With 3,532,990 registered voters, Rivers State makes INEC chart as one of the states with the highest number of registered voters ahead of the 2023 elections. While this impressive number resonates the desire of common Rivers people for peaceful elections where they can freely choose who governs them, some political desperadoes have continued to work tirelessly to limit the options of credible candidates available to the masses.

As the elections draw closer, those skeptical about the quality of their manifestoes or performances, over the years, to win the votes of everyday Rivers people have taken to bullets to violently trump the potential verdict of the ballot. A few days back, the media were awash with stories of attack against one of the opposition parties in the state. Today, the Accord Campaign Train was attacked by suspected members of the ruling party while on a roadshow to sensitise the people on the need for a government that puts the people first, a government with a detailed blueprint of what it wants to do for, by, and with Rivers people – the government Accord shall form.

The attack which happened around the area of Igbo-Etche recorded no casualty, as the peace-loving guber candidate of Accord, Dumo Lulu-Briggs, made a U-turn as a way of de-escalating what would have turned into a gory situation.

Undeterred and resolute in his commitment to preach to as many Rivers people as possible the opportunities lurking around them and the central role of government in unlocking these opportunities, Dumo Lulu-Briggs made stops at other communities in Etche with the day’s event coming to a crescendo in Ndashi, Etche.

Addressing DLB, the people of Ndashi described him as good man with the interest of Rivers people at heart. They further emphasized the need for sustainable jobs for the teeming youths of the community, a need they believe will be met by a DLB led administration.

Speaking to the chiefs, men, women, youths and even children who all came out in droves to welcome the Accord train, DLB hinted the people of the economic megaplan of Accord, especially as it relates to Etche Local Government Area. Topping the list of his priorities for the people of the LGA, were plans to create jobs, foster industrialisation and open up the LGA for 21st century-styled investments which will in turn guarantee the prosperity of the people.

Recall, Dumo Lulu-Briggs had earlier decried the level of hate in today’s Rivers State. And he blamed this on the dwindling prosperity levels of the state due to years of economic backwardness. Rivers state is a melting pot of diverse cultures, people and experiences; all united by the common thread of prosperity. It is the absence of prosperity that has led to the balkanisation of the state into fractions of politico-ethnic sentiments.

The warm reception, the welcoming ambience and their echoes of deep-seated conviction in the sincerity of the Accord mandate all signified one thing – that the people of Etche are more than ready to vote ACCORDINGLY.

While the ambassadors of poverty are trying to employ their regular trademark of using bullets to scare people away from exercising their franchise through the ballots, we urge Rivers people to remain focused and not be jaded. Definitely, the goliaths will always fight, but the Davids will always win.

Vote Dumo to Do More!!

Remember to Vote – A

1st Party on the ballot. Accord is marked as letter “A” with the thumbs up insignia.

Nia’Bari Fakae
SA Media, Dumo Lulu-Briggs
Accord Governorship Candidate
Rivers State.

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