Without any ado, let’s start from the APC governorship flag off and presidential campaign that held in Warri Township stadium Saturday the 19th of November 2022.

The theatrics, the speech and its rendition by the man who covets the governorship seat of Delta state gave him away as a pretender, an impostor and a sham. Before now anybody who had not listened to him talk would be forgiven if more serious credit were ascribed to this charlatan. He spoke for about 20 minutes, long enough for him to make some convincing points as to why the electorate of the state should vest him with the governance of their resources. But this Orogun local, blew the spotlight with so many gaffs in his drab speech. And we will take it sequentially.

In his introductions, he introduced the national chairman of APC, as his “co-conspirator”. Does this so called lawyer know what that word means? An English dictionary renders it this way “Part of a group that agree to do an unlawful or unethical act”. And this fraud of a man stands before the nation and describes himself as such? Deltans and indeed the nation should not say they were not warned.

On what he has done with his so called experiences gathered in all the years he has fed fat from government, this indolent son of Delta State said, “Today, in Delta Central, there is no village, no community, no town where my impact is not felt…” He went further, “Even beyond Delta Central, I have taken development to Koko in Warri North, Okpulasa in Warri South West, Utagba Unor in Ndokwa West, Agbor the homestead of the bad governor of this state”. He further said, “Today, our people are convinced that if I can do all of these as a senator, I can even do more as the governor of the state”.

A casual analysis of these so called achievements shows that this man is just a scammer, a fraud. What is there, too hard to mention these solitary “developments” in specific terms. All the so called developments are just phantom, phoney achievements. Even the Federal Polytechnic he attracted to Orogun, was a project Hon. Nicholas Ossai Nicholas had in the works for his Ndokwa nation. No sooner had this “co-conspirator” of an Orogun senator settled into office, than he snatched that project to his Orogun hamlet. What a nepotistic, parochial man.

He spent the most part of his 20 minutes attempting to slander the current governor of Delta state, instead of marketing himself. A probe into his soujourn through secondary school, reveals that Augustine Omo Agege was not a bright student. He was rated as below average by some of his schoolmates. And such academic dullness showed in his performance in Warri Township stadium. He spent quality time trying to pour mud on a first class brain, to bring the Governor of Delta state to his level. But person wen pass person, don pass am. Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa is not Omo Agege’s mate, in all ramifications. Omo Agege’s mate is Rt. Hon. Sheriff OBOREWERIE and we can’t wait to see them spar at the state’s governorship debates.

Augustine Omo Agege had “the benevolence of the gods crack his palm kernel for him”. His father was a lawyer, a judge and later a Chief Judge of this State. He was the chairman, Delta State Independent Electoral Commission, DSIEC. Augustine Omo Agege was sent to the United States of America to study because he could not get admission in Nigeria. He read law, we are told. But this fraud of a boy, went into crime in California and he was caught and deregistered as a lawyer. He returned to Nigeria and continued to ride on the back of his father.

The favours his father did for the then governor of the state, Chief James Ibori, in many areas, including wards creation, deserved pay back and Augustine was on hand to be the beneficiary of past “good deeds”. Else, nothing stood out in this young man’s intellect to propel him to the height he is today. And instead of shutting up his foul mouth, he continues to exhibit traits of a lose cannon, throwing abusive tantrum recklessly.

It is on record that Augustine Omo Agege sponsored the criminal invasion of the hallowed red chamber of Nigeria’s senate to remove the mace, the symbol of legislative authority, in his first term in office, an episode that has earned him the appellation, “Omo Agege, the mace thief”. And such a scoundrel dares to poke his polluted breath at a governor doing an incredibly good job in the state? But because we run a reward system for criminals in this country, such a high crime was rewarded with an elevation to the position of deputy senate president, an office that has intoxicated Augustine to the extent of him having a sense of entitlement to contest the next big office in our beloved state. But he will be striped bare and demystified.

A man deregistered from the roll call of legal practitioners in the state where he claimed he read law, a man derided as a mace thief, dares to call the hard-working governor of Delta state a betrayer? Pot cooked with Orogun firewood dares to call kettle cooked on gas, black? If this dull secondary school student actually read law, he should know how high-wire politics works, from the fine lines of discussions, “agreements” and consensus or lack of it, to party positions. But he has chosen to play pedestrian politics.

When decisions go through committees of a political party, the National Working Committee NWC of the party, the National Executive Committee, NEC, of the part and the National Convention of the party, where is the leeway for one single governor to sway a decision that a college of governors, party big wigs and major stakeholders have endorsed? But Omo Agege finds it fair game because he wants to preside over the allocation of state resources. Let it be sounded loud and clear, this mace thief is going no where. His ambition is already stifled by the gods. It is retribution time for him.

Ovie Omo Agege’s performances every where he rode on his father’s back to get to, has left in its trail, a bitter taste of vitriolic betrayal. Ask Chief Great Ogboru. Ask founding members of APC in Delta State including Olorogun Otega Emerhor (even though the later has put his tail between his legs and gone back to the man who drove him out of the house he built) and ask the members of the current senate where his lackluster performance is only being tolerated because of the protection this mace thief is getting from the presidency.

Ovie Omo Agege is day dreaming over ruling Delta State amidst the dismal performance of his party at the national level and to add salt to injury, amidst the scandalous attempt to foist a glaringly sick candidate on a comatose country as our next president. Nigeria will not reward APC with another term after the 8 year horrors and nightmare we have been sentenced to. APC will definitely be voted out of Aso Rock, come February 2023. And for us as a state, nothing can be more delusional and uncomplimentary, than have a mace thief, a proven criminal in the United States, a pathological betrayer, to think that he will be rewarded with the coveted crown of governor of our dear state. Omo Agege is dead on the starting blocks in the race for Osadebe House.


IWEMDI NWAHAM is a member of the PDP, a public affairs commentator and writes from Asaba.

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