The paradigm shift that has no doubt changed the atmosphere of Rivers politics keep resonating in the minds of Nigerians, Nigerians because Rivers State through the Revelational knowledge, Not political sagacity, of Rivers Accord, is setting the pace while others (party and its candidates) keep following.

The Rivers Accord has today in the history of politics birthed a Revelational knowledged strategy that has become a standard for others to follow, even the acclaimed popular parties and parties that pride in having structures, all follow. It has now behoved on them that indeed, structure isn’t about bearing names, But about having the Right Head and Heart to lead the People to their joyous destination. This Rivers Accord has rightly proved, as all of her strategies are what the rest of the parties and candidates have embraced now to be the best applicable, and have used thus far. Rivers Accord keep showing the way.

The “Guber Road Show” that has today become the standard for proper campaign to the reaching out to the people was Revelationally introduced by the Rivers Accord, because this is the only party in Rivers State that is truly people oriented and Ready to sincerely serve the people. You know, you can only conceive what you have passion for, and give solutions to problems you sincerely desire to solve. Rivers Accord indeed is passionate about giving Rivers people the best of the satisfaction they deserve, because it remains the only party that is ready, prepared and armed with the necessary tools to heal Rivers State. Others are just there, like a dustbin; continue taking, Not giving, just take and then waste her.

So, on Thursday, January 26, 2023, “The Guber Road Show” train visited PHALGA phase 2, made a stop at the Palace of the King of Abuloma, HRH, BRIG. GEN. (RTD) BRIGHT ATEKE FIBOINUMAMA, JP, ETUM I, OBE-OMOMU-ODO OF ABULOMA, to receive his Royal fatherly Blessing.

The “Guber Road Show” Team led by the Governorship candidate of the party, Dumo Lulu-Briggs was well received by the King and his Royal council. The chairman of the Abuloma council of Chiefs, Chief (Barr) Sunny Anibitamuno Kobo Iwori, took his time to introduce the amiable Council of Chiefs, one after the other to the visiting team, and it was quite a worthy one.

Dumo Lulu-Briggs, the Governorship candidate of Accord in Rivers State, in his speech, thanked the King, HRH, BRIG. GEN. (RTD) BRIGHT ATEKE FIBOINUMAMA, JP, and his amiable wife, HM, Queen Mariam Bright Ateke Fiboinumama for receiving them. The solution bearer Dumo Lulu-Briggs said, “I see here a harmonious council of Chiefs, Chiefs that are always standing by you. Also, on our way here we see very peaceful people that are singing in harmony and dancing, this tells us that your kingdom is peaceful. It simply means, you have done the needful which is that, you have carried your people along, which is exactly what we are doing in the party that I represent, called, Accord.

“In Accord, we say we have introduced “The We agenda”, so that you no longer have a government that talk about “them” or “I”, But “We”, the Government that will include everybody.

“By the special Grace of God, we have elections coming up in February for President, National Assembly and then of course in March for Governor and the State Assembly.

“By the special Grace of God and with your Blessing, the platform on which i will be running which is the Accord, come March 11th, 2023, I shall get the maximum number of Votes higher than that of any other person who will be seeking the same office for Governor. Then again, come May 29th, 2023, By the special Grace of God, I shall be sworn in as next Governor of Rivers State.

“On that Day, I shall be sworn in together with my Deputy. Therefore, I want to crave your indulgence to use this opportunity to introduce my Deputy, Mrs Tambari Hilda Dedam, from Bani kingdom, in Khana Local Government Area. (the Deputy Governorship candidate, Mrs Tambari Hilda Dedam, stands to greet the King, the Queen and Council of Chiefs present).

“Majesty, we are your children and we have come here to seek your Blessing, the Royal Blessing that will help clear the way for us. Not just in this kingdom, but in the whole of the State. We recognize this stool and we recognize this palace, and there is a subtle request that has been made for which I want to give Voice to. When this palace was introduced, it was said that this is the temporary palace of the King. Therefore, when something is temporary, it means that it shall be replaced with something permanent.

“Majesty, I am a Chief in Kalabari Kingdom, within the Kalabari and Okrika there is no difference, that is where we come by “Wakirike”. I know what it means to be a Chief and what it takes to be a King. The minimum I will say is that, you will be given the maximum respect befitting of the King of Abuloma by the Government of Rivers State.

“Each time I listen to Kings, what goes is just overwhelming wisdom, and that is not wisdom that any State government can do without. Therefore, as one of the first policies that we shall bring to bear in the government that We shall form, is to ensure that once every quarter, we shall hold a meeting of Chiefs and Elders of Rivers State, and take the advise of that Council and form into policies that will bring about Peace, Unity and Development of Rivers State.

“I want to urge you to tell your people to be prepared for the kind of growth we are going to introduce into the fabric of our State. Our economy today is a paltry $20b annual GDP, so we can see why things are difficult. By the special Grace of God, I have been tested at several places, and I have been known as someone who has tremendous capacity to expand the economy to accommodate all of us. But the sort of expansion we are talking about here is not little expansion, Not the expansion by 10%, 30% or a 100%. The plan is to take the economy of Rivers State from a $20b annual GDP to a $350b annual GDP in 12 to 16 years.

“Majesty, we will not be in office for 12 or 16 years, the maximum we are allowed is 8 years, and we are believing God that because of the level of performance that we shall put in place, the election that will take place in 4 years after the 2023 election shall be a walkover, because Rivers people would have seen the amount of work we have put in, and by the time we are through in 8 years, the foundation for the exponential growth would have been made public, and the works would have been blissful everywhere. So much so that Rivers State would too big to fail, even if you have very dull hearts to succeed us, Rivers State would have become too big at that point to fail. That is the level of development we hope to put in place.

“This is why as you can see, we are mindful of the kind of language we employ, because we do not seek to create irreconcilable difference, We want all hands on deck, because the task ahead of us is humonguos, and we have pledged to use the best of us to work for the rest of us. Therefore, everybody will be welcomed in the Government that we shall form. It will not matter where the person is coming from, even if you are in the APC, PDP, APGA, whenever you are and wherever you are from, Once you are a credible and a capable hand, the Government of Rivers State will employ that hand to bring about that credibility to bear in the government that we shall form.

“This is why we say, that in our own situation, it is, “as e dey sweet Dem, e go dey sweet us”, “as e dey sweet us, e go dey sweet Dem “. There shall be no pain, because you see, every society is only as strong as the weakest in that Society. Therefore, the minimum that we can do is to raise the living standard of everyone, enthrone peace and unity, so that we can be known again as one big Rivers family. This was what we were known as, Every parent was a parent to every child in the neighborhood. As a child growing up things were slightly difficult for us, I had more food to eat in my neighbor’s than mine, every home welcomed every child, that’s the spirit that we want to rekindle.

“That spirit we had was because Rivers State was prosperous, the thing that Rivers State was created to do was to provide prosperity for all. This is why those days what we used to listen to on Radio was this, “Love Rivers State or leave her alone, Don’t pull her down, Do what you can do for her, engage yourself in meaningful activities, no room for gossips, Do something meaningful!”.

“Majesty, we were so loving of ourselves that even in our worst moments when we got to quarrel amongst ourselves, seconds later we would have turned the quarrel into a song like this, “selense tufiakwa jealousy, I have no time to talk to you, talking to you is a waste of time, so under my capacity!”. Majesty, I am taking us back memory lane, so we all recall who we were and who we are today and that will help us determine who we shall be tomorrow. It is important that we continue to love ourselves, we continue to see everybody as family, for this is what will bring prosperity to us all.

“It is this prosperity that will enable us to wherever we go, will again remind us of the song we used to hear those days on radio, “Rivers State is a great State Yes my friend that’s not in doubt, Rivers State will remain great only if you put in your Best, You can do it, I can do it, we all can do it if we try, so let’s do it, let us do it, let us make Rivers State Great, We must make Rivers State great, Don’t let this chance pass us by!”. Thank you and God bless you, Your Majesty”.

In his response, the King thanked the Rivers Accord “Guber Road Show” Train for coming. Thanked the Governorship candidate and his Deputy for finding his palace and kingdom worthy for such a Visit. According to him, he is a father to all, and therefore would only bless all as his position as a King requires of him. He gave his Royal Blessing to the Governorship candidate and his Deputy, counselled the followers, prayed for God’s safety, protection and success as they go about their campaigns.

You will recall that the Rivers State chapter of Accord has been known for its acceptance by all, as the only party with such Revelational knowledge that has the capacity to bring solution to the predicaments of Rivers State, with a Governorship candidate that has the Right Head and Heart to Deliver, Liberate and bring the Right Blessing that Rivers State and her people deserves. It is on this note that as the train left the Palace of the King of Abuloma, the road was filled with the presence of Rivers lives, down to the Femie market and the Elekahia market, people keep appreciating in show of love and a hope to significant to ignore, that finally, they can be sure that in the hands of Dumo Lulu-Briggs under the Accord, they can have a Voice of their own, an opportunity to become something in this life that over the years they have experienced none other than severe pains and deceitful tongues.

The widows in Abuloma specifically gathered themselves for the sole purpose of praying for the Guber candidate, Dumo Lulu-Briggs for him to succeed and have Victory. According to them, this is because they know him to be their burden bearer, that he has over the years, in and out of seasons personally been the husband, father, brother and friend of the widows. That they are certain that he will Do More, if given the opportunity.

The market women at Femie and Elekahia markets weren’t left out in these prayers, as the women keep expressing their acceptance and love for the Guber candidate, praying that whatever that will stand against his Victory at the polls shall not exist or live to see the next second. That such a man is who the State needs at this point in time to succeed and make the progress that the people of Rivers State have dreamt of, such that will restore her Dignity. They prayed fervently as stretch forth their hands towards him, even as they promise to preach and take the gospel of Dumo will Do More to all nooks and crannies.

Capturing the hugely successful and very peaceful road show in PHALGA Phase 2, the Rivers Accord 2023 Guber candidate Dumo Lulu-Briggs, wrote the following on his verified social media handles:


Yesterday was another exciting time for me and Accord as the Accord Guber Roadshow hit Elekahia and Abuloma axis of PHALGA. It is fair to say that the love we have as a party is pure and organic; the type that makes people run after your campaign train just to get something that identifies them with you. 

Everyday I see old women, men, children, artisans and the simple people of Rivers State run after Accord, it speaks to my mind, emboldening my resolve to build a State with the lowest poverty rate in Nigeria. Phalga stands in the heart of my resolve to make Rivers State great again through ensuring prosperity for all. 

I thank the King of Abuloma, His Royal Highness,  Brig. Gen, (Rtd) Bright Ateke Fiboinumama JP, for his warm reception and his sound advice to my team and I. We had a refreshing time, and one of the highest points of my day was when the widows of Abuloma poured out their hearts in prayer for me. For their sake, I remain resolute to make their prayers, dreams and aspirations a reality. Truly Rivers State belongs to all of Us, and oneness and progress is assured with Accord. 

I thank the people of Abuloma for coming out in their numbers and the show of love. Hold me by my words, Rivers State will be too big to fail after my tenure in office. My commitment to the people of Rivers State is simply to ensure prosperity for all, so help me God.

Remember to Vote Dumo to Do More!!

Remember to Vote – A 

1st Party on the ballot. Accord is marked as letter “A” with the thumbs up insignia.

Iyene Douglas
State Publicity Secretary,
Rivers Accord.

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