…Condemns Attack on Senator Lee Maeba’s Port Harcourt Residence

I received news of our victory in the Federal High Court Port Harcourt this morning with great joy.

I was not surprised because I had said from the beginning that while our opponents are free to exercise their constitutional right to take us to court if they so wish, we have a duty and responsibility to defeat them in court.

Unlike other political parties that vilify their opponents for opposing them, we clearly understand the role of our opponents which is to oppose us and stop us if they can. As long as they do so within the law, it is part of the democratic process and we cannot bemoan over what they do.

On behalf our party, we congratulate the PDP for going to court to test the provisions of the law and we commend the Nigerian Judiciary for discharging their constitutional obligation to our country.

We are on the ballot, we will contest the election and we will win. Nothing has changed that position.

We understand that a contest is a struggle, and so we are bringing Rivers people together to form a united front, create a political machine that is strong, vibrant, dedicated and committed to victory.

SDP must be strong enough to defeat our opponents and overwhelm them in every contest.
We will not win by pleading with our opponents not to contest, we will win by winning outrightly.

Let me thank our National Executive Committee ably led by our indefatigable and sagacious National Chairman, Alhaji Shehu Gaban and all members of our legal team whose uncommon dedication and brilliant legal fireworks led us to this important victory. We Say thank you.

Our only appeal to all Rivers people is that we conduct our contest within and according to our laws and the constitution. Let us all understand that we are contesting for power to make Rivers State better and to make Rivers people happy, not to destroy the state, and traumatise the people.

The protection of lives and property, and the safeguard of the democratic rights of all Rivers people( including perceived and real opponents of the government) as guaranteed by the constitution is the responsibility of our government at all levels.

Government must live up to its responsibility to ensure a level playing field for all to contest.

I also condemn in very strong terms the recent incident in Senator Lee Maeba’s Port Harcourt residence not because it is Senator Lee that is the victim of the orchestrated attack but because of Rivers State.

We cannot allow our state to drift in the direction of violence and intolerance. The incident is one too many, it must be properly investigated and the culprits must be held to account. Rivers State must not be allowed slip into the orgy of violence already building up.

The resurgence of violence in the state is scaring away investors, businesses and painting the state in bad light in the comity of states and we must stop the trend!

I call on the Nigeria Police to quickly investigate all reports of political violence, assault, stealing, malicious damage to posters, billboards and other campaign materials.

Finally, may I appeal to all politicians to tone down and take it easy. Let us not fight fire with fire, let us fight fire with water.

We should allow the people of Rivers State to decide who will lead them and we should all respect their choice.

Senator Magnus Ngei Abe
9th December, 2022

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