Ahead of the commencement of the Governorship Campaigns for the 2023 general election, Chief Dumo Lulu-Brighs, the Accord Rivers Gubernatorial candidate, was joined by other flagbearers of the party contesting in the different elective positions, in a special Thanksgiving Service, to seek “Gods Goodness” not only for the successful conduct of the party Primaries, but also for divine guidance and direction during the Campaigns.

Nia’Bari Fakae, SA Media to Chief Dumo Lulu-Brighs, disclosed in a statement that the thanksgiving/dedication service for the campaign took place at Salvation Ministries Head Quarters, Port Harcourt and the sermon, titled: “You have Favour”, which was delivered by Pastor David Ibieomie, the founder and presiding pastor of the ministry, was not only a message of hope but a prophetic revelation of what was ahead.

Shedding more light on the message embedded in the sermon, Mr. Fakae in the statement, disclosed that: “The Thanksgiving Service of Chief Barr Dumo Lulu-Briggs Standard Bearer – Accord, was for “Gods Goodness”, but something profound happened in that service, God Spoke.

“The message in reply was: ‘You have Favor’. That moment and that sermon cannot be staged, it was clear as day, the message was for us. We Have FAVOR.”

The statement continued thus: “Get ready to experience the most interesting campaign and electioneering season in the history of Rivers State, you will see what Favor will do for Accord.

“Interestingly, Accord is a Mashup of sons and daughters of Favor, we are not your regular politicians, but we are heirs of Rivers State with a collective solution”, the statement concluded.

This message was further reinforced by Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, the Accord Rivers Guber candidate, while addressing the mammoth gathering of party loyalists and faithful, who had converged at the party secretariat, for a joyous and colourful post-Thanksgiving service reception.

All the party leaders in the state were present, as well as candidates contesting for various positions, chiefs from Abonnema, Ward chairmen of the party, the party women group, the We agenda Students body, and hundreds of committed and loyal party members from the various Local Government Areas in the state, who came to identify with the party, as the journey for the 2023 Elections was formally dedicated to God, in the special Thanksgiving service.

Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, the Accord Rivers Guber candidate, who was personally lifted and deeply touched by the message of the sermon, captured the divine essence of the ministrations on his verified social media handles thus:

Accord is Favoured.

God spoke a profound word tailored for me yesterday. I truly confirm God’s love and interest in our quest, because there was no way I could have orchestrated that moment and sermon. 

We have come this far solely by the hand of God, and so we thought it wise to thank him for his goodness and dedicate our aspirations to him. 

My soul found peace in the message on Favour excellently delivered by my pastor David Ibiyeomie, who reminded us that God did not create us to endure, but to enjoy. 

Faith in him assures his ceaseless favour and we are living testimonies.

Accord is favoured, no doubt. 

We won’t struggle, it will just Happen.

I have told all Accord candidates to brace for a season of favour, and they match their faith with me on this, for We are seamlessly walking into our victory and favour has made it so for Accord.

This election is a selection process being done by God, and the Holy Spirit will put it in every heart before the elections to vote Accord, for nothing is impossible with God.


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