Dumo Lulu-Briggs is the epitome of innovative politics in Nigeria. With the We Agenda initiative, massive roadshows, and being the 1st politician with Mini-festos speaking to the specific developmental projects to be sited in each local government area, DLB obviously has the head and the heart for the Job of governance our dear state. From the streets of Obio-Akpor to the streets of Ikwerre, to the vast agricultural landmass of Tai cum Ogoni, and wading through a sea of the admiration of the people of Eleme and Asari-Toru, the Accord Campaign Train coasted the seas to take the message of good governance to the people of Tombia and other parts of Degema on Friday, February 10th, 2023.

The federal system of government was created to guarantee even those 1,000 miles away from the seat of power in Aso Rock to feel the presence of government through their states and local governments. A second reason for the creation of this system, is the dream to see each segment of our dear nation develop at their own pace, harnessing both human and natural resources available and unique to them to reach their God given potentials.

With the return to democracy in 1999, Rivers State and Lagos were the two states forecasted for rapid development owing to the presence of international and domestic airports, and seaports in both states. Rivers State even had a slight competitive advantage over Lagos owing to the precarious security situation in Lagos at that time – every street in Lagos had a street gate and by 6pm, these gates were shut. The insecurity in Lagos was so scary to a point where even if a wife suspects her husband of having an affair with another woman outside, the moment it is 6:00pm, she calls him to stay back wherever he was because she wants him back home alive and in one piece.

The greater competitive advantage Rivers State had over Lagos was the presence of the petrochemical and NAFCON, and all the oil multinationals also by military decree had their headquarters here as at that time. It is by no chance or sheer mistake was our dear Rivers State described as the treasure base of the nation.

Many years after 1999, Lagos has grown to become the fifth largest economy in Africa having grown its internally generated revenue from a paltry $14.6 billion in 1999 to a humongous $418.99 billion dollars by the year 2020, as reported by the Guardian newspaper on the 22nd of June, 2021.

Contrarily, Rivers State has become a shadow of itself: with 42% unemployment rate, 19% underemployment rate, crawling small and medium enterprises, about 188,590 out-of-school children which puts us on the top five states with many of its school age children out of school as reported by the National Bureau of Statistics in 2020, rising insecurity and youth emigration. Even more disturbing is the retirement of our people into the small cleavages of their varying ethnic blocs because the common thread of prosperity that binds us all together has slowly but steadily been replaced by the choking grip of poverty around our necks and everyone is now scampering into their shells by a way of self-preservation.

The staggering disparity between today’s Lagos and Rivers states is caused by a mix of so many factors, with effective or ineffective administration of each state topping the list. To fix problems of leadership and straighten the crooked paths on our mission to the Rivers State of our dreams is the reason Accord is vying to form the next government.

Remarkably, our strides can only take us where we set our sights. This engenders the importance of not just having a government with a manifesto, but one with a manifesto that is in tune with the gory realities of our dear state, howbeit, designed to bring to life our glorious potentials. Accord not only have a manifesto, but as well minifestoes which highlight its plans for each of the 23 LGAs in Rivers State based on the subtle uniqueness of each setting.

It is the vision of a prosperous Rivers State – one with its annual GDP grown from its current paltry sum of $20 billion per anum to $350 billion in the next 12 to 16 years – that DLB shared with the chiefs, men, women and youths of Tombia yesterday.

Evangelising the Accord mandate to the people of Tombia was akin to preaching to the choir, because even before his arrival, the people have been anticipating and yearning for DLB. Donned in the regalia of Accord – wearing garments of hope and fresh air – they came out in their numbers, singing, chanting, dancing and waving hands for the man they described as the chosen one to liberate Rivers State.

A detour through the waterways of Abonnema, still in Degema Local Government Area, landed the train in the Degema Consulate, one of the oldest consulates in Nigeria which DLB promised to transform into its city status, the elders prayed for DLB from the depths of their hearts, passionately appealing to God almighty that the miracle of a DLB-led Rivers State should happen in their lifetime for they believe the people can only rejoice when the righteous rule. H.E. King Reuben Zechariah Amos of Udekama Kingdom in Degema also hosted the train, showering his prayers and beckoning on God to protect the one he has chosen from the evils of the day as we all wait in glorious hope of a better Rivers State. And with a final stop at the Obuama where the train was welcomed wholesomely by the chiefs and their people, it was sealed that Accord is for Degema and Degema is for Accord.

Addressing the people of Degema at the various settings the train visited, DLB consistently emphasised on Accord’s goal to industrialise Rivers State; create jobs for its teeming youths; lift people from poverty into prosperity and from prosperity to yet greater prosperity; provide relevant, accessible and quality education; grow its GDP from $20 billion to $350 billion dollars; and win the war against hatred, a vicious phenomenon which has led to the balkanisation of Rivers State and stalled its development.

“My antecedents as a private individual will speak for me. I have been providing jobs for people and that’s why whenever people ask me to tell them what I have, I tell them I have jobs; jobs for the men, jobs for the women, jobs for the girls, jobs for the boys, jobs that will last us for evermore.

“My aspiration has received the endorsements of so many persons because this is the era of personality politics. I will be governor because God wants me to be the governor, not for myself: but for the widows, the downtrodden and the youths who have no jobs. Our people are looking for that man who will remember them, especially those at the shadows of life. The hour shall find the man; I am that man and the hour has found me,” he added.

Dumo will #Domore as a mantra not only speaks of the ability of DLB to do more for Rivers people given the chance to lead this blessed state, but also speaks of the deservedness of Rivers State given to its too many natural endowments and potentials.

Accord is the first party on the ballot represented by letter “A” with the thumbs up insignia.

Tell someone about Accord today,

Vote Dumo to Do More!!

Vote ACCORDingly to put Rivers State on an auto-pilot of rapid development.

Nia’Bari Fakae
SA Media, Dumo Lulu-Briggs
Accord Governorship Candidate
Rivers State.

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