolika Obudibo JP, Ikwo V, Amayanabo of Ogoloma Kingdom, to announce her presence and to take the needed permission for commissioning.

Of course, it’s an accepted truth that wherever the Governorship candidate, Chef Dumo Lulu-Briggs goes, he has always been considered to be a King David in that land, a son in that land, and a messiah in that land, because one way or the other, there has been consistent Testimonies that he has touched a life in that land. What is unusual about these unending confessions is that, he never knew most of these lives he has touched; always putting PEOPLE first. As such, the visit to the palace was that of a visit to his home. The acceptance by the Royal family at the palace was quite overwhelming, no doubt yesterday’s visit was one that can never be forgotten, it was a revelation that Okrika Local Government Area is already in One Accord with Rivers Accord.

While speaking, the Governorship candidate of the party, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs immensely thanked the Noble Chiefs of Ogoloma Kingdom, the Chairman, Ancient Ogoloma Divisional Council of Chiefs, ably representing His Royal Majesty the great King of Ancient Ogoloma Kingdom, Chief Ateli Martins Kunugbe, for finding him worthy of their Royal presence.

He then presented the Deputy Governorship candidate, Princess Mrs Tambari Hilda to the Royal council. Informing them that she’s also a Royalty from the great home of the Sage, Ken Saro Wiwa.

He said to them, the Deputy State Chairman of Accord in Rivers State who is a son of the soil, Pastor Amabere Jamabo has proved here to us that indeed he is a Noble son of Ogoloma Kingdom, and a pride to his people. He said, I thank you for allowing him to take up the job of the State Deputy Chairman of Accord, for his sacrificial duties to the party is quite remarkable, thank you”, he said.

Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs said, when you addressed me as the incoming Governor of Rivers State come 2023, I believed you. The reason is that, there was once when I was going to play politics in 2003, then Sir Peter Odili was the Governor of the State. The Professional body I belong to, “the Rivers/Bayelsa Professional body forum” called me out to contest. In our consultations, we met my father of blessed memory, High Chief O.B. Lulu-Briggs. After he listened to us, he asked a simple question, “how many of you here supporting my son are from Okrika?” After the count, they were 6 of them. At that point, my father said, “since I have 6 Okrika sons supporting my son, I will allow him to run, because in my experience with union politics, I observed that whenever we agreed on something with Okrika people, they are one people that will stand with you from the beginning to the end”.

Those Okrika people as then counted, stood with me to the very end, as my father Rightly said. So, that’s the reputation you Okrika people have built for yourselves, Nobody takes the Okrika people for granted. Your YES is your YES, and your NO is your NO! You cannot be compromised, Dumo Lulu-Briggs, said. Therefore, I am convinced that you meant every word from the deeper most part of your heart, and I thank you immensely for having such trust in me.

He continued, Okrika and Kalabari aren’t different in their political walk, no difference in culture and tradition, we are all same and a one big family that will always be together in One Accord.

He added that, though the commissioning team isn’t here for campaign, but to commission her party Secretariat in Okrika. Yet, it’s the believe of “the WE agenda, putting PEOPLE first initiative that, at the end of the Day, it shall not be judged by the number of persons it would put in schools, But by the number of quality education Rivers people will get. Furthermore, it shall also be judged by the number of persons that It made to own homes and Businesses.

Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs concluded by saying that the 2023 election must be seen as a defining moment for us all, a moment we must sacrificially and collectively see as our only chance to build that Great Rivers State that we have long desired for. In making this a reality, WE should not rest until WE create Multi Cities in our Rivers State, and WE should not rest until WE pull people out from Poverty to Prosperity. This reality can only be possible when WE support ourselves, seeing that you have before you a man and a woman that have the head and the heart to make your aspirations, these aspirations a reality”, he admonished.

In his response, HRH King E.T. Ibiagolika Obudibo JP, Ikwo V, Amayanabo of Ogoloma Kingdom, through his representative Chief Ateli Martins Kunugbe, Chairman, Ancient Ogoloma Divisional Council of Chiefs, said, the King is very happy to hear that he Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs is in this race, that though he willed to be here to personally recieve the Governorship candidate of Accord, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, but his health couldn’t allow him.

But he said to me, “even at that, let not that prevent me from giving him the needed hospitality, welcome and acceptance that this my son that is coming to see me rightly deserves. Therefore, chairman, pleaae ensure that my son is well received, and your council of Chiefs are dressed in their best of Chieftaincy traditional attire (Alapudoni) to welcome him, for he is very important to the Ogoloma people, and isn’t a stranger in the land of Ogoloma”. This is why you see us dressed in this apparel, pointing to their beautiful outlook, the rep said.

He said, the Nyemoni people of Abonnnema and the Ogoloma people are the same people with no difference. That in those days when we are fishing, in the ancient period, Nyemoni people are part and parcel of Ogoloma people and Ogoloma people are part and parcel of Nyemoni people. That if an Nyemoni man becomes Governor, it’s an Ogoloma man that is on that seat.

He continued, Amayanabo said I should thank you, that in the history of politics, this is the first time our son is being recognized as the State Deputy Chairman of a Political Party, he said, I should thank you. He added, the Amayanabo said, something that will be good, from the beginning of it thereof, it will be known. That for recognizing our son, it means something good is coming to Ogoloma.

It followed, Amayanabo said he is praying for you, that if somebody at his age is praying for you, it then means you have already succeeded. He sent his blessings to you in all your endeavors, that you will succeed no doubt. He also said he knows your father, that your father is a very nice man in whose shoes you have gloriously stepped in.

Amayanabo said you have a soft spot for the Ogoloma people, that most of your friends are from Okrika, some of which you have helped to become millionaires. That he knows that, with you coming in as the Governor of Rivers State, he is convinced that Ogoloma will never remain the same again, he concluded.

The team then proceeded to the reception venue where the great people of Ogoloma were already seated waiting to give the team a confirmation of the trustworthy acceptance that was given them at the Palace. The acceptance which was also overwhelming greeted the commissioning team with colorful traditional displays, such that moved the revered incoming Governor of Rivers State, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs to a joyful dance.

At the reception venue, while Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs was addressing the people, he presented the Deputy Governorship candidate, Princess Mrs Tambari Hilda Dedam to the people, admonishing the women to always stand by her at all times. That she’s a very opened and accessible woman whose humility and fear of God is next to none. According to him, Princess Mrs Tambari Hilda Dedam the Deputy Governorship candidate is so devoted to the things of God that her emergence on this ticket has further attracted God’s attention to this mission.

He revealed to them why the victory of Accord in Rivers State is a surety, He said, the Hand of God is upon this election, and that God has so made it that Accord is the only party whose presence is in the Bible, “In One Accord”. It simply tells us that God is directing the Party, her works and has continued to establish her thoughts. He reminded them of God’s promise that, “when the Righteous rule the people will rejoice”. That, that time of a Righteous leadership has come, and this is the hour they must not let its chance pass us by, for their joy has come.

The Wakirike Students Union also used the opportunity to present a beautiful portrait of the Governorship candidate to him, for his magnanimity towards the students body. According to them, for his show of love, many students are today proud graduates, employers of labour and sound minds with the heart and the head to lead from their little corners.

The commissioning of the party secretariat was then done by the leadership of the State, in the hands of the State party chairman, Dr Nnanna Onyekwere, supported by the Governorship candidate, Chef Dumo Lulu-Briggs and his Deputy, Princess Hilda Dedam.

As usual, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, the Rivers Accord Governorship candidate, captured the historic commissioning of the party secretariat in Okrika LGA on his verified social media handles thus:

It’s in sincerity of purpose that is founded only in the Rivers Accord, that the Rivers Accord has become accepted and trusted wherever she goes, making yesterday another great accomplishment in Okrika LGA. 

On arrival at the palace of HRH, King E.T. Ibiagolika Obudigo, JP, Ikwo V, Amayanabo of Ogoloma Kingdom, the Royal family accepted the commissioning team with the usual acceptance, trust and believe.

Humbled by the magnitude of  acceptance given us, I thanked the Noble Chiefs of Ogoloma Kingdom, the very revered Chairman of the Ancient Ogoloma Divisional Council of Chiefs, Chief Ateli Martins Kunugbe, ably representing His Majesty the King of Ogoloma Kingdom, for finding me worthy of such acceptance, trust, believe and their Royal presence. 

Because, in their welcome speech, the Royal family addressed me as “the incoming Governor of Rivers State”, I shared with them an experience that convinced me that the Okrika man is one man that never goes back on his word, “his YES is YES, and his NO is NO”. So, I believed in the acceptance they gave to us today, and God willing, as my Father of blessed memory once told me, in the story I shared with them, which is, “the Okrika people are one trusted people that can stand with you from the beginning to the End”. Today, I also believe that, as they have begun with me, they will also stand so till the end, come 2023 and beyond. 

I also didn’t forget to remind them that, there is no political difference between Okrika and Kalabari, no difference in language, culture and tradition, we’re same, we are indeed a family. Therefore, the onus is on us to know that we should have no rest until we create multiple cities in our State, We should know no rest until we pull people out from poverty to Prosperity and not rest until we make men and women of Rivers State extraordinarily great. 

We then proceeded to the venue of the reception where we were again welcomed by a great number of Okrika people, we were well accepted and entertained with their rich cultural heritage. Thereafter, the commissioning of the party Secretariat was done to the Glory of God and for the victory and Fruitfulness of the party, come 2023 and beyond.

Accord! Oneness and Progress! Oneness and Progress! In One Accord!

Iyene Douglas
State Publicity Secretary,
Rivers Accord.

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