Before the lifting of ban on campaigns for the 2023 Governorship election, the Rivers State chapter of Accord has been receiving great acceptance by Rivers people, even as the party continue receiving into its fold greater number of residents of Rivers State, Rivers residents seeing that the party is by all means rescue ready, and the only party that means well for Rivers people.

It will interest Rivers people to know that since after the lifting of ban, the party has conspicuously progressed to another dimension of trust by the people of Rivers State.

Recall that, the narrative this time has been, “Not party, But individuals”. So, after the ban, the party has on daily basis been receiving into her fold major stakeholders from other political parties, non-indigenous bodies that are resident in the State and more. All of which have cone to believe that only Rivers Accord has the capacity with the best ingredients of candidates to deliver every needed dividends of democracy to the people.

As the Ship keeps sailing on for onward rescue of Rivers State and her people, with its captain the Governorship candidate of the party, Dumo Lulu-Briggs and his co-captain, the Deputy Governorship candidate, Tambari Hilda Dedam, A group under the aegis of Rivers Divine Project (RDP), on Tuesday, 25th October, 2022 drummed support for Dumo Lulu-Briggs, Accord Governorship candidate ahead of 2023 general elections.

The group made up of past Governorship, National and State Assembly candidates of divers political parties in Rivers State, was at the Accord Secretariat in Rivers State to wholeheartedly take this necessary decision that has become imperative to the future of our Dear State.

According to the group, their resolve which was made after intense scrutiny, knowing that a mistake done this time will be a mistake that may destroy great destinies and continue to keep the State and her people in wander, in the present state of her wilderness of sufferings, stagnation, hunger, poverty and lawlessness of the highest order.

Their press statement as read by Peter Aloysius, the Publicity Secretary of the group, Reads:

  1. Ladies and gentlemen of the press, it is with a deep sense of concern and petroitism, to always be catalyst for the general good of our dear Rivers State and our peoples that we address you today.
  2. Our interest and concern to choose this time to address you is borne by the general concern of fellow Rivers men and women over who Governs our State in 2023.
  3. It is no longer arguable that Rivers men and women of all demographic status have expressed fears and worries over the kind of political demagogue rhetorics, this acts on campaign platform.
  4. Electronic transmission of units results not withstanding, apprehension is still hightenened amongst our people that all may still not be well to enable them actualize their wishes to freely choose who can govern them better.
  5. It is therefore promise on these wishes and fear of all Rivers people who want the general good for our State through good Governance that we anchor.
  6. It is obvious that the 2023 general elections cannot be won through wishes, concerns and fears, rather it is through active participation in the process. This means that wishes and concerns must be backed up with interrogation of profiles of all the candidates of who have offered themselves as possible hands to be hired so we can make a good and informed choice, using our PVCs to vote in the candidate who meets our assessment criteria.
  7. It’s in this light we tell dear Rivers people that on our own part (the Rivers Divine Project) we ha e carried out opinion polls, using Grassroot establishment of our existing social media system to arrive at a popular opinion on who becomes the next Governor of Rivers State, our Dear State in 2023.
  8. We want to say that the polls result is obtained from an already existing Grassroot establishment that cut cross political parties, social and religious groups.
  9. Having been State party chairmen and former Governorship candidates, it’s no doubt therefore that we have structures, we have all the strata of political operations from top to bottom. So, we know how to go for election, we know how to talk to the people, we as well know how to get the votes.
  10. Going forward on this, it’s important we inform you in strong terms that, 2023 election votes will never, and we repeat, will Never be based on political party lines or will it ever be based nor will it ever be influenced by godfathers and dangerous political demagogue.
  11. Rivers men and women are going to vote for candidates solely based on the candidates ideas articulated in it’s manifestos, its agenda by the close interaction with the people, with Rivers people across all demographics and indeed his political will and independence to exercise it, in order to Carry out, all social contractual agreement with the people he owes their votes in trust.This is indeed the spelling of his capacity and capability to govern our State.
  12. Today, we are glad to tell our dear people of Rivers State, that we have found just one man who passed our grassroots scrutiny done by the existing establishment of people across the state, and this man is “High Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs”.
  13. I want to tell you, for emphasis. We have done all studies and we have been able arrive at what we are talking about, who meets the criteria, and when we say Dumo Lulu-Briggs, we are not saying it for people to listen, for the flare, for the press, ,We are saying it because we know how the operations of the system goes, we know who is on ground and we know the fears of the people having been elections and participations in elections and party politics.
  14. Dumo Lulu-Briggs is the only Governorship Candidate for the Brick House 2023 who has no godfathers and is not influenced by any dangerous political demagogue
  15. He is a man without any trace to any circle of political establishment order’ welding influence on him. This means Dumo is independent of mind, opinion and character which spills over to his ideas, initiatives and concepts. He is a man who believes that things are done better through contributory idea initiative, hence he created the “WE AGENDA” platform through which every good idea is harnessed and fed into policies development.
  16. Dumo will deliver on good Governance to Rivers State. We have accessed him along other Governorship candidates of other political parties, and we found! he raised far higher than the other candidates.
  17. Dumo believes that at all times a leader must have Grassroot interactions with his people, to know and provide their needs in order necessity. He is not a leader who unilaterally decides needs and veriations for his people without their iota input in least of scale.
  18. As Governor, Dumo would be one who allows the people to take a Robust decisions, and he carries out its contents as a messenger hired by the people through their Votes.
  19. We therefore, call on all Rivers men and women to get armed with your PVCs and let’s divest ourselves of the burden and sad experiences of electing a Governor that is not our collective wishes, and who is the opposite of what Dumo is In Character and Quality.
  20. The time is now! Let’s campaign and vote High Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, as Governor Rivers State, 2023.
  21. We can do it, so let’s do it now!
  22. Thank you and God Bless.

No doubt, Rivers Accord has for the betterment of Rivers State, for the need to write a new chapter of a Rivers State that will be multigenerationally progressive, become an unstoppable moving train that no unfruitfulness can stop.

Iyene Douglas
State Publicity, Secretary,
Rivers Accord.

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