Rivers Accord Governorship candidate for the 2023 general elections, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, has narrated the unpleasant experience of how the Bonny Local Government Council Chairman, Dame Anengi Barasua ordered him and his team of Accord members out of the Bonny market, on Saturday, December 24, 2022, on the grounds that since the market was built by the PDP, it falls under the newly promulgated Excutive Orders 21&22 by the Rivers State Government, which bans political parties from campaigning in government built and owned facilities without first paying a stipulated fee of N5 million naira.

Writing on his verified social media handles, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, who did not hide his disgust and disbelief that a purely human and social activity like buying foodstuffs from the market could be so politicized, even as he noted that they didn’t even go into the market clad in party attire and neither did they go with a public address system to campaing, adding that, they just went to buy and give back to the people.

“It is sad that the welfare of a people will be politicized simply because I am of Accord thus I can’t buy in a market built by PDP… Does Rivers State belong to PDP alone? he wondered.

The full text of his posted comment is published below:

My visit to Bonny today reminded me that the fate of the people is hinged on proper leadership. I promised my people in Bonny a visit, and today I chose to honor an invitation to the commissioning of the party secretariat in Bonny. 

After a rocky trip on the sea, I was welcomed by my friends and party faithfuls to the magnificent Ancient Kingdom. Walking the streets of Bonny, I saw untapped potentials, I saw a people whose heritage isn’t celebrated enough. Above all, I saw a rich people, with a sea of possibilities.

I saw the enthusiasm of the different ward members and leaders as I spoke of my prosperity plans for Bonny local government area. Among my list of projects to boost the economy of Bonny LGA are the Bonny Ring Road, linking the communities in the Kingdom, leveraging the aquaculture of the Bonny kingdom, restoration of beaches as tourist resorts and proper shoreline protection. 

After the commissioning I chose to go to the market as is my custom. I felt the need to interact with the people, buy and share as the season demands. I got to the market and I was told by the Chief of Staff to the LGA chairperson that I could not go into the market with all my supporters. Then we were told that only 15 persons could get into the market with me. We chose 15 people and we entered the market.

I had just stopped at a garri stand, the white garri looked really nice so I thought to buy and share. Moments later the chairperson arrived the market and asked that we leave. At first I was baffled because we were buying from the people, for the people. It made no sense to ask us to stop buying. 

Everyone knows I love markets, and I always make market stops. I didn’t go to the market clad in party attire, neither did we go with a public address system, we just went to buy and give back to the people. It is sad that the welfare of a people will be politicized simply because I am of Accord thus I can’t buy in a market built by PDP.

I want to believe that the choice was that of the chairperson of the LGA to make, because I think it’s a bit extreme for the governor to say I am not allowed to enter a market even if I was campaigning. While the request to leave the market left a sour taste, I know we deserve better service from our leaders and discretion is important. My choice to leave peacefully saved the situation, but raised the question “Does Rivers State belong to PDP alone?”

I thank the beautiful people of Bonny Kingdom for today, and I promise to be back to spend more time and interact my Bonny People.

Compliments of the season.

I wish my great people of Rivers State a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year

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