The wind of true change, the positive paradigm shift and glaring acceptance of the need to leave the wilderness of stagnation as faced Rivers State and her people has continued to grow stronger in the political atmosphere of Rivers State as we approach the 2023 Governorship election in the State.

This position became obvious as we see in recent times that the ideology of business as usual in the politics of Rivers State has completely taken a different stand. Before now, we are known for “the rulling party decides the shots, the most popular party chooses who will be and who will not”. Today, that has changed, and cannot be business as usual anymore.

The people are tired, they have been severally deceived, and have resolved that they cannot be important to politicians only when needed by the politicians and Not when they need the politicians. As such, they have decided to give their support to individuals, and not parties. Now! In recent times records have proved that the Governorship candidate of Accord in Rivers State, Dumo Lulu-Briggs has become the most accepted in this regard.

In addition to the unimmaginable acceptance given to Rivers Accord, yesterday, Pensioners of the Nigerian Ports Authority in Rivers State Honoured Dumo Lulu-Briggs, the Governorship candidate of Accord, at the Rivers State Dockyard, NPA, Port Harcourt.

According to them, as fathers that knows and feels the essence of fatherhood, they have come to see Dumo Lulu-Briggs as one individual that indeed knows how to give care, has the Heart to give care and has the capacity to give care.

In their analysis of his compassionate heart as practically expressed in his attitude of impacting lives, the Pensioners said, amongst all that they have heard him do, the ones he did recently stood him out. They said, the swiftness of his reaching out to the flood victims, and then the payment of the school fees of over 256 plus students, which today has made it possible for those students to be potential values in society, is one huge effort that every sane mind that wishes a people well should applaud.

They therefore commended him for such great feat, honoured him, prayed for him and declared that indeed, he is the true son of his father, one whose name and antecedents will perpetually be spoken of and remembered by generations, even those unborn.

They spoke beautifully about his father who also was a staff of the NPA, whose philanthropy gesture they wholeheartedly narrated, and confessed that they see the father’s footprint in the son, Dumo Lulu-Briggs.

In his response, the Governorship candidate of Accord in Rivers State, Dumo Lulu-Briggs said, “I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, I feel very elated, mainly because this brings lots of memories.

“My father was also with the Nigerian Ports Authority, and was once an Exco member of the Dock Workers Union, and by some luck, made my mother work at the canteen section, where as a young boy whose parents were poor, was privileged to run in and out of the canteen with food

“So, when I got this invite, some things struck my attention; NPA, Pensioners, Dockyard and Canteen. This same Canteen, this same Dockyard, I have been at years back, as a young boy growing up.

“Though we were poor, yet our institutions when they were strong in then days, were better, and gave us the opportunity to attend same schools as the Rich and mighty. Same class of learning with the children of commissioners, permanent secretaries and all what have you. Though my father was a very poor man, yet I got the best of education that made me who I am Today!

“My father whose boots I will strive to fit in sold himself to charity, teaching me that, it is the impact one makes in people’s lives that matters, nothing else. He was a man whose money came at night, when he was about leaving, yet, made a great use of that money by putting people First. I am happy that he took that decision, as today, just as you’re remembering his good works, people will still talk about him in years to come.

“So, I have come here today and appreciate the Honour given me. I have received very wonderful prayers from you my fathers and elders and God has heard you. For He listens to and gives answers to your prayers; from your mouth to the EARS of God. God having listened and answered your prayers, when we win and form Government, as a State Government, we shall liaise with the National Assembly to make certain that our senior citizens are well taken care of, properly and timely pay their pensions.

“Today, we worry because young ones are not interested in the civil service jobs, because of the uncaring attitude of the government towards the Pensioners. But we must make it attractive, so that there will be younger ones to take over from our fathers when they retire. One way to do that is to treat them (the Pensioners) with absolute care”, Dumo Lulu-Briggs said.

Writing on his verified social media handles Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs captured the auspicious meeting with the seniors thus:


Driving into the Nigerian Port Authority compound brought back many memories. My father started off his career at NPA as a clerk in the 50s, and grew through the ranks. It is the discipline my parents got from their respective duties at the Nigerian Port Authority that they brought home to instill in me. That became the sense of duty I got as a child that made me turn out the way that I am.

I was really glad to share time with Nigerian ports authority pensioners welfare association on the occasion of their annual thanksgiving. It was truly a humbling experience, because while I am being celebrated for the little gestures of support I make, I am also reminded that I have very big shoes to fill.

Sharing time with those senior citizens also amplified my thoughts on the need for civil service reform in Rivers State. We have witnessed a serious decline in the quality of labour in the civil service, as working for the government seems to be more and more unattractive. The fear of committing all like their parents only to retire and not have what is due is what now scares young people away from civil service.

I know that when we form government in 2023, priority will be placed on a civil service reform with attractive incentives for young people. As governor, I promise that our senior citizens will live a much much better life through the prompt payment of their pension. We shall make the civil service attractive to the younger ones, and that will start with the way we treat our senior citizens.


The Rivers State chapter of Accord is not in this race because it merely wants to be popular or simply win an election, But in this race for Democracy to be made manifest in the lives of Rivers people, in Rivers State and for Rivers State to lead in the change mantra of “Putting people first”.

Iyene Douglas
State Publicly Secretary,
Rivers Accord.

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