As the 2023 Governorship election in Rivers State draws nigh, the Rivers State chapter of Accord continue to minister the gospel of Truth to the people of Rivers State, taking it to all nooks and crannies, that, “Accord is the only party that has the Human face to Put Rivers people First in the everyday of their lives”.

So, on the Thursday, February 9, 2023, her “Guber Road Show” Train made it to Asari-Toru Local Government Area, with a first stop in Buguma, the Headquarters of Asalga and the maternal home town of the Guber candidate, Dumo Lulu-Briggs.

At the sight of the Train, the People of Buguma City were not only excited, but their hopes revived. Hopes that were once lost as a result of long expected breakthroughs that never came, administrations that never cared for her citizens except for themselves, Developments that are one sided, and all what have you.

Recall that it is in the light of the above and search for a lasting solution that Rivers people resolved in the paradigm shift; this time, it must no longer be Party, But indeed the individual running for the office. That it must be one with Character, Competence and Capacity. In other words, One with the Right Head and Heart to take Rivers people out of the wilderness they have long wandered in.

It is this Resolve that propelled their excitement at the sight of the Train, knowing that with the antecedents of Dumo Lulu-Briggs, the days of their wandering in the wilderness is over and their morning has come, for with him their prosperity is settled, because he has the Capacity, Character and Competence to take them to their desired destination.

In that euphoria of excitement, the people of Buguma welcomed him as he made his way to his maternal family, at Pepples’ compound.

Fluently speaking in the Kalabari native tongue to his family there, the Governorship candidate of Accord in Rivers State, Dumo Lulu-Briggs said, “the Time has come for us to put to proper use our Natural Resources that has for long been unharnessed, that we may through it become a State and a Kalabari people so financially blessed to the envying of the rest of Nigeria and the world at large. This can only be achieved if we give power to a man who has not only the head But also the heart to think Rivers people First, Rivers people Second and Rivers people in the everyday of our stay in office when you elect me and we win Together.

“I have come not just to solicit for your support, but to inform us that, it has come to that time and hour that we must be more United than we have ever been. Because this is that time that Rivers State needs us to Deliver, Liberate and become a Blessing to her.

“We all know that this is not about Kalabari and Kalabari Governor, But that this is about the Kalabari people proving to the rest of Rivers people that the Kalabaris are bearers of burdens, and at this time ready to bear the burdens of the entire Rivers State and her people by bringing prosperity to bear.

“By all indication, God has favored us this time. Our party the Accord is the first on the ballot, and the only party that is found in the Holy Book, as written in Acts 2:46, “And they, continuing daily with one Accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart, praising God, and having favour with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved”.

“Our being first on the ballot has already handed us the Victory in as much as this race is concerned. Again, the context in which the name of the party appeared in the Bible has also proved that Accord will not only bring solution to the predicaments of the State, but also bring Peace, Unity, Love and Prosperity to the State. Because, every resident of Rivers State shall be part of the Government that we shall form, and in One Accord we shall reason together on how best we can Flourish as a people.

“If you take a keen look around us, you will agree with me that the sufferings are too much, and going by our endowed natural resources and exposure as a people, No State ought to be more prosperous than we should.

“We know that the essence of our creation as a State, Rivers State, is for us all to prosper and be fruitful in all areas of our endeavors, But the opposite has been the case; No jobs, no money, no good Healthcare system, our educational system is poor, poverty everywhere. But this time as God will have it, and Together with your support, we shall stand together and have unprecedented Victory. When that Victory comes, we shall work assiduously for the success and progress of Rivers State. Because, a Victory for the Kalabaris is a Victory for the entire Rivers State.

“When we come into power, our seas shall be lively again with Ships floating on our waters, paving way for Tourism which will in turn boost our economy.

“In Rivers State, our annual GDP as at today is $20b. But with the enormous resources that we have which we shall put to fruitful use with our Head (Competence, Capacity and Character), we shall increase that paltry GDP sum to $350b annually. Therefore, it has become imperative that we take this opportunity seriously and bring to bear our prosperity as a people.

“I thank you for the overwhelming welcome, the acceptance, the trust and believe you have in my emergence, and I promise never to take this trust for granted”, he said.

The LGA Party Secretariat was then commissioned to the Glory of God, praying that it will be a place that will stand as a tool for Victory on behalf of the party at the LGA level and for the State at large.

The train then proceeded to Okpo kingdom, where Notable Kalabari Royal Highnesses and over 183 well Respected and well honored Kalabari Chiefs led by the Amayanabo of Okpo Town, HRH, King Diamond Tobin West received the “Rivers Accord Guber Road Show” team with all sense of acceptance, Trust and Believe. Clergymen, Elders, Men, Women and the Youths of Okpo kingdom were not left out in the glorious event of an all important decision making that will either make or mar their lives as a people, as such they made certain they are part of it. According to them, irrespective of the wait as a result of his engagement with his people in Buguma, the reason for the wait is worthwhile, for it’s after all about their future, that of their seeds and those yet unborn.

While speaking, the Rivers Accord Guber candidate, Dumo Lulu-Briggs thanked the Royal Highnesses, Chiefs, the Clergy and people of Okpo for the rousing welcome given him and his team. He said, “I am your Son, a great Kalabari son who as at Today, for the sake of your prayers, I am also a Chief in Kalabari Kingdom and a Paramount Head.

“Time has been far spent, as such I will not say much Today. Yet, I recall sometime last year when I visited you here, I mentioned that God has made this time our time, the Time and Turn of the Kalabaris to lead our Dear Rivers State. As such, the onus is now on the Kalabaris to choose from amongst them that Kalabari person that is Trustworthy, that can carry other Rivers tribes of Ikwerre, Ogoni, Ekpeye and every other tribes along and live with them in Peace, Unity, Love, Harmony and Prosperity, and then present him to Rivers people for the battle ahead.

“But we all know that we have over 18 political parties vying for this office, and each has a candidate to present. But as Kalabaris, we are sure that by the Special grace of God, this time we shall prevail. I also believe that other tribes and parties are in knowledge of the truth that if a Kalabari person leads the State, the State will prosper more.

“The State has a lot of Resources to harness, especially in that of the Kalabari Kingdom. We shall begin to make fruitful use of our seas; the Ships will return to seas for Tourism to take center stage. We have our job (work) cut out for us, God willing, on Monday, February 13, 2023, we shall unveil our Manifesto and duly invite you Respected Highnesses and Chiefs to come hear from us what we have to offer the State and good people of Rivers State.

“My Dear people of Kalabari Kingdom, we shall not only be unveiling a manifesto on that day, we shall also for the first time in the History of Politics, be unveiling a “Minifesto”. In the Minifesto, we have all that we have to do well outlined according to its locations in the 23 LGAs of our Dear beautiful Rivers State.

“Because we have come to find out that, as Rivers people, we have enoumous potentials, yet, have not been able to make that enoumous potentials our reality. For this reason, we plan to increase our present $20b annual GDP to $350b annual GDP in 12 to 16 years, putting our resources to fruitful use.

“As it is, even with these plans that we have outlined, Rivers people have said severally that they cannot doubt us because they have witnessed, heard and seen that my antecedents precedes me. Because, in the past I have turned something that is nothing to something, made ordinary men become extraordinary. So today, Rivers people are certain of a prompt delivery of my leadership promises.

“However, though many say that I am qualified because I am a Philanthropist, and I tell them No! That alone isn’t enough to qualify me to be the Governor of a State like Rivers State, But what is important here is if I have the Head to expand the economy to accommodate all of us? That should be the all important question.

“Now, it is because I have first the Heart, and then the Head, that the people have now wherever I have gone to campaign accepted me to be the best foot to go on this mission. According to them, the way they see it, the way things are going compared to the past, God has chosen and qualified me to go. As such, they can only join in the acceptance of God to accept me.

“As my father of blessed memory will always say, “the Hour shall find the Man”. My people, this is the hour, and it has found me, Dumo Owukori Ogariye Olu Benson Lulu-Briggs.

“I am a bonafide true son of Kalabari Kingdom, I have also evidently sacrificially loved the Kalabari Kingdom; in giving and bearing of burdens. From my departed father to me; my sacrifices as a Son of my father is by the Grace of God laced on the lips of Kalabari Sons and Daughters, and even beyond, in all the 23 LGAs of Rivers State.

“In Ogoni, by the Grace of God been blessed by a Royal father, who declared to me, “Go! for God has chosen and qualified you to be the One. Listen, God hasn’t chosen you to go there and make yourself wealthy, But that He has heard the cries of the poor, the downtrodden, the widows, the weak and needy, and that you are the only One that can wipe away their tears, for you have the Heart and the Heard to give them the needed rest”.

“This opportunity if well utilized and we are given the mandate, we shall work for Rives people in a manner that there will be no need for people to visit Dubai for holidays anymore, Dubai will rather come to Rivers State for holidays. We shall work in synergy with you Rivers Royal Highnesses and Chiefs that you all will be respected and honored, and your counsels will be a tool used as policies to better our State, for in it lies such wisdom that will not derail us.

“They said Kalabari cannot speak in one Voice, But we shall right that wrong narrative by making Rivers State proud, having known that I am that One man that this Hour has found in Kalabari Kingdom whom God has presented to you to send forth to represent you in this battle, that Victory will be ours for the benefit of the entire Rivers State and her people.

“Today, by the Wisdom of God there is the paradigm shift that has given way to the importance of individuals over party. It is about the character and sincerity of the person, not the party. But because the rule has mandated that we must contest on a platform, God has also chosen for us a platform that is positioned at No. 1, Accord. It also has the first letter of alphabets, “A”; all at first positions. Again, it has the logo of the very finger (your thumb finger) to be used to put your voting mandate, making it all easier for Voters to Vote at ease.

“My Dear Kings, Chiefs, Elders, Women and Youths, indeed you waited patiently for our arrival, and I will not take this waiting for granted. You didn’t wait because I am influencial or big, but that God designed your patience for us to sit together in One Accord as a family, to rub minds and discuss the way forward for Rivers State as a whole, by endorsing me and sending me forth for possible Victory. God has done His part, it is now left for the Kalabaris to do their part by sending me, Dumo Lulu-Briggs their best foot forward. Thank you.

“Finally, we have also planned that we shall have a committee that will be formed, a committee of Advisory body of Kings, Chiefs, Elders and opinion molders, that will sit with the Government in every quarter, whose wisdom we shall use to better our lot as Rivers people. This shall be the very first thing that we shall do when we come into power. I have also added that “my monthly salary I shall gladly give to the widows; each month to each LGA in our entire stay in office.

“Once again, I thank you for coming out to Receive us, Accept us, Trust us and Love us this much. I promise not to disappoint you on this task that you have given me. Thank you and God bless.

Iyene Douglas
State Publicity Secretary,
Rivers Accord.

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