Precious Ogan, a faithful member of Accord and his wife, Precious, had a dedication reception for their daughter, Dumo, at their home town, Ogan Ama, in Okrika, on Sunday, 27th November, 2022.

The Governorship candidate of Accord in Rivers State, Dumo Lulu-Briggs and his Deputy, Hilda Tambari Dedam were in attendance to celebrate with the family of Organ.

It was no doubt a joyful moment for the couple, as the Governorship candidate, his Deputy, the Dumo Lulu-Briggs campaign DG, Rt Hon Iyk Oji and other party faithfuls in attendance joined the couple and their daughter, baby Dumo to dance to the Glory of God.

In his speech, the Accord Governorship candidate, Dumo Lulu-Briggs, said, “Today, we are here because one of us is dedicating his child to God, and we say, because there is Joy in his house, it’s proper that we come here to celebrate with him. This is because, our style has always been, “As e dey sweet Dem, na so e go dey sweet us”, he said.

He added, “In Rivers Accord, we don’t know pain and and will have no pain to share, yet, one thing we are sure of is that, come May 29th, 2023, there will be no more pain in Rivers State. The only thing we will be hearing is, “Sweet Dem and sweet us; “as e dey sweet us, e go dey sweet Dem, as e dey sweet Dem e go dey sweet us”, he sang.

According to him, “to bring this sweetness to fruition, it reminded us of while we were growing up, the song we used to sing during our primary school days, was, “Show me the way to go to Rivers State”. But because of our love for Rivers State, coupled with our passion for Quality delivery of the dividends of democracy to Rivers residents, we have also resolved to sing this song, “Show me the way to Vote for Rivers State, show me the way to go there! Show me the way to Vote for Dumo Lulu-Briggs, I want to Vote my Governor, Governor!”.

He went on to say, “We just want to let you know that, under the Government that Accord will form, there will be Millionaires and Billionaires, we shall have men and women that will own their businesses”, he said.

The Governorship candidate, Dumo Lulu-Briggs, concluded his remark with a song that was birthed with the question, “Dumo tell us what you have? and it goes, “I have jobs, jobs for the men, jobs for the women, jobs for the boys, jobs for the girls, jobs for the masses forevermore!”, he sang.

In giving their vote of thanks, Precious Ogan and his wife thanked the Accord/DLB family led by Dumo Lulu-Briggs, for honouring his family with their presence. According to him, their presence shows that indeed in Accord every member matters, notwithstanding who you are, every member is put first. He said, “for the Governorship candidate of such magnitude to honor him with his presence is a sign that this particular kind of Governor will make history in the leadership of Rivers State, for before him, all men will be treated equally irrespective of where you’re coming from; party wise, tradition wise, culture wise, tribe wise, State wise, nationality wise, etc”, he said.

He prayed for journey mercies, and that celebrations will never diminish in their lives.

Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs celebrated the Ogans and their bundle of joy on his verified social media handles thus:

A bundle of joy delivered to the family of Mr and Mrs Precious Ogan in form of a beautiful baby girl was dedicated to God yesterday. I alongside my deputy, Princess Mrs Hilda Tambari Dedam, Rivers Accord women in their beautiful attires and  distinguished candidates and members of Rivers Accord were live in Ogan main town, Okrika local government area to join our very own Mr and Mrs Precious Ogan to celebrate in their joy and to thank God for preservation of life for both mother and child.

Iyene Douglas
State Publicity Secretary,
Rivers Accord.

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