Thursday, January 12, 2023 was a day of joy and celebration for the great peoples of Ikwerre LGA, as they turned out enmasse, to welcome and join the exciting road show which which Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, River Accord Governorship candidate for the 2023 election and his party Accord have embarked upon across Rivers State, not only to enlighten and sensitize Rivers people on the dire, patriotic need to get involved and participate fully

For years, a negative norm has existed in the political atmosphere of Nigeria, particularly in Rivers State, where whatever a popular political party decides, it becomes a law. It is said, even if that particular popular party brings in a mediocre to rule the people, that decision stands, and then the error rubs off on the people to the demeaning of the very living standard of the residents of that Society, Be it a country, State or even a Local Government Area. An existing norm that has not only retrogressed us a people, But has also afflicted our Future.

It has affected our educational system so badly that today, our youths consider education to be a scam, seeing that the blind now rules those with sight, and those with sight now act the blind while the blind act the sight, making an entire society merely exist in crass blindness.

But as God will have it, the 2023 general elections have come to birth a paradigm shift, such that has removed the scales of complacency for stagnation from the eyes of those with sight, that they now see and ready to keep the blind at its place.

No wonder, today, the electorates have decided to change the wrong narrative of Voting Party To Voting individuals. The very reason all parties now have a say, making the next election unpredictable, save that the Votes of the people will count, the people will decide, Not the popularity of any Party.

Here in Rivers State, the Rivers Accord has become the solution Giant that Rivers people look up to, that they may through it realize their aspirations. Proving that it will no more be Business as usual.

Recall that the Rivers Accord has since embarked on her campaign activities, tagging it, “Rivers Accord Guber Road Show”, taking her gospel to the streets of every residents of Rivers State.

Today, it took the Road Show to Ikwerre Local Government Area. As usual of its Governorship candidate, Dumo Lulu-Briggs, the bearer of the solution that Rivers State and her people awaits, the Team made its first point of call at the Palace of the King of Aluu, HRM Eze Chima Okpara JP, Nye Nwe-Ali, ALUU Clan.

The King and his council of Chiefs joyfully welcomed the Team, and assured them of their full support of endorsement, yet revealed to the Governorship candidate that the Stool of Aluu kingdom has not been properly recognized by the State Government since 1978, that the Clan deserves a First Class stool like other Ikwerre ethnicity, but been denied of that position. According to the spokesperson, “Why I mentioned it is because I am.very sure that you are going to be there, the next Governor of the State. So that it will be in your mind”, he said. He thanked the Team for coming, and again assured the Governorship candidate Dumo Lulu-Briggs and his Deputy, Tambari Hilda Dedam of the blessing of the Royal father.

While responding, the Governorship candidate started with the demand made by he Royal council. He said, “when you spoke here, you mentioned that this ancestral stool has not been treated properly, in fact, I didn’t know until today that this stool is still classified as a third class stool. We shall have no hesitation to upgrade this stool to First Class stool. That is because of the history and spirituality of this Community called Aluu.

“We have about Nine different communities that made it up, and we have to recognize that fact that not only will we upgrade it to a First Class stool, But that the very first thing that we will ask the DG of the campaign is whether or not he has upgraded this palace to a First Class building? When we have upgraded the stool to a First Class, this building also has to look like a first class palace,” he pledged.

The Governorship candidate then marshalled out his plan for Aluu community, when he assume office. Top of it was that, a Textile factory will be set-up in the boarders of Emohua and more that will be set-up, such that will restore the prosperity that Rivers State was created for from the very beginning. According to him, this prosperity has been so mismanaged that we have about 42% of us who are unemployed. This is a statistics from the National bereau of Statistics, and in addition to that, we have 19% of us who are underemployed.

He added, “your Majesty, the next government that we shall set up in Rives State will be a Government that will be Loved by all”, he assured. He said, “when we have restored that prosperity, you will tune to your Radio and will begin to hear those songs that reminds us of our greatness and prosperity”, he said.

The team then left the Palace and took the train to the streets on Ikwerre soil, from Aluu to Isiokpo, through Elele. The excitement from sons and daughters of Ikwerre was unprecedented, truly you can feel the level of their joy, so glaring that Accord is seen as a dream come true for Rivers people. Men, Women, Boys and Girls came out in their Numbers cheering and saying, “Dumo will Do More” for Rivers people”.

On getting to Omuanwa Community, the Team was also gloriously received by her council of Chiefs, and the Spokesperson of the community, said “Dumo Lulu-Briggs, God has chosen you to do a greater deliverance I’m Rivers State. Dumo Lulu-Briggs means Do More of the projects, more for civil servants, More for the downtrodden. There’s no doubt you are wealthy Enough, you are not going there to accumulate wealth for yourself.

“You are going to use Government wealth, State wealth and your own wealth to save the lives of Rivers people. I must unequivocally state clearly that you are in your second home, Omuanwa Town. As much as we are happy with your dignified presence, we know when you assume office in May 29th, 2023, you will remember this community in every ramifications of life. Therefore as the Tradition demands, and as the PRO of the Omuanwa Community, I have the capacity to influence and gather the Chiefs whenever you want the Chiefs to gather, whenever you want to pay further courtesy visit or want the Chiefs to come to Port Harcourt to see you, I have the capacity of both the spokesman and the Community to make that happen”, he boldly stated.

The Train then moved to Ozuaha Town, again it was a massive gathering of men, women and Youths, showing their love and acceptance, assuring Rivers Accord that indeed the Time has come for their sufferings to be put to an end, and they have chosen Accord to bring an end to the retrogression suffered by Rivers State and her people.

In all, it was a Guber Road Show for Deliverance, Liberation and a Blessing that has come upon Ikwerre Land through the hand of Accord, Rivers State.

Iyene Douglas
State Publicity Secretary,
Rivers Accord.

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