The Rivers State chapter of Accord has boasted that its sincerity of purpose for the growth of Rivers State has become so glaring to all that the party cannot be seen as small anymore, but indeed the only solution that is most needed at this point in time in Rivers State, seeing that the State is in dire need of True change, and therefore been drawing opponents into its fold.

The State’s party Chairman, Dr Nnanna Oyenkwere noted that, the party in Rivers State shall continue to attract and welcome defectors in order to strengthen the party, regain the trust of Rivers people and restore the Hope of Rivers people as it takes over the leadership of the State come 2023.

At the Party’s secretariat, NEW GRA, Port Harcourt, on Friday, 9th November, 2022, Dr Nnanna Oyenkwere while recieving over 300 defectors led by High Chief Francis James Emenike, from various political parties in the State, mainly Women from PDP and APC, and of ETCHE, OYIGBO, OBIO-AKPO, ABUA/ODUAL, PHALGA and ONELGA Local Government Areas of Rivers State, said, “the defection as witnessed today isn’t about Rivers Accord, but in reality, for Democracy, for the restoration of the much anticipated hope for Rivers State and Rivers people.

That it’s indeed a clear indication that Rivers people are tired of been remembered only after every four (4) years of an administration, instead of in the everyday of their lives, and have resolved to give Rivers Accord the opportunity to be that solution that they have always dreamt of, an opportunity which Rivers Accord has vowed not to take for granted, but in it dare to bring the life wire of its manifesto to fruition, which is to Restore the Dignity of the State”, he said.

He assured them that in Rivers Accord there is no pain to share, as it is with the present PDP led administration that has come out to confess that the poverty and lack as experienced in Rivers State today is their (PDP) making and benefitting to them, the very reason they wrote and boldly released the song, “as e Dey pain Rivers people, e go dey sweet Rivers PDP”, just to spite Rivers people. But that in Rivers Accord, what is shared is joy unspeakable and glaring sweetness. The reason for the song, “as e Dey sweet Rivers Accord, e go dey sweet Rivers people”, he assured.

He further added, “your joining the party today will not in any way limit your privileges, but you shall enjoy equal privilege as enjoyed by all; In Rivers Accord, we are all One, Equal and servants to serve Rivers people, No Masters”, he said.

He however, noted, “it is our expectation that as you join us today, you will no doubt be an added value to the party and consolidate the Rivers Accord electoral triumphs in your various units, wards, local government areas and constituencies.”

Commending the leaders of the defectors; 1. Ambassador Mrs Mercy Gani of APC, ETCHE Local Government Area, Women leader of Host community of Nigeria producing oil and gas (HOSCOM) 2. Ambassador (Hon.) Nkechi Umezor of PDP, OYIGBO Local Government Area, former PDP women leader in OYIGBO Local Government Area, 3. Chief (Mrs) Grace Okpara of PDP, OBIO-AKPO Local Government Area, former PDP women leader, 4. Hon. (Miss) Blessing Ezebunwo of PDP of Port Harcourt City Local Government Area, former PDP women leader, 5. Hon. (Mrs) Gift Dandyson of PDP, Port Harcourt City Local Government Area, former PDP women leader, 6. Hon. (Mrs) Patience Iyeh (JP) of APC, Ogba Egbema Ndoni Local Government Area, former APC women leader in ONELGA, 7. Ambassador (Mrs) Veronica Joseph of APC, ABUA ODUAL Local Government Area, Community woman leader, 8. Hon. Chief Sir Opurum of the PDP (former), ETCHE Local Government Area, community leader, 9. Hon. John Nwaliazi (aka Action man), of APC, ETCHE Local Government Area, a grassroot mobilizer, and others, the Governorship candidate of the party, Dumo Lulu-Briggs said, their decision to join the Rivers Accord isn’t their making, But that God has led them in the right direction to be part of those that will Deliver, Liberate and become a Blessing to Rivers State and her people.

According to Dumo Lulu-Briggs, “By the special grace of God, when we get Into Government, we must remember that you are the reason God gave us the opportunity to be in Government. Because, if I am Governor and you are not feeling the governance, then it is of no use that I am a Governor.

“It is for this reason I have always reminded us that, my qualification to be your Governor should not be just because I am a Philanthropist, No! To be able to govern you rightly, I must be more than that. It should be because I am that man through which you can realize your own aspirations, because 2023 must be seen as our defining moment, as a people.

“For me to be qualified to Govern you, you must ask yourself, whether or Not I have the capacity to expand the economy of Rivers State to accomodate all of us? You must ask yourself whether or Not I have the capacity to strengthen the Institution State to hold all our aspirations? Because, when you have money, you need to be able to walk around freely, espress yourself freely, access opportunities and engage in Business.

“Then, you need to also ask whether or Not I have the disposition to spread opportunities across board; because, not all of us can be born Rich, Tall and Handsome. That’s why you need a government, so the government will create a level playing field and give to each and everyone of us a fair chance of success in this space of life.

“So, 2023, is a time that will begin the Blessings, the Blessings of God. You will recall that Lagos State and Rivers State were on par, Today, that same Lagos has left us behind. Therefore, we must be selfish about the 2023 election, so much so that we cannot afford to miss it, for it is not about me, it is about all of us. This is the essence of the Rivers Accord mantra, “The We agenda, putting people First”. That you matter, and you must matter first.

“In the past, you are only important to politicians once after four (4) years of an administration, meanwhile you needed to be important in every single day of your lives. So, we are going to change that story, to be that you will be important from Day One.

“Now, if you noticed, the present administration that is the rulling party which ought to take good care of us, have eaten so full that they now openly confess their selfishness to the rubbing it on our faces, that it has driven them to consciencelessly come up with the song, “as e Dey pain Rivers people, e go dey sweet Dem”.

“But we will not become that low, for we are servants that are ready to serve you, we aren’t Masters. In us there is no spirit of Masters. That is why for us, it is and will always be, “As e Dey sweet us, e go dey sweet Rivers people”. We have no pain to share to Rivers people, for Rivers people have gone through a lot, and the time has come for Rivers people to enjoy. The season of pain is gone, and with your efforts, with our collective efforts, 2023 should open doors for the season of Abundance.

“Be in the know that Rivers State is heavily pregnant with fruitful prospects, But the onus has fallen on you as midwives to midwife this pregnancy so that this child of great destiny will be delivered safely. Because as Christians, we must understand that even the promises and Blessings of God, we have to work for it before we can access it”, he said.

Responding on behalf of others, the leaders of the defectors pledged to bring to the party their great worth, in order to lift the Rivers Accord and the State to such height that every pain residents of the State might have gone through in the hands of the domineering administration of the day shall be forgotten in a hurry, and be healed of such pains.

They expressed their joy specifically on the humility regalia worn by the Governorship candidate, Dumo Lulu-Briggs, who has consistently convinced every sane mind that in him lies the Head and the Heart to Restore the Glory of Rivers State without doubt of any kind, professing that he has by his antecedents proved that he is only coming to give to Rivers State and make her better and greater than where she is today, and Not to take from her, with the intent of impoverishing her, as it is today with the PDP led administration.

They noted that, the Governorship candidate does not have a godfather that he will sacrifice the satisfaction of Rivers People for, But clearly a servant leader whose time and hour God has gifted Rivers State to serve Rivers people, and take them to that destination of expected joy, the leaders convincingly said.

Iyene Douglas

State Publicly Secretary,

Rivers Accord.


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