Tuesday, January 10, 2023, in continuation of her campaign, the Rivers State chapter of Accord took its Guber Road Show to the people of Ahoada East, directly feeling the pulse of the people in each household.

The people of Ahoada East cannot hold back their joy at the entrance of the Guber Road Show Train, for them it was a sight to behold, a dream come true and a promise kept, that Accord is the solution to the predicament of Rivers State, and in this hour of Today, the solution to the predicament of Ahoada East.

You will recall that During the Flood crises, the Accord Governorship candidate, Dumo Lulu-Briggs was the very first to Visit the flood victims in Ahoada East, who for their sake suspended all his campaign activities, reasons been that, it is an abnormal to continue on campaign activities when the people he hopes to lead are in dire need for help. As such, it will only be proper that all of such activities should be suspended until his people in Ahoada East have their rest, get the help they need and be satisfied, before the need for campaign can Arise.

In his usual manner of Humility, Dumo Lulu-Briggs who has even forgotten about that help he rendered to them during the flood crises was only reminded of it today, as the People of Ahoada East particularly the Royal fathhers and Chiefs echoed to him, “We have been waiting for you to say, Thank you for coming to our Aid when we most needed help, and to tell you that the only way we can appreciate you for what you did for us is to Unitedly give you our Votes on Saturday, 11th March, 2023, at the polls”. They added, “as you take over the leadership of the State, please, since the government of the day has done their bit on physical infrastructure, remember to help us bring food on our tables, we have become so poor and hungry that we cannot afford to put food on our tables, kindly remember us in that regard, and so that we can be able to become fruitful in that regard. A man who doesn’t have food to eat cannot live to make use of any physical infrastructure, save that Human Capital infrastructure should be prioritized”, they said.

The Party’s candidate representing the good people of Ahoada East constituency 1 at the State Assembly, Hon George Kpasa welcomed the Governorship candidate and his entourage to Ahoada East, adding that, it has been his dream for the candidate to visit his community. That today he is filled with joy that, that dream has been realized, and that in like manner, the both of them shall have Victory at the polls come 11th March, 2023, it will be another dream come true. Because, Ahoada East have cone to know that he is the solution that Rivers State has been waiting for, and by his actions their search has ended, for he is the man the hour has found.

Hon George Kpasa assured the Governorship candidate that for all the love he has shown to the people of Ahoada East, today Ahoada East is saying, they will respond to that love by Voting massively for him at the polls without an iota of compromise, he said.

As if that wasn’t Enough, the Youths of Ahoada East as well as the physically challenged persons reacted in like manner, that for what the Governorship candidate Dumo Lulu-Briggs has done for most of the Youths in Ahoada East in areas of academic endeavors; free WAEC fees, Jamb and scholarships, which has led many to become undergraduates, Graduates, Masters Degree holders and employers of labour, and made them the societal pride that they are Today, they have come to say Thank you, and will resiprocate same kind gesture at the poles by Voting massively for Accord.

The CDC Chairman of Odiemerenyi community, Mr Obile Godstime on behalf of the elders in councils, Igbu Akoh Chiefs, Odiemerenyi Development Forum (ODF) and the good people of Odiemerenyi community and Igbu-Akoh in general, in his address stated that, having carefully followed up with the antecedents of the Governorship candidate, Dumo Lulu-Briggs, his Vision for the State which he has practically demonstrated through his show of concern, love and passion for the people of Odiemerenyi community and Igbu-Akoh clan in general, they have therefore keyed into that Vision and ready to partner with him to bring the needed Rivers dream to fruition. The CDC Chairman in the light of the above, added, “Dumo Lulu-Briggs, go and sleep, we have taken a queue from the election time table and we must surely deliver on the mandate. We shall move a step forward to spread the good news and canvas support for you and other candidates of the Rivers Accord”, he said.

According to him, the people are also appreciating him for giving their son Hon George Kpasa the platform to run alongside with him in the same party, for the Rivers State House of Assembly, Ahoada constituency 1.

The State Deputy Chairman, Rivers Accord, Pastor Amabere Jamabo while addressing the people reminded them of the importance of the next election, stressing that it is their defining moment, an opportunity for them to choose their path to become great themselves. That they should take into consideration that the election isn’t about Dumo Lulu-Briggs, But in actual sense, about them. That Dumo Lulu-Briggs is only coming to work for them to realize their own aspirations. According to him, while Voting, they should see themselves in the ballot and not Dumo Lulu-Briggs. He said.

The Governorship candidate, Dumo Lulu-Briggs while speaking to the people expressed his joy in thanking them for the overwhelming acceptance. He said, “this is the reason we are in this election, we are in this contest to work for you the Youths, to give each and everyone of you equal opportunity to become what God has purposed for you to be, and I am in pursuit of this Vision to make certain it comes to pass”, he said.

Dumo Lulu-Briggs added, “this community is Blessed, Ahoada is Blessed. If we remember, Ahoada is part of the old divisions; the Ahoada division, Degema division, Bori, Port Harcourt division, Bori division. The whole idea was for these divisions to become cities, and that is the mandate that we carry. Because old Rivers State was so planned that Ahoada was to host the super industrial Estate. We shall remodel that Estate and make sure that we bring it to reality.

“We are coming to work in Rivers State, we are coming to work in Rivers State”, he stressed. According to him, “they have often asked me to tell them what I have, anywhere I go they have always asked me, “Dumo tell us what you have!” and I have always told them, “I have jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs! jobs for the Men, jobs for the Women, jobs for the Boys, jobs for the Girls, jobs that will last us forevermore!”, he sang.

The Governorship candidate added that, “the plans that we have for Rivers people, particularly for the Ahoada people, by the time we are done, Ahoada will become a modern City. We are going to spread such joy that will influence the people of Ahoada to become billionaires and Millionaires. We are going to spread joy across board, that is why while others have said “as e dey pain Rivers people, e go dey sweet Dem”. “We have said, as e dey sweet us, e go dey sweet Rivers people”, because we don’t have pains to share, all we have is Idea(s) that will birth multigenerational progress and joy unspeakable to all residents of Rivers State”, he stated.

“You people are blessed with such an intelligent vibrant candidate as Gorge Kpasa who is full of energy and ready to serve you at the State Assembly, and I need you to give him your Vote so that I can work with him to serve you better”, he said.

“So I thank you for hosting us, I appreciate you for the trust and love you have shown and given us, and we shall Not disappoint you, by the special Grace of God. Yet, we have a lot of Work to do. I need you to know that Rivers State was created for the purpose of prosperity, and we need to work together for that prosperity to be restored back to us for enjoyment.

“We have suffered a lot, but I assure you that this sufferings shall end from the very day we assume office, on the 29th of May, 2023” he assured.

On his way back, the Governorship candidate who has made it his lifestyle to always find an avenue to touch lives, stopped by at the Ahoada East general hospital to see how he can assist in bringing succour to those that may not have the ability to carry such burden of medical bills. As it was a situation of answered prayers, some patients had their prayers answered, and their medical bills were settled immediately by the solution bearer that God has chosen, anointed and qualified to be the man that is most needed in this hour.

Iyene Douglas
State Publicity Secretary,
Rivers Accord.

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