The Anioma Council of Omus has advised politicians of Anioma extraction who are going into the 2023 general elections starting with the Presidential campaign, to play by the rule and avoid engaging themselves in electoral violence, adding that our nature abhors such political tendencies irrespective of the need for power.

In a statement signed by the Chairman of the Council, Her Royal Majesty Obi Martha Dunkwu (Omu Anioma), the group affirmed that in as much as it would continue to pray for the sons and daughters of Anioma Nation that are embarking on election come 2023, it would be expedient to also advise them against the temptation of wanting to use violence to achieve their desire.

The statement further read, “We wish our sons and daughters victory in this coming general election. All our children will emerge victorious because that is what we have been praying for. In every position they are vying for, it shall be success for them both for those who will win and those who may not win.

“What we don’t want to be recorded against us in this election is bloodshed. One doesn’t have to kill his or her brother or sister because of ephemeral power. It’s just a contest and peradventure one does not win, there is always another time in politics and elections.

“We are taking this pain as mothers to counsel our children to be careful and vigilant as they begin with the Presidential campaign on 28th September, 2022. No mother will want to watch her children fight and kill themselves. We have been praying for them, but we also need to caution them to be guided.

“It is our prayer that God and our Ancestors give our children incremental peace and joy ahead of the forthcoming elections. A peaceful and joyful person will take a contest the way it comes, victory or failure. That is the attitude we want our children in politics to put on in this election – take your victory with humility and accept your loss gallantly by congratulating one another. That is the spirit of sportsmanship.

“In the past seven years, our eyes have seen good days with enormous developments. Our eyes will see better days. Every election offers opportunity for improvement and more progress. While we appreciate the achievements of these past years, we are praying for the incoming administration to do more for us and our children who will be taking the batons from us”, the statement read.

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