The recent spate of organized attacks against opposition political parties in Rivers State, ahead of the March 11 Governorship election in the state, continued unabated on Saturday, January 21, 2023, when the convoy of the Rivers Accord Governorship candidate, Dumo Lulu-Briggs was attacked by thugs, allegedly organized by the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP leadership, in Igbo-Etche, a popular community in Etche LGA, Rivers State.

A statement by the Rivers Accord publicity Secretary, Mr. Iyene Douglas, titled: ATTACK ON THE CONVOY OF RIVERS ACCORD BY PDP THUGS IN IGBO-ETCHE, A SMALL IMAGINATION THAT CANNOT STOP A DIVINE MISSION, gave a detailed and graphic account of what transpired. The statement reads in part:

“As a party we have said it time without number that the Reason we are in this race is for the sole purpose of total transformation, where our Youths will not only be gainfully employed, but will not allow themselves to be used unfruitfully by those who don’t have their interest at heart but to selfishly use them to destroy lives and properties, and then deny them of the great destinies God has purposed for them.

“Yesterday, the party took its “Guber Road Show” to Etche Local Government Area, and was unnecessarily attacked by some PDP thugs at Igbo-Etche. The PDP thugs went straight for the Vehicle of the Governorship candidate, on the convoy of the Accord Guber Road Show Train, raining bullets, throwing bottles, stones and other dangerous weapons on the train, to which the Vehicle of the Governorship candidate, Dumo Lulu-Briggs suffered severe damage.

“Other vehicles on the convoy conveying party faithfuls were also attacked while making the needed emergency reverse, paving way to many receiving bodily injuries, mostly women, forcing the the medical team in the convoy to make an emergency evacuation of the wounded to the Hospital.

“Fortunately, the Hospital Van in the convoy was so equipped that those whose injuries were so severe, especially such with bullet wounds and deep cuts from the bottles thrown at us were given the needed surgeries, before arriving at the hospital. As God will have it, there was no loss of lives in the Rivers Accord team.

“It will interest Rivers people and the rest of Nigerians to know that the Rivers PDP has come to the realization that Rivers people are ready to decide their future, as such not willing to compromise it with the usual mannerism of decetful political sagacity which is always associated with lies, lies and many pathological lies that have ended up impoverishing the citizens at the end of an administrative two tenures. As such, just as the devil who has most times known the great Destiny of a man, will always fight that man on his pathway to that greatness with all manner of bottlenecks until he makes sure he doesn’t fulfil that greatness, so has the Rivers PDP decided to stop Rivers people on their path to breakthrough, in this pathway of the 2023 election, to stop us from arriving at our desired destination.

“They started by taking us (the rest of other parties) to the courts, in matters that doesn’t in any way concern them (internal party affairs). They didn’t succeed, because the Truth is as plain as Light, and cannot be handtwist to lies. They lost embarrassingly and very shamefully, because, Rivers State must make progress and arrive at her desired destination.

“Just as the devil never stops, they fearfully and as weaklings resorted to decreeing all manner of inconsequential orders. As God will have it, Rivers people having cried to Him for their freedom from the bondage the present PDP administration has put them, even the devilish orders they gave to stop other parties from campaigning, God turned it perfect for the best campaign strategy for the Rivers Accord, God being the best Strategist and working for the Rivers Accord.

“Again, they saw that the orders they gave with the intent of working against Rivers people is now working against them and working for the people of God, they now have pathetically and so foolishly come so low as to physically carry out the 3 points agenda of the devil they represent, “Steal the lives of Rivers people, Destroy the lives of Rivers people and Kill the lives of Rivers people.

“But you know what? Like the Governorship candidate, Dumo Lulu-Briggs has always reiterated, “the Reason he is in this contest is for Rivers people to have their Deliverance, Liberation and become a Blessing to themselves and their future, experience unspeakable joy and become the Prosperity that God has always purposed Rivers State to be”. It is for this reason the Rivers Accord is not ready to relent from this pursuit that has become an unstoppable movement, irrespective of this incessant attacks aimed at stopping Rivers people from being Liberated.

“So, after making certain the wounded were attended to and in a safe zone, the “Rivers Guber Road Show” train undeterredly proceeded to Ndashi Community in Etche, to continue with its Road Show (walk) and commission her party Secretariat in the LGA.

The train however made a brief stop at Akwu community at the invite of a renowned Chief who also felt that the unfortunate incident was quite embarrassing, sad, uncalled for and Not in the character of Etche people, especially to a noble character as the Governorship candidate of Rivers Accord who is a known light to Rivers people, an individual that has become an institution going by the way and manner he has impacted many lives in the area of Human Capital Development, from his hard earned individual resources.

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