“If somebody who has nothing is crying of hunger, it can be understood. But if somebody who has something is crying of hunger, it is suffering. And there pose to be a problem if that person crosses a certain threshold of endurance. We’re not bothered about party, we’re looking at the integrity of a person. We believe in you as much as you present yourself and believe in us. And Rivers State is capable of directing the economic activities of this country.”

These were some of the words of H.H. Chief Peter W. Olukanwi, the Paramount Ruler of Ekongor Community in Alesa, Eleme, as he welcomes the Accord Guber Campaign Train led by the party’s governorship candidate, Dumo Lulu-Briggs.

Nia’Bari Fakae, SA Media, Dumo Lulu-Briggs, Accord Governorship Candidate, Rivers State, disclosed in a report that, in continuation of its grassroots sensitisation rally, the Accord campaign train stormed the streets of Eleme LGA on Wednesday, February 8, 2023.

And in consonance with what has become a culture for the campaign – a culture oiled by DLB’s deep reverence for the abundance of wisdom resident in the traditional institution and his dream to see such timeless wisdom and institution accorded the prestige they deserve contrary to what’s obtainable in today’s Rivers State – the train made its first stopover in Eleme at the Palace of the paramount ruler of Alesa community and was warmly welcomed by the people, chiefs and elders who decried the wide gap between the reality of our dear state and its potentials and reposed their confidence in Dumo’s ability to lead Rivers people into God’s promises for them.

Not surprised by the warm reception of Eleme people but enthused by the intensification of the grassroots demonstration of love for Accord with every successive roadshow, DLB thanked the elders and re-emphasized his commitment to not failing them.

Opening the imaginations of the people on the immense possibilities resident in our dear state, he highlighted a few of Accord’s plans for Rivers State in general and Eleme especially as captured in our manifesto and minifestoes respectively.

“The next elections is about the ordinary man and woman on the streets. This election is critical and we have decided that we don’t only have a manifesto but minifestoes as well. On the 13th of February, 2023, we have a townhall and shall unveil our manifesto and minifestoes.

“This is something that is not just the first in the history of Nigerian politics but as well in the history of African politics. We have outlined what we want to do and where we want to do them. Our goal is to move our annual GDP from a paltry 20bn to 350bn. We would have done enough that by the time we leave the government, Rivers State would have been too big to fail,” he revealed.

“By the time we are done, we shall not be judged by the number of bricks and mortars we have built, but by the number of households we’ve lifted from poverty into prosperity and from prosperity to yet a greater prosperity,” he further added.

The rally also witnessed a criss-crossing through the streets of Eleme and interaction with market people and everyday Rivers men and women who were clothed in the excitement of the possibility of having a government cum governor they can touch, feel and see – Accord’s style of government.

Remarkably, Accord also underpinned its grassroots presence in Eleme with the commissioning of the party’s secretariat. The women present rendered a rendition in acknowledgement of DLB’s ability to Do More, especially judging by his antecedents as a private individual and going by the quality and precision of promises he is making to Rivers people as captured in his manifesto and minifestoes. The youths also added yet another feather to his cap with a special award from the students’ wing who never stopped echoing “Dumo will Do More” throughout the lifetime of the day’s event.

While appreciating the women, children, men and youths of Eleme for their warm reception of the ACCORD train, DLB pledged to rekindle the long abandoned culture of bursary payments. He also emphasised that we have no greater responsibility than to build the next generation and revealed that with the investment Accord is going to make in education, the next big inventions will come from Rivers State and even if they don’t, Rivers people will be in the best position to harness them by the time they come.

Every other day, ACCORD continues to rekindle the hopes of everyday Rivers people who want a government they can feel but have never had. This may explain the surge in hands lifted up in subtle prayers, stretching forth to land an Accord branded cap as DLB shares them on the move. Their immense love for Accord is why they want to identify with the first party on the ballot, represented with letter “A” and the thumbs up insignia.

Truly, Eleme is for Accord and Accord is for Eleme.

Writing on his verified social media handles, the Accord Rivers Guber candidate for the 2023 elections, Dumo Lulu-Briggs, captured the colourful road show in Eleme thus:


Today, the DLB Guber Roadshow hit Eleme LGA and the show of love was electric. The women, the children, the business people, all cheering and hustling for the Accord face-caps. Our numbers grew as many turned from their initial destination just to follow the train and hear about Accord. Truly today, I saw that Accord has become the fastest growing party in Rivers State, evidenced by the turn out for the Eleme Guber Road Show. 

Eleme Local Government Area has shouldered the economic burden of our dear state for so long, and the Accord government has come to ensure commensurate compensation. Eleme as the host community of one of Nigerias four refineries, and home to Onne Seaport, the largest in West Africa, is still struggling with bad road networks and congestion. In spite of being a part of the Port Harcourt metropolitan area, Eleme is yet to attain its proper city status, glory and gain. 

When we form government, we will pay attention to some key developmental elements to prime Eleme into better positioning for prosperity, leveraging the advantage of positioning and access to the sea. My government will ensure that the wealth Eleme LGA has enabled us gather as a state will reflect in the lives of the people. 

Be rest assured that I am aware that the people of Eleme have to endure serious traffic congestion problems arising from the activities at the Onne seaport, the refineries and the petrochemicals. My promise to you is that we shall get rid of that problem once in power. We promise to return the peaceful ambience of your towns and villages. 

The constituent communities in Eleme LGA, including Akpajo, Alesa, Aleto, Alode, Nchia, and Onne require adequate internal road network, good road corridors to the center, and to neighboring LGAs, in order to generate increased economic growth in the area. My promise is not a random political promise of “roads”, my promise is a network of divers road corridors that ensures proper commuting of the value we generate, ensuring that all the communities are properly interconnected by road. 

The Accord government will see to the restoration and construction of new short-distance feeder roads and rail lines from the Ocean Terminal, Notore and Alesa Refinery to Rumukurushe and Elelenwo stations and from Trailer Park to Ban Ogoyi to connect a new railway line that comes from Oyorokoto and passes through Ban Ogoyi to Oyigbo. We have named this prosperity path the “Green Agro Rail Line” and Eleme stands to benefit tremendously. 

Because Eleme is part of the Port Harcourt metropolitan area, you will agree that Obio/Akpor and Port Harcourt have spilled over to Eleme creating the challenge of housing. If we are truly serious about our target to grow our annual GDP from $20Billion to $360Billion, knowing the essential role Eleme will play in the plan, we ought to anticipate more rush from people from all over seeking a better life and opportunities in Eleme. Therefore, the Accord led government will make it a state priority to develop regulated housing layouts, and promote the emergence of building cooperatives in Aleto and Alesa, with part of the interests in these cooperatives to be owned by Eleme people. 

I am sincerely grateful for the royal blessings of the Paramount Ruler, Ekongor community, Alesa-Eleme, His Highness, Emere Peter N. Olukanwi, your wealth of wisdom is one I truly cherish and look forward to tapping more of when we form the Advisory council for traditional rulers in the state. I am committed to growing the quality of life of the people of Eleme, so hold me accountable for the prosperity of your people. 

Eleme, it’s time to catch a breather, it is time to create a city that will be the envy of many, where young people will own their own businesses and thrive because they have been properly equipped with the key to prosperity through education and access to countless opportunities. 

With my whole heart, I say a big thank you to the amazing people of Eleme. 

Tell someone about Accord today, 

Vote Dumo to Do More!!

Remember to Vote – A 

1st Party on the ballot. Accord is marked as letter “A” with the thumbs up insignia.


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