“D stand for Do, L stands for Life, and B stands for Better. We believe Dumo will ‘DO LIFE BETTER’ for Rivers people,” these were the words of a cross section of clergymen and women as they endorse the Accord governorship candidate, Dumo Lulu-Briggs.

The endorsement which took place Saturday 14th January at the Accord Secretariat in Port Harcourt, featured prayers, well-wishes and most importantly, the attendance of clergy people from the various local government areas of the state, under the aegis of Rivers Ministers’ Forum for Good Governance.

Notable amongst the attendees were Bishop Makuiyi Mgbara, the state coordinator of the forum; Apostle Anthony Andrew, the forum’s state secretary; including Bishop Dr Stephen Kings; Bishop Miracle Dekor and many others too numerous to mention.

Truly, this endorsement is a coincidence of faith and patriotism – a stellar demonstration of the importance of having faith in the potentials of Rivers State and working well enough to ensure it becomes as great as it should be – because faith without work is dead.

Thanking the clergy people for finding him worthy to be identified with; DLB stated that God does not choose the most qualified, he qualifies the chosen. He went further to highlight the essence of having a government that has both the head and the heart to work for the collective betterment of the people.

“We all can’t be born rich, tall and handsome. So it is the responsibility of government to create a level playing ground so that we all can have a fair chance at success in this race of life,” he added.

Vote Dumo to Do More!!

Remember to Vote – A

1st Party on the ballot. Accord is marked as letter “A” with the thumbs up insignia.

Nia’Bari Fakae
SA Media, Dumo Lulu-Briggs
Accord Governorship Candidate
Rivers State.

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