The Rivers State chapter of Accord, on Wednesday, 11th January, 2023, visited the accient town of Bolo for their annual fasting festival.

You will recall that the Rivers Accord has been taking her Guber Road Show to Local Government Areas in Rivers State, in a bid to feel the pulse of the people as we get ready for the Governorship polls come 11th March, 2023, to which the Party has been greatly accepted by Rivers people knowing that the hour has come for them to leave the wilderness and get to their place of Canaan, an opportunity Rivers Accord has presented to them.

But Yesterday, rather than taking a Road Show to Bolo, the solution bearing party that has never done anything without the leading of the Almighty God, led by the Governorship candidate Dumo Lulu-Briggs the only candidate without a godfather except God the Father, took advantage of the community’s annual fasting festival by joining them in this year’s Blessing that the event presents. Knowing that he is coming to lead God’s people, Not himself, and as such must submit to the authority of God in his campaign activities. According to him, what informed his decision was that, there is no way he can miss the gathering of the brethren in the presence of God in Bolo.

As usual of giving honour to whom it is due, the Governorship candidate also paid a Visit to the King of Bolo kingdom, His Royal Majesty Sir King Acheseimimie Frank, the Bolo-Luka VIII, Amanyanabo of Bolo and his council of Chiefs, who welcomed the Team to his palace.

While stating the purpose for Visit, the Governorship candidate Dumo Lulu-Briggs said, “Majesty, first of all, I want to thank you and your council of Chiefs for receiving us, and I assure you that we don’t take this great reception for granted, we are not taking it lightly. But I am also glad that you superintend over this wonderful ancient kingdom of Bolo kingdom. I have been here a few times, but not in this palace. But today I come here as a candidate of Accord, whose job will not be complete if we didn’t visit this accient kingdom, and I cannot come to this kingdom without coming to Visit His Majesty.

“I therefore want to thank you and your council of Chiefs who I know have busy schedules, but have made out time to receive us. Thankfully we have also planned that, by the Grace of God, the administration that we shall form from May this year, we are going to hold quarterly meetings with the council that we shall create, called, “the council of Chiefs and Elders”, because the wisdom that flows from the institution of the Chiefs is not the wisdom that our Government can afford to do without. So we shall tap into that wisdom and ensure that we make usefulness of it.

“Majesty! we can see that this is a beautiful place, and you have also described yourself like a farmer,

“So we understand that that there is a need for us to do something. A lot of things have been said about me, some say I am a Philanthropist, I am a good man, I help people, and all that. But that’s not enough. But you need also the Head, that what’s important even in the times that we are in, is whether or not I have the capacity to expand the economy that will accomodate all of us. Whether or not I have the capacity to strengthen our institutions of State to hold all our aspirations, that’s key. That whether or not I have the disposition to spread opportunities across board, Because as my father will always say, that, “we all cannot be born Tall, Rich and Handsome”, that is why you need a government that will create a level playing field, and ensure that each and everyone of us has a fair chance of success in this space of life.

“So, I am a lawyer by training, I have a Masters Degree from the University of London, in London school of Economics precisely. I have my first Degree at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, and of course I was brought up by C.I. Abraham, from Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Borokiri. My father has not always been a rich man, so, my first primary education was at St Andrews Primary School before they took me to go and stay with my father at Captain Amangala, and then I have to attend Municipal Primary School, Churchill, before I was taken to Township School, Moscow Road. I have also been fortunate to have been “called to Bar”. Today, I am the Chairman of one of the very few indigenous companies in Oil and Gas, that have done tremendously well.

“Got on board with the smallest sales but we were the first to hit production, and Today, by the very special Grace of God, by June this year, when we will invite the Minister to come and commission the new gas plant that we have put in, we will be the first indigenous company to achieve Zero flare. So, we have taken that very small company of no more than 2000 barrels of production into something very very gigantic, and I am the Chairman of that company. I feel that, that will recompense growing something from the scratch into something big.

“So, I think that my cerebral capacity, my capacity to manage resources, to grow economy, to expand economy will not be challenging. So, when I say that looking at what we have, that the minimum that we intend to do is to move this economy from the $20B GDP that we derive annually to the $350B in 12 years.

“I will not be Governor in the next 12 years, But the road map would have been set to put Rivers State in autopilot, and by the special Grace of God, if in 16 to 20 years we do not overtake Lagos State as the 5th Largest economy in Africa, we would be very close to it, and probably the 6th Largest economy in Africa,”, he said.

The Governorship candidate went further to Marshall out his plan for Rivers State and her people rising from what he Intends for Bolo kingdom, especially pointing to the opportunity given it by the presence of the Refinery close to them, and how he Intends to use utilize that opportunity for something greater than what has been seen or experienced.

He however added, “Politics is war, but one without bloodshed. It is war against hunger, against poverty, against hate, against bitterness, against all that is against the success and progress of the people. As such, when we together fight this war and have Victory, we would have become a success that the rest of the world will envy. I assure you that you will see in your own lifetime the level of transformation that my administration shall birth, such that you will appreciate”, he said.

The Governorship candidate, Dumo Lulu-Briggs then introduced his deputy, the Deputy Governorship candidate, Princess Tambari Hilda Dedam to the King, noting that, by the special Grace of God, she will be the next Executive Deputy Governor of Rivers State that will function with executive powers.

He added, “the Rivers State that we used to know is a State where there used to be love, unity and Oneness, and we were so proud that each time we tune to our Radio stations, all that we wake up to listen to was, “Love Rivers State or leave her alone, don’t pull her down, think what you can do for her, engage yourself in meaningful activities, No room for gossips, Do something meaningful!”, he stated.

“Majesty, we forgot so soon that this was the dream, Rivers State was put together because of prosperity, the one thing that binds us together was prosperity. We were never divided, even though we have diverse tribes, we were bonded in love. Today we have become Ogoni, Kalabari, Ikwerre, Okrika, etc. It wasn’t so before, but were all binded in Onessnes. This is why we have to reintroduce that prosperity, the one thing that holds all of us together, the very essence our forefathers fought and died so that we will continue in love. So that when we tune in to our Radio, we would continue to hear this song we used to hear, “Rivers State is a great State, Yes my friend that’s not in doubt, Rivers State will remain great only if you put in your Best, You can do it, I can do it, We all can do it if we try, so let’s do it, let us do it, let us make Rivers State great, We must make Rivers State great, Don’t let this chance pass us By!”, he sang.

In his response, HRM, King, Sir Acheseinimie Micah Frank JP Bolo Luka V111, Amayanabo of Bolo kingdom thanked the Governorship candidate, his Deputy and the rest of his entourage for the visit, and further stated how impressed he was with the great dreams, vision and plans he has for the State. According to him, the best is what the State needs, and a leader that will have the good of the State at heart. He further wished the team well and prayed that God will grant them their wishes, and that they are always welcome to Bolo Kingdom in the carrying out of their campaign activities whenever they are so Ready to do so.

The party faithfuls in Bolo and the people of Bolo were excited at the presence of the Rivers Accord train, and unequivocally expressed their support, believe, Acceptance and Trust to the party, assuring uncompromising Delivery to the party.

While addressing the people, the Governorship candidate, Dumo Lulu-Briggs thanked them for their show of love and acceptance. According to him, Today they have come to join them in their fasting and praying program, owing to the Truth that this journey, this contest, this mission they have embarked upon is one led by God, and there is No way they can miss out in such an opportunity God has prepared for them here in Bolo on a Day like this. That their Visit today is anchored on the promises of God connecting form Bolo Kingdom through this fasting and prayer festival. Therefore, Today’s mission is a campaign for God in Bolo, not for Party, he said.

The team then used the opportunity to stop by at Ogu, to commission the party’s LGA Secretariat.

As usual of the bearer of solution in this hour, Dumo Lulu-Briggs who is never weary of well doing, on his way back stopped by at the “Model Primary Health Care Centre, Ogu”, where he touched lives, removing financial burdens from the shoulders of many.

Iyene Douglas
State Publicity Secretary,
Rivers Accord.

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