Rivers Guber 2023: EMOHUA’LL HOST NIGERIA’S 1st TECH-CITY – Dumo Lulu-Briggs

The DLB Guber Roadshow hit Emohua and the people poured out in their numbers. The campaign train could hardly break through the sea of men, women and children greatly excited to see Accord go through their communities. Undoubtedly, Emohua is for Accord and the nature of support I have received has encouraged me tremendously.

Emoha local government area is very central in our prosperity plan for Rivers People. This is because of the countless possibilities that will stream from an Accord led government. My team and I have done the groundwork for the best plan that will ensure that Emoha produces countless young millionaires and billionaires over the period we will run government.

Rivers state is home to some of the brightest minds in the world, and this advantage we will leverage through the developmental sightings of the Accord led government. We have not come with blanket statements as politicians may be known for, instead we have proposed specific pathways to the prosperity of the people of Emohua.

It’s not because I’m from Emohua that I’m giving consideration to Emohua, but because you can’t successfully plan any meaningful development in Rivers State without capturing Emohua into the mix due to its central location, arable farm lands and vast land mass. The spirit that animates us is the desire to improve the living standards of the downtrodden and those at the fringes of life. I have seen the level of suffering around the state and I know we need to think of sustainable solutions for the poverty of our people.

When we form government, Emohua will be transformed into a TECHNOLOGY CITY that will provide computer and electronics technology, components and services, to a host of businesses and economic hubs in Rivers State. This is a futuristic development for Emohua and represents a great emancipation for its youth, as well as prosperity for all in the local government area. This is timely now because we know where the world is going, and the onus is on us to position avenues of possibilities for our youths.

What a “TECH CITY” will do for Emohua is the influx of knowledge, research institutions, investments and with direct access to the Airport and the East-west interstate highways, comes intense commercial activities. Positioning Emohua as the silicon valley of Rivers State means Emohua will be a major contributor to our projected GDP growth.

Transportation is key for the developmental strides we propose, thus we will site a mega world-class bus, trailer, and train interchange in Emohua, to underscore its central role as connecting and servicing point to various important neighbouring cities. All buses, cars, taxis, and trains will start and end their journeys in Emohua, thus providing trade, vocation, and broad economic opportunities for Emohua residents.

We will build a 200km bidirectional expressway from Andeleke to Isaka. This will be the first leg of the Isaka – Onitsha Expressway connecting Bakana, Tombia, and Emohua through Omoku to Onitsha. These highways will connect Emohua to neighbouring markets and economic opportunities. This is how we open Emohua up for textile industries and mega farms. When we form government, we will assist Emohua people to convert their subsistence farm lands into mega farms, measured in hectares.

In 2018, the world made 980 billion dollars from tourism and Rivers State did not make a dime from it despite its huge tourism potentials. Emohua get ready, because of what we want to do, you’ll not need to go to Dubai for holidays. We’ll not be here for the next 12 to 16yrs. The most we can do is 8yrs. But with the kind of development we desire to bring to Rivers State, by the time we’re done, Rivers State would have been too big to fail.

Today we’re divided, even families are divided and what we want to do is to bring families together by eradicating poverty and engendering prosperity. The Accord motto is “oneness and progress, and with good economic progress our families can share wealth again. Emohua people will be assisted to own or have economic interests in the majority of these industries, rather than be employees only.

Emohua, thank you for the love you showed. Prepare to have a spring of millionaires and billionaires from Emohua.

Remember, Accord is the first party on the ballot represented by letter “A” with the thumbs up insignia.

Tell someone about Accord today,

Vote Dumo to Do More!!

Vote ACCORDingly to put Rivers State on an auto-pilot of rapid development.

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