Accord is Not like the regular Nigerian political Party, No! As the only political Party whose name you can find in the Holy Book, its activities and members are always functional in the Directives of God, and therefore has made certain that in Rivers State every step of her way, the people matters first and God matters most.

So, yesterday, when the “Guber Road Show” train arrived Okrika Local Government Area, its first point of call was to join in the 40th day fasting and prayer session that the party at the LGA level, Okrika, has long embarked on, on behalf of the Party, for onward Victory at the polls.

You will recall that the 40 days prayer session was held at the LGA’s Party Secretariat, and the 40th Day was tagged, “Thanksgiving for the Victory Ahead”. It was indeed a Victorious session, as members and well meaning Okrikans gathered to give God all the Glory for the Vision to wait on Him for these 40 Days, for giving the party a God fearing Gubernatorial candidate like Dumo Lulu-Briggs to represent them in the State, especially that he was Divinely chosen as a Vessel unto honour in service to God’s people, Not for himself.

The Governorship candidate Dumo Lulu-Briggs and his Deputy, Tambari Hilda Dedam while Thanking God alongside the people, said, “Because we have heard that INEC has said, “No campaigns in Church”, all I will say in this gathering of God’s people here in Okrika is, Okrika! Wakirike!”, Okrika! Wakirike!, Okirika! Wakirike eh!!” he said. Then the men and brethren echoed in response, “ehhhh! Ibosa nor eh!. To which the Governorship candidate responded, “thank you”.

He then concluded with the Gospel song, Why worry when you can pray?; “Why worry when you can pray, Trust in Jesus and He will lead the way, Don’t be a doubting Thomas, Don’t put your trust on Chariots, Why worry worry worry, when you can pray! Okrika, Why worry, when you can pray, Trust in Jesus and He will lead the way, Don’t be a doubting Thomas, Don’t put your Trust on chariots, why worry worry worry, when you can pray!” “God bless Okrika, God bless this wonderful land and her great people. Thank you”, he said.

After a heartfelt thanksgiving to God Almighty, the Train then went about her “Guber Road Show” in Okrika, to which it was quite revealing to every discerning mind that indeed God is a prayer answering God, as residents of Okrika came out in their Numbers to courageously declare to Rivers Accord that Okrika needs a True change, and the people of Okrika are fully in support of the rescue mission the Rivers Accord has embarked on, notifying them of their readiness to give their Votes to this party that has come to give and Not take, ready to produce and not to consume and has the people’s interest at heart.

Yes it was intended to be a Road Show, But because of the terrain of Okrika, the Governorship candidate of Accord, Dumo Lulu-Briggs, turned the supposed Guber Road Show to a “Door to Door Guber Walk Show”, directly feeling the pulse of every resident of Okrika.

The Governorship candidate whose lifestyle it has become to seek for an avenue to be a Blessing to humanity, took the “Door to Door Guber Walk Show” to the market at Ochochiri junction in Okrika. At the market, Dumo Lulu-Briggs bought from every table, to which every mother, woman at the market cannot hold back their joy, it was joy unspeakable for them. Some had to close for the day, thanking God for sending a rescuer, for many of them had not made a single sale all Day, before the arrival of the Train.

But at the Visit of Rivers Accord and its Governorship and Deputy Governorship candidates, their fear disappeared, burdens lifted and souls got healed. As mothers, they sent their prayers to the one true servant leader, Dumo Lulu-Briggs that God has sent to Transform lives in Rivers State, that God will lead him through and nothing shall stop him from succeeding, they wholeheartedly prayed.

After a successful and Victorious “Door to Door Guber Walk Show” in Okrika, back at the Party’s Secretariat, while fielding questions from journalists, the Governorship candidate, Dumo Lulu-Briggs, said, “The only mandate that the people of Rivers State have come to accept so far is the mandate of Rivers Accord, “the We agenda, putting the people First”. You see, the “We agenda” mandate is resonating with everybody. Today was another massive Success, as people were seen coming out in their Numbers, almost like a crowd we cannot contain, their joy so glaring that you can almost touch it, making us feel like super stars. This just tells us that there is work to be done.

“You know, I said the same thing yesterday, that “to whom much is given, so much more is expected”; Rivers people are waiting for a Government that will lift them, that will introduce prosperity into every home, that’s what we stand for.

“I think that they know we have the capacity and the great heart to do that. That is why you see that wherever we go, people come out; market women, children, artesians, everyone. It looks like someone has gone to speak to them ahead of time, and Yes! that someone is God, because God knows we are coming to work for His people. The reception is so overwhelming, we saw It in Okrika.

“Then of course, as a Party we didn’t just arrive here, there are things we did differently, because we are not the regular Nigerian politicians, we are people with Revelational knowledge. First we had a leading from God, and then it’s about understanding what the issues are, understanding what the times are, understanding the challenges of this period, and knowing how to put all that together and turn it into one massive opportunity for Rivers people.

“So, there will be jobs, jobs, jobs. There will be Peace, there will be prosperity and there will be everything that will make Rivers State a joyous place that all and sundry will see as a fruitful Home.

“But the more important thing is that, we have our work cut out for us, and we promise Rivers people that this $20b annual GDP that they see shall be child’s play, and the leap is not a 100% leap, it’s not 200%, we are talking about a leap in thousands. By the time we are out of office, our GDP will be a minimum $200b, in another 4 or so years, it will be about $350b and even beyond.

“So, all that we need to do, we are telling them in all the different Local Government Areas what we want to do. We have a minifesto, what we are going to do in the entire State and where we are going to site all our projects and the connectivity.

“By the time we speak to Rivers people through all the press conference and we unfold our agenda and minifesto, they will see. That’s going to happen sometimes next week “, the Governorship candidate of Rivers Accord, Dumo Lulu-Briggs said.

Iyene Douglas
State Publicity Secretary,
Rivers Accord.


  1. So in summary:
    -The main points from the text are as follows:
    – Accord is not like the regular Nigerian political Party, Rivers Accord.
    – Rivers Accord has a “We agenda” mandate that is resonating with the people.
    – Rivers Accord is committed to lifting the people of Rivers State and making them prosperous.
    – The Governorship candidate of Accord, Dumo Lulu-Briggs, took the “Door to Door Guber Walk Show” to the market at Ochochiri junction in Okrika.
    – The market was a success, with every mother, woman at the market not being able to hold back their joy.
    – The visit of Rivers Accord and its Governorship and Deputy


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