An advocacy group for women in Journalism, Step-Up for Women in Journalism Initiative says it is grateful for impacting greatly in women in Journalism barely one year it came on board.

Executive Director, Step-Up For Women In Journalism Initiative Ann Godwin in a statement to end the group’s activities in 2022, said the one year existence of the group has been eventful.

“Step-Up for Women In Journalism Initiative, is grateful to Almighty God for His enabling Grace that has brought us this far. It has been an eventful and fantastic year as we count our blessings and steps that ushered us into such amiable heights. Yes, we may not have attained our desired/dreamed position but assuredly, we are not where we used to be”, she said.

Ann Godwin who is also an award winning journalist, in the statement said the group has engaged members and other journalists in Rivers State with advanced trainings and programs which has greatly improved their careers.

“Some members through our various programmes, conferences, trainings and networking have undoubtedly, advanced and keep glowing in their career. The year started with the Press Freedom week which was organised by the Media Career Development Network in collaboration with the United States’ Consulate, Lagos with robust local organisation by the Step-Up Initiative.

“The programme which featured panel discussions , issues militating against smooth journalism practice in Nigeria using Joseph Pulitzer experience as case study, indeed; made great impact among Journalists in Rivers State.”

The Executive Director Step-Up for Women in Journalism Initiative, Ann Godwin while explaining some of the gains of the group, said: “In July, some members got opportunities from our partner, the African Foundation for Young Media Professionals with support from Mac Arthur Foundation to mentor young media Professionals.

“This was followed by our ‘One Year Anniversary’ which featured lectures on practical steps for pitching, Enterprenuership in media and Finance, How to handle Abuse and Digital harassment. The impact was also thrilling.

“On November 18 and 19, in partnership with the Advancing Women in Business, Her EMERGENCE programme was held in PortHarcourt where young female entrepreneurs were mentored by some of our members using practical life stories and experiences.

“The year soared further with six of our members luckily selected for the Indepth Media Conference and the 17th Wole Soyinka Investigative Reporting Award which was organised by WSCIJ in December 8th and 9th in Lagos. Also in December 20th and 21st, about nine of our members received a certificate from IFAD-Life-End FG programme after a- two day training on skills training and writing business plans among others.”

Ann Godwin in the statement urged members to remain firm and committed, as the group work towards a greater and brighter future.

“It is also interesting to note that good number of our members received grants from both national and international organisations this year and have since delivered on their story projects as they smiled to the banks.Some members also won awards from WSCIJ, IOM, ADWIB, Africa Trendsetters etc.

“It has been and eventful year and we sincerely thank God Almighty for the grace thus far. We also heartily appreciate our seasoned mentor, Lekan Otufodunrin and all esteemed our members. Praying that the coming year will be amazingly great with buoyant impacts that’ll supercede our records in 2022,”


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