OUR PEOPLE SHALL BE PROSPEROUS AND HAPPY AGAIN (Dumo Lulu-Briggs 2022 Independence Anniversary Message)

Throughout history, one realizes that great feats don’t come easy. Our heroes past had every reason to give up, but did not. Today, we must rekindle our desire for a better state where every citizen is truly free! Happy 62nd Independence NigeriaDumo Lulu-Briggs


62 years ago today, our beloved country Nigeria joined the comity of nations of the world as an independent country.

By that historic stride, we became free to determine our future and that of generations yet unborn. We began to take decisions on our political, economic, security, cultural and other aspects of our national life. We became responsible for how the different parts of our country are governed and developed.  62 years on, we have recorded varying degrees of successes and despite our challenges, we have remained one country under God.

For us in Rivers State, this independence day anniversary is auspicious because in few months, our people shall be called upon to make crucial decisions on the course of events for the next four years.  Rivers people shall be called upon to elect persons to pilot the affairs of the state;  a golden opportunity for a paradigm shift and a change in the narrative.

Although Rivers State has the second largest GDP in the country, this has not positively impacted the lives of our people. There is therefore a lot of work to be done in expanding the frontiers of our economy and bringing the much needed succour to our people.

Enmeshed in massive unemployment, insecurity, militancy and environmental degradation, there is hope in the horizon. A new dawn beckons. Rivers State is on the threshold of a fresh start. Our country, Nigeria shall emerge a  stronger and united nation. Our people shall be prosperous and happy again.

Happy 62nd Independence anniversary.
God bless Rivers Sate
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Yours ceaselessly
Dumo Lulu-Briggs.

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