2023 Guber Road Show: AHOADA EAST BELONGS TO ACCORD – Dumo Lulu-Briggs

“What we saw in Ahoada East was a people who are tired to living in lack regardless of all the natural resources they have. The people of Ahoada showed pure love for Accord.

Ahoada people are too blessed to be living in penury, and this surely will stop with the Accord government this 2023. Ahoada, by design, was meant to be one of the leading cities in our state as one of the four divisions of the Rivers Province in 1900, in addition to Degema, Brass and Ogoni, with Port Harcourt as headquarters.

I had to remind the people of Ahoada that Rivers State is not a homogeneous state; rather, what holds together the over 200 divers languages and people is the promise of prosperity as a people of one state. So for us to get back that dream and ensure that all share from the wealth of the dreams of our fathers, every corner of our dear state must be optimally productive.

My pledge to the people of Ahoada is the promise of a government that will put people first. A Chief who spoke pointed out the true reality of Rivers State: the people are hungry; the youths want a future; and I know by the special grace of God, Accord will deliver the people.

Accord assures “prosperity for all” in Rivers State this year, so it is important you stand with us now. We shall restore the industrial relevance of Ahoada by restoring the Satellite City Status intended in the prosperity plan of our founding fathers. Our government will also remodel and redevelop the Ahoada Industrial Estate project in the region. This deals with shelter and good living of the people.

Furthermore, we will boost commerce in Ahoada by building the highway to connect Ahoada-East to Isaka – Onitsha Expressway. I asked the people of Ahoada East to give me KPASA for (State House of) Assembly because our promise remains that we will use the best of us to work for the rest of us.

Ahoada East people should be rest assured that the deliverance they have dreamed and prayed for is here, because Dumo will Do More.

Ahoada East Belongs to Accord.

Thank you, Ahoada, for the show of love.

Remember, Accord is the first party on the Ballot.”

  • Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs

Rivers Accord Governorship Candidate

Tuesday, 10th January, 2023.

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