As the 2023 General elections keep drawing nigh, here in Rivers State, the determination for critical and verifiable change has become a need beyond a want in every household of Rivers State. Thus, the need for all to take this need to God in prayers and thanksgiving became a necessity.

It is on this note that the people of Tombia in the Degema Local Government Area of Rivers State led by the Tombia Gospel Ministers Forum (TGMF) resolved to in faith organize a “Tombia Kingdom National Thanksgiving Day Service, 2022”, a Median Edition, with the Theme, “Ever Faithful God”. To thank the Almighty God for bringing the community thus far, and an anticipated successful outcome of the 2023 election here in Rivers State.

Been a Governorship candidate who has the good of Rivers State and her people at heart, Dumo Lulu-Briggs, Governorship candidate of Accord in the forthcoming Governorship election in Rivers State was invited to this Median Edition of the event, “Tombia Kingdom National Thanksgiving Day Service, 2022”, seeing how important it is for the future of Rivers State in this election, that he (Dumo Lulu-Briggs) will be a Divine contact to Heaven for a successful outcome of the election in Rivers State and Victory for Rivers people.

The Ministers at the event explicitly prayed for peace and progress in the land and indeed the entire Kalabari Kingdom, and then thanked the Lord for a peaceful year, irrespective of the challenges of the time. They also committed the forthcoming elections to God, and in faith gave thanks for a successful outcome of the elections, stating that, let those that have the good of Rivers State, have compassion for the poor and needy come out Victorious.

In his remark, the Governorship candidate of Accord, Dumo Lulu-Briggs who was at this time filled with an overwhelming divine joy, has this to say, “My fathers, my mothers, my people, Chiefs, Elders, Men, Women and the great youths of Tombia, I greet you!

“You see, when I heard of this wonderful all important Thanksgiving event and was invited, I leaped for joy, and knowing how important it is to me and Rivers people, I left every other engagement and made this one my topmost priority. Because, I know that I must be here, and I cannot compromise it for anything else.

“If you keenly look at Tombia, you will know that this is a Land God has Blessed. But the question is, Why is it that this Blessing is no more visible to the glaring eyes? Why are we not enjoying the Blessings as it ought to be? Or anymore! Why is it that we are no more having a single voice as we used to have in the past?

“Though we are One, but No love! It is not supposed to be so, for we are all One people.

“Truth is, for peace to dwell amongst us, I mean, he who needs Peace must have to live a life of sincerity. Because, when there is an absence of sincerity, there cannot be Peace.

“So, we have a task in our hands, which is to fervently pray for God to give each and everyone of us the grace to live a life of sincerity. God having answered our prayers of living a life of sincerity, then we can be sure of living peacefully amongst us, and of course have peace enjoyed in the Land and by extension the entire Kalabari Kingdom, which will then birth progress.

“So, we thank God for giving us this privilege to gather together and cry unto Him in praises, prayers and thanksgiving, committing the forthcoming elections in His unfailing and Righteous Hands, for He has assured us that whatever we commit into His Hands, whenever we put Him in charge, He will surely make it a success. That whenever we pray and believe in faith that He has answered, He will surely bring it to pass. So, today is that Day, and we believe in One Voice that it is done. To Him be all the Glory, now and forevermore, Amen!” He stated.

He further stated, “I thank the organizers of this event, it shows that indeed we still have that love and care for ourselves and mean well for the growth of the State. God bless you all”, he said.

Iyene Douglas
State Publicity Secretary
Rivers Accord.

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