The Rivers State Accord is in receipt of a letter addressed to the party by the Rivers State Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban development concerning the State Secretariat building of the party.

The main imports of the letter are as follows:

  • That the Ministry has observed that the Accord has changed the use of the building housing its secretariat from residential to commercial/semi-public without permit from the ministry.
  • That in pursuit to paragraph 5 of Executive Order 22, Rivers Accord should stop the use of the building for party office
  • That the party should revert to the original use of the property and apply to the Ministry for possible grant of permit.
  • That the State Secretariat of Accord shall be sealed-off within 7days if the order is not complied with.

Having reviewed the contents of letter, the Rivers Accord responds as follows:

  • That the Rivers Accord has occupied the said building that houses its State Secretariat since 2018.
  • That other parties, including the PDP and its attack unit, the GDI have party/campaign offices located inside the GRA and have operated same without hindrance.
  • That the recent promulgation of executive orders 21 and 22 has very little to do with the maintenance of law and order as claimed by the Rivers State Government. They are rather intended to stifle the political space and deny the electorate the inalienable rights to vote their choice in the 2O23 elections.
  • That the Rivers State government is twisting the law to serve the selfish aspirations of the ruling party and destabilizing opposition parties including the Accord.
  • That the incumbent Governor and his party, the PDP have launched a direct attack on democracy in Rivers State, using the courts and the instruments of state to eliminate political opponents.
  • We recall that in the months leading to the last 2019 governorship election, the Accord was severally distracted by agents of the Rivers State governor.


That Rivers Accord has decided to use all legitimate means to protect the rights of the party, its candidates and members.

Accord has come to stay in Rivers State and cannot be bullied in any manner.

The current Rivers State government is notorious for acts of impunity, vindictiveness, high handedness, tyranny and disrespect for the people of Rivers State.

The Rivers State PDP is currently engulfed in self-imposed implosion made worse by the burden of an uninspiring governorship candidate. Faced with imminent defeat in 2023, the PDP is looking for undemocratic means to retain political power in the state.

The Rivers Accord therefore calls on all members to ignore the threats of the PDP, keep calm and go about the campaigns without fear of intimidation.

Sotonye Ijuye-Dagogo
Director, Media and Communication
Dumo Lulu-Briggs Governorship Campaign Council

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