The Gospel as ministered and now made popular that Rivers Accord is the solution to the predicaments of Rivers State, hence on a mission to rescue her, is a Reality and not a mere fact.

The above has become evident in the manner in which Rivers people keep accepting the party that was once taken for granted, with the thought that the 2023 elections will be business as usual. Little did those that thought so vaguely of the present time know that there is a limit to which pains, hunger, poverty, stagnation and retrogression can be endured. For Rivers people have resolved this time that, it’s time to leave the wilderness, and by so deciding, party doesn’t count, popularity of party doesn’t count and godfatherrism a taboo in this present time of an opportunity to make a difference.

So, when the Rivers Accord strategized on using the commissioning train to achieve her goal in every LGA, it meant that Rivers State is made up of 23 LGAs, and since these 23 LGAs have people resident in them, it has to get to their doorsteps, after all, politics is local.

The commissioning train in this regard arrived Ahoada-East yesterday, and as usual, the acceptance was a reaffirmation that this time Rivers people have decided to take their destiny more seriously as compared to before.

The commissioning team led by the State leadership of the party and the Governorship candidate, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs were given such a great reception that actually kept Ahoada-East at a standstill. The people defied the heavy downpour, in reassuring the team that Ahoada-East has long been Accorded with Accord, and ready to put themselves first this time. For in Accord, they see the solution and the better life they seek.

The Governorship candidate of the party while speaking said, the team isn’t here for campaigns, but to commission the beautiful structure they have given the party for her secretariat, yet, they still showed such commitment to necessary change, “I wonder what will happen when we come for campaigns”, he said.

He counselled them on the need to hold firm to their believe for a successful and progressive Rivers State, knowing that this time their votes will count, and that they should sacrificially bring in a leadership in whose vehicle they will realize their aspirations.

The aspiration for quality Education, Good healthcare system that will be well accessible, an aspiration that will bring in a leadership that has the capacity to enlarge the economy of the State to accommodate all, he added.

Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs encouraged them to be provoked by the reality that, in a State as rich as theirs, no resident of the State ought to lack basic amenities, but that residents of the State ought to be those in whose hands neighboring States and beyond come to lend from.

He told them that, Christianity is not a feeling but a lifestyle. As such, they should know that God has given them all that they need to enjoy a Fruitful life, but that they have a role to play, which is to sacrifice the pleasure of the now for the Glory of tomorrow. Noting that, they should not be deceived by those that will come to show the love that they never showed them in the last 4 years, save now that it’s another election season; costumed love. If they miss it again in 2023, they should not blame God, for God has handed them a blank cheque to choose between good and evil, right and wrong, failure and success. It’s now left for them to decide.

The team then proceeded with the Commissionimg of the secretariat, to the Glory of God and for the victory of the party.

Recall that ban on campaigns for National Assembly was lifted yesterday, September 28, so the train made it to
Ahoada-West for the campaign flag-off of Chief Mrs Kaliwali Ali, the candidate representing the triumphant people of Ahoada West/ Ogba Egbema Ndoni Federal Constituency. Though the first day of campaign, yet was evidenced that the people are indeed ready to give their lives a meaning under the leadership of Chief Mrs Kaliwali Ali. The Governorship candidate again challenged them to reflect this show of readiness in their votes, come 2023.

The Accord Rivers State 2023 Guber Candidate, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, captured the Commissioning of the party secretariat in Ahoada East, on his verified social media handle thus:

Today, Thursday, we took our commissioning train to Ahoada-East LGA, and it was indeed a standstill. 

As it has become usual of the overwhelming acceptance for Rivers Accord wherever she goes, today’s was unique. You can feel it from afar that the people are so tired of their present state of being, so much so that the need for change is indeed conspicuously deep. 

At the reception venue we saw the beauty of total expression of love from the people of Ahoada-East, not minding the heavy downpour, they stood still to welcome us. 

I told them, all they need to do is to hold firm to their believe that this time their votes will count, and that they should sacrificially bring in a leadership that will show them the path to realizing their aspirations. 

Such that will give them not just education, but that quality education that will aid them to compete with this globalized village of our time. An aspiration that will give their aged mothers quality health care. Aspiration that will bring in a leadership that has the capacity to enlarge the economy of the State to accommodate all. 

I reminded them that Rivers State, our dear State is a State endowed with enormous resources, and it’s an abnormal for its residents to suffer in the midst of such plenty. That it’s not enough to pray to God to turn things around, but that its in their own hands to sacrifice the pleasure of the now for the Glory of tomorrow. I reminded them that, if they go ahead to make the mistake of taking half bread for the stomach sake, they would have succeeded in allowing themselves to remain stagnated. 

So, it’s time to stand up and realize that they must be important in everyday of their lives, and not after every 4 years of an administration. 

I thanked them for donating such a  befitting structure to the party for her secretariat, and that today isn’t for campaign, but to commission this beautiful gift they have gifted us. That when campaigns begin, we shall come back to tell them what we have for them. 

We then proceeded with the commissioning of the secretariat, to the Glory of God and for the victory of the party.

You know also that campaigns for the National Assembly has begun, so we proceeded to

Ahoada-West for the campaign flag-off of Chief Mrs Kaliwana Ali, our candidate representing the good people of Ahoada West/Ogba Egbema Ndoni Federal Constituency. It was the first day of what will end in praises, because I touched the victory with my barehands. You see, when a people are tired, you cannot hide their feelings and pains, but that it will be seen in their attitude. Indeed the people responded positively to the campaign. But I again admonished them to continue In that same spirit to make sure they reflect the enthusiasm in their votes on that day, because it’s for their own good and for the good of their future.

Accord! Oneness and Progress!! Oneness and Progress! In one Accord!!

Iyene Douglas
State Publicity Secretary,
Rivers Accord.

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