There is something remarkable about timing. It is the ease and near-perfection with which everything falls into place despite obstacles. Today gave credence to the rightness of the timing of an Accord-led government come 2023 following the rousing welcome it received in Ikwerre LGA, as it rallies for support, whilst raising the people’s hopes with feasible promises.

Multiple thumbs up, happy faces, an atmosphere of rekindled hopefulness were all that needed to announce the grand presence of the Accord governorship campaign train in Ikwerre LGA.

Starting with a brief stopover at the palace of HRM Eze Chima Ọkpara, JP, the Nye Nwe Ali of Aluu Clan, where DLB spoke spiritedly of the economic possibilities that abound in Rivers State; poignantly discussed with the elders and people, his plan to move the state from a 20 million dollar annual GDP to 300 million dollars annually in GDP through job creation and industrialisation; the campaign train traversed through Isiokpo, Omuanwa, Ozuaha and through the hearts of the people who etched their love for Accord by trailing the entourage despite the day’s intensely warm sunlight.

At Omuanwa, a community ruler described DLB as a trustworthy candidate who deserves to be entrusted with the leadership of the state. He went further to reveal he has always distanced himself from politics; but due to the sincerity of DLB’s pursuit and his willingness to work for Rivers people he is openly declaring his support for Accord.

In his speech, DLB described Rivers State as a home of diverse cultures and languages unified by the single thread of prosperity. Decrying the mismanagement of this prosperity over the years, a nightmare which has continued to widen the gap between the rich and the poor since 1999; he assured of his government’s dedication towards restoring the garden city to its glory heights as a home of prosperity for all.

“We have continued to maintain a conscientious use of language even in campaigning to avoid creating irreconcilable differences. There is so much hate in Rivers State today. But we are going to declare a war against hate, war against unemployment, war against hunger and by the time we achieve all of these, we’ve won the war against insecurity by 50%,” he added.

The Accord governorship blueprint is, without a doubt, the most conscientiously developed blueprint for governance even before winning elections – it speaks of the readiness of Accord to reposition Rivers State on course for the manifestation of 21st century-like economic miracles; the conviction of Accord faithfuls and common Rivers people about the rightness of God’s timing; and the swelling importance of a government that has the head and the heart to rescue Rivers people from the pangs of economic destitution evidenced by our 42% unemployment rate and 18% underemployment rate as revealed by the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics.

DLBs promise of jobs is not “Whining” the youths, but it is a promise that will surely be seen through the spread of opportunities and the avenues made available for businesses to thrive. He has detailed that Accord led government will promote the building of a textile market around Ikwerre’s border with Emohua, to help meet the demand for textile in the State’s growing population, build expertise in textiles, as well as provide employment opportunities in the area.

Leveraging the natural resources in Ikwere, the Accord government will promote the establishment of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) around palm fruit farming, and its downstream activities, as well as manufacturing capacity for livestock feed and related product. DLB has also promised that in the wake of his administration a Farmers‘ Market around Elele-Alimini, with road networks to nearby communities, including Isiokpo, Etche, Obio/Akpor, Emohua, and Imo State.

Rivers State will be great again, and this time it will happen accordingly. We are set to take the message of the we agenda to all the corners of Rivers State and the prosperity map we have will surely accommodate and surpass the aspirations of every law abiding Rivers person. As DLB says “By the time we are done, Rivers State will be on autopilot”, the time is now.

Tuesday was Ahoada East, Wednesday was Ọgụ/Bolo, today is Ikwerre LGA and tomorrow will be Okrika. But everyday, Accord is near you. If you have ever desired a government that puts the people first, then you have desired Accord.

Vote Dumo to Do More!!

Remember to Vote – A

1st Party on the ballot. Accord is marked as letter “A” with the thumbs up insignia.

Nia’Bari Fakae
SA Media, Dumo Lulu-Briggs
Accord Governorship Candidate
Rivers State.

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