The Rivers State Governorship candidate of Accord for the 2023 general elections, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, has vowed to continue his mission of mercy to visit camps where Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs dislocated by the recent ravaging floods are now quartered, until the flood victims in Rivers State have their rest and their joy is restored.

Thus it was, that on Sunday, 31st October, 2022, Chief Lulu-Briggs and his “We Agenda, Putting the People first” team, set out on a third humanitarian missionary journey, to also visit the camp of flood victims from the Abua/Odual Local Government Area and reach out to them, just as he had done with the others.

When the team arrived at the IDP camp, it was clear that rescue had come and anticipated hopes and expectations were immediately restored, and after interacting with those in charge of the camp and the internally displaced persons, the sick were attended to and the distribution of relief materials commenced in earnest.

The handing over of relief materials, which included foodstuffs, beddings and other items that would ensure a more comfortable sojourn for the flood victims in their temporary abode, was supervised by the Rivers Accord Governorship candidate and initiator of the “We Agenda, Putting People first” advocacy, Chief Lulu-Briggs, who made sure that the items were judiciously and satisfactorily distributed.

Capturing the visit to the Abua/Odual IDP Camp on his verified Social Media handles, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs wrote:

Yesterday, I paid a visit to the Abua/Odual IDP camp in company of my team to reach out to my brothers and sisters who have been affected by the flood disaster ravaging several parts of our nation.

It was an emotional moment seeing people who were surviving on the barest minimum before now, being pushed even more below the edges of survival by the miscalculations of nature. Listening to their stories and seeing that the little we could assist them brought back smiles on their faces for the meantime made me feel happy, too.

While it is not in our place to fully control acts of nature like the flood disaster, it’s in our place to ensure that those affected don’t have to bear these heavy blows all by themselves.

I implore everyone out there to see this as opportunity to reach out to those we can, even in the smallest of measures because in the end what counts for us is the number of people we’re able to restore hopes in their lives during the darkest moments.


The truth is that, when God declared that He is love, and He created man in His own Image and that of His likeness, it simply means, “Man ought to characterize God, especially in the aspect of Love”.

That God Himself proved this love for man, and did so by sacrificing His only begotten Son for the redemption of man, is a clear proof that you cannot pretend to love unless you practice same by sacrificing something tangible, sacrificially giving something that means a lot.

It’s for this reason we in Rivers Accord believes that, indeed Rivers Accord is God sent to Deliver, Liberate and become a Blessing to residents of Rivers State.

We boldly say this because, first of all, the party stands for Oneness and Progress. Meaning, the party is fundamentally mankind oriented, for without love, it’s impossible to bring men together, and then make such impact in their lives to the extent of birthing progress in them.

Again, the Governorship candidate in his vision for Rivers people initiated “the We agenda, putting people first”. Meaning, Rivers people must first be periodized, and as we all know, without true love, the idea to prioritize man wouldn’t have been made possible.

This is why we have said that, Rivers Accord is on a rescue mission, and can only be true that it’s because it loves and has taken it upon itself to practically put Rivers people first in all it does, even in this flood related matter.

The party doesn’t pretend to love, here in Rivers State, Rivers Accord through its Governorship candidate has become the only candidate that has not only vowed that “he will not rest until all the flood victims have had their rest, but the only one that has continued to attend to the needs of the victims, one LGA after another. No doubt, you cannot fake love.

In Rivers Accord, we don’t pretend to love, we love unconditionally. Meaning, irrespective of party affiliation, tribe or status, we have the seed of God’s love in us, and therefore, we have loved unendingly and will continue so until all loves are touched. If Rivers State must be great, then we will need the lives of Rivers people to be alive and living in good health. It’s our collective responsibility of sacrificial love in this challenging times that will make that possible.

Let’s do it with Rivers Accord in One Accord.

Iyene Douglas
State Publicity Secretary,
Rivers Accord.

Iyene Douglas

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