The Rivers State chapter of Accord is not relenting in its plan to Restore the Dignity of Rivers State, irrespective of the unfriendly distractions as unnecessarily characterized by the present PDP led administration in the State; the Party has remained resolute as it continues to drive the Rescue Mission Train through the nooks and crannies of the State.

On Thursday, February 2, 2023, when the Party took the Train to Obio-Akpo, a Road Show the Party tagged, “Rivers Accord Guber Road Show, Obio-Akpo phase 1”, as usual, it turned out to be a huge success.

Recall that the Rivers Accord is the only party that is having great and Genuine acceptance from residents of Rivers State, Rivers people knowing that the 2023 election is an opportunity to create for themselves a flourishing future that will be reflective in their lives and generations yet unborn.

Going through the different communities in Obio-Akpo constituency 1, the people expressed genuine acceptance to the party and the Governorship candidate of the party, Dumo Lulu-Briggs. According to them, his developmental ideas that have practically made him a success as an individual, made Rivers lives a success through his personal resources and his high level of humility in reaching out to the downtrodden, is an evidence that he will “Do More” if given the chance to lead Rivers people. As such, the time has come for them to take their Destinies in their own hands by Voting for such a man that has practically put himself in a position of doing what Government ought to do for her people, even though he has never been in the corridors of power

When the “Rivers Accord Guber Road Show” Train team made that humble stop at the Palace of the King of Rumurolu Kingdom, HRH Eze (Amb) Dr G.N. Chukwumgba, Eze Empara Mgba II, Paramount Ruler, Nye Nwe Eli Rumurolu, Evo Kingdom and his amiable Wife, Igo Lolo Kanabari Chukwumgba, the welcome and acceptance was quite revealing of love, trust and willingness of a transformation for a people that are desirous of True change.

While speaking on the purpose of Visit, the Governorship candidate of the Accord in Rivers, Dumo Lulu-Briggs greeted the Royal council in their tribal tongue, proving that he believes in One Rivers State and will be in service to all Rivers people irrespective of divers tribes and tongues. He then went ahead to thank the Royal father and his council of Chiefs for the overwhelming show of love and acceptance, adding that it can only be God. He added, “Your Highness, this is the great Obio-Akoo, the most populous Local Government in Rivers State. We have greater Port Harcourt, and this is supposed to be part of greater Port Harcourt. But as we come here, we understand that there is a whole lot more to be done.

“First of all, even the Trans-Amadi, the 1000 hecters Trans-Amadi industrial layout is not functional, and a lot of your children who were gainfully employed in the different industries, we shall revive, we shall duly resuscitate those industries and more.

“There is a medical project which was also initiated, but was abandoned, All of that we shall bring to bear, when we form the next Government.

“What we are therefore saying, your Highness, is that your kingdom is blessed, your Local Government is Blessed, and in the plan to move us from a $20b annual GDP to $350b annual GDP in 12 to 16 years, this local Government Area is central in the activities that we have planned.

“Obio-Akpo will be a super city, because of it because everything will be well planned. People will no longer go to Dubai on Holidays, they will be coming here on Holidays. That is the plan that we have.

“You cannot have City status and cannot have water flow in your house. By the special Grace of God, what we have to do will not be just to throw Bricks and Mortars here and there, everything will be under a master plan that will ensure that If we say this is a City, then it is indeed a City. If we say it is a super city, then it is indeed a super city.

“We shall make sure that your children will be well educated, come out of school and have jobs, they will have the best jobs. Be sticked to innovations, because we shall prioritize education. Such that people, even the foreigners (the Whites) will come here to study, and we will charge them overseas student’s fees which we shall use those revenues to train our own children.

“Your Highness, please, go to rest and be assured that the exponential growth that Rivers State will witness, that Obio-Akoo and indeed your community is priority, because we are certain of all the things that we said we are going to do, and in the plan to connect all our upland areas to the Atlantic, Obio-Akoo is central in all of those plan. Therefore, I want to tell you that you will be happy that you prayed for us, You will be happy that you urged your people to Vote for us, and when we form our government, you will tell them, “this is why I asked you to go and do what I asked you to do”. We shall not disappoint you.

“By the special Grace of God, we have our minifesto, which is that in all our different LGAs, we know where we are going to cite where and why! Because we have a plan on where we want to be in 12 to 16 years. We will not be in office in 12 to 16 years, by the special Grace of God we know that we shall do well, and when our time is over, no matter how joyous Rives people may be over our great service in good works, we shall leave, and will not be involved in trying to ensure that our friends succeed us or our brothers succeed us or our family person succeed us, Rivers people will decide who shall succeed us.

“Your Highness, I thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity to appear before you to speak to you and your people on what we are bringing to the table for Rivers people to through it succeed, excel and become owners of their businesses and owners of their homes.

“I also use this opportunity to introduce to you my Deputy who will by the Grace of God become the Executive Deputy Governor of Rivers State, come May 29, 2023, Mrs Tambari Hilda Dedam. She is from Ogoni, as is your amiable Wife and Lolo. Together we shall make you proud of our Administration. Thank you and may God continue to bless your Reign”.

In response, the King thanked the Governorship candidate and his team for finding his Kingdom worthy to Visit, and prayed that God will lead him and his Deputy through and through for them to succeed in their pursuit to bring a lasting Prosperity to Rivers people. According to the King, “I, my community, Chiefs and Elders are very happy to receive you. It is our wish and prayer that you succeed in all your endeavours, may Almighty God favour you in all that you do, in Jesus name”, the King prayed, and all present echoed a resounding Amen!

The train then continued with her Road show, to which the people showed great acceptance of the party and the candidacy of Dumo Lulu-Briggs, expressing unending love, believe and trust.

As usual of the Guber candidate, he stopped by at the Rumuokwurishi and Oil Mill markets respectively, where the market women also expressed their acceptance with a resounding echo of “Dumo will Do More”. While he interacted with them at the market, the women said, his empathy for women and Youths, especially the widows and Students attracted them to him. According to them, even though he hasn’t held any government position, but sacrificially done what those that have held such positions cannot do. That such a man, if given the opportunity, he will do More, the women said.

The train also made a brief stop at Rumuokwurishi, where some youths gathered to receive the team. According to the Youths, they have keenly searched and come to the conclusion that enough is enough of the willful acceptance of lies from some politicians that doesn’t have the people’s interest at heart, that they have therefore decided to go by choosing candidates, Not party, and have come to find Dumo Lulu-Briggs as the man that the crown fits, seeing that he has the competence, the capacity, the heart and character to take them to their expected destination.

The train then preceded to the Party’s Secretariat at the LGA, Rumuokoro, where the team by the hands of the State Deputy Chairman of the party, Pastor Amabere Jamabo did cut the commissioning tape, commissioned the Party Secretariat and declared it a place where Victory will be known for the Party.

Dumo Lulu-Briggs, the Rivers Accord Governorship candidate for the 2023 election, captured the exciting and very successful road show, on his verified social media handles thus:


The DLB Guber Roadshow hit, Obio/Akpor yesterday and the experience was amazing. People rushed out of their homes and places of businesses to catch a glimpse of the Guber Train, and also catch a face-cap. Yes, Obio/Akpor truly identifies with Accord, and I was touched by the show of love yesterday.

Obio/Akpor is central and key to our prosperity plan for the Accord led government to move our annual GDP from 20Billion Dollars to 350 Billion Dollars , this is because Obio/Akpor will host one of the “Super Cities” we plan to build in our state.  Obio/Akpor is one of the most populated and metropolitan areas in Rivers State; with several businesses and economic activities and we intend exponential growth of its industrial capacity and economy.

We will tackle the prevalent sewage crisis in Obio/Akpor to ensure the safety of lives and property. The Accord led administration will develop a sewerage masterplan for your LGA, to address the perennial problems of blocked drainages and flooding in the area.

Because Obio/Akpor sits in the heart of our prosperity map for Rivers State, we will work tirelessly to restore it’s industrial development capacity. The Accord led administration will industrialize Obio/Akpor by revitalizing the 2,500-acre (1,000-hectare) Trans-Amadi Industrial Estate, partly located in the area. 

The Accord led government will move Rivers State back to its productive glory. We will help to resuscitate the various manufacturing activities in Obio/Akpor LGA, including glass products, paper, aluminium, tyres, and other industrial products. Revitalizing Trans-Amadi will promote spillover effects into neighbouring areas such as Woji, Rumuola, and D-Line.

There are many other developmental paths to explore for the people of Obio/Akpor, and by God’s special grace, we will ensure that there will be no wasted project. Our administration will revisit the Greater Port Harcourt Project, and optimize it, in your interest, in light of recent developments in the State.

I can already see the surge of prosperity for the people of Obio/Akpor and I remain committed to ensure that Rivers State enjoys its best years under the leadership of Accord. Obio/Akpor will grow in capacity simply because there will be too many opportunities ensuring that everyone thrives, and prospers.

I am grateful for the warm reception of HRH EZE G N. CHUKWUMGBA, Eze Empara Mgba II, Paramount Ruler, Nye Nwe-Eli, Rumurolu, Evo Kingdom. I know that your love for your people shown in your faith in me will be rewarded by the properties your people will enjoy.

Hold me by my words, we know that we shall do well, and when we are done, we shall not be involved in who succeeds us, whether our brothers or friends, but will allow Rivers people to decide that. 

I am grateful for the warm reception and I know that Obio/Akpor stands with Dumo Lulu-Briggs and Accord. 

Thank you for the love

Thank you for your vote.

Iyene Douglas
State Publicity Secretary,
Rivers Accord.

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