As the campaigns now run along, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori has rapidly remained the much-talked-about bride in the political landscape of Delta State.

His political image & Guber ambition, still ensconced & driven by the catchphrases of the “Sherrified Movement’ & M.O.R.E Mantra, have become quite infectious & electrifying among Deltans, to the extent that most of them now follow his political activities with relish or delight. But then, his opponents won’t stop hauling or shelling their salvos from their already depleted stock. The simple aim: just make a shipwreck of his Divinely ordained Guber ambition & that would be enough.

Their initial intention was to ensure that the Speaker’s goodwill was smeared irreparably by the allegation of him being an ‘agbero’, a designation which for want of any other plausible explanation, only sought to equate such a man (who has for 7 years, headed & presided over the Legislative Arm of the State populated by equally Honourable representatives of Deltans) to the deplorable status of a motor park tout or resented village urchin.

However, the strange narrative of a ‘thuggish’ Speaker was naturally weaned off the minds of Deltans who clearly knew & stood for the truth. As they say, Truth never walks on crutches. If it must walk at all, it has to stand upright.

Right now, a new narrative has been spun in the coven-like mills of the traducers of the platinum Speaker. They say he’s only going to be Governor Okowa’s surrogate in Government. How petty.

Between the Speaker, who has so far, been transversing the length & breadth of his Senatorial District & the State, having meetings & consultations with stakeholders/electorate, and his opponents, who keep going irritatingly berserk with their dependence on some phantom ‘Federal Might or Connection’, who is more prepared for the job ahead?

Obviously, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Francis Oborevwori has shown capacity by not waiting for Governor Okowa before hitting the ground running. He’s been proving his mettle as the acclaimed veteran that he is.

Let his opponents keep inviting their feeble Federal flag bearers and garrulous past Chairmen who engage in mere political showmanship and unfounded tirades, but the truth remains that Deltans already know and would separate the real leaders from the bunch of jesters come 2023.

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